5 Best BJJ Mats for Home Use

Talking about BJJ mats for home, it might be a bit different from the ones you use at the sports center. The presence of mats is essential considering you will need a safe surface to land when you practice your sport. In this article, we are going to review several brands available in the markets. Some of them can also be used for the academy as well.

IncStores Tatami Foam Tiles

As its name suggests, the mats are made of foam tiles and it can be attached like a puzzle. The materials are lightweight and made of high-density foam so it will not hurt you when you smack your body on the mat. The BJJ mats for home by IncStores are available in two colors. Another good thing about the mat is that this is easy to clean and waterproof.

IncStores Roll Out Mat

As its name suggests, this mat is a rollout mat and a good option for home training. The mat is thick and portable but still lightweight so you can bring it anywhere you want. There are several sizes and colors available on the market. The mat is covered with a durable cover. It will be a perfect pair for your best gym towels.

Polar Aurora Folding Mat

This one is a folding mat. This is perfect for training and sparing martial art and consisted of 4 panels. Made of thick and long-lasting foam, the mat is enclosed in a PU leather base. The cover features a water-resistant material that can be cleaned easily. The mat is easily folded and stored while handles are provided so you can bring it anywhere you like.

Everlast Folding Mat

The mat is thick and durable. You can use it for the training of fight sports. It has two panels and is attached on handles. You can carry it easily and store it effortlessly. The extra comforts are provided by the bonded foam and resilient yet non-absorbent shell.

WolfWise Folding Exercise Mat

This mat consists of three panels and has reinforced handles that will provide excellent portability. The cover utilizes PU leather that will not absorb any fluid in it. On the other hand, the shape is maintained over time due to its high-density foam material that will help to prevent injuries due to its impact absorption feature. If you are looking for BJJ mats for homeuse, this brand should be on your consideration list.

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