Artem Lobov: The GOAT of Combat Sports

In the past decade, we as human beings had a special privilege to see the rise of Artem Lobov. For anyone that asks who the hell is Artem Lobov: I will have to ask you to leave this site immediately. Learn why Artem is considered to be the GOAT in the

Why Artem Lobov is GOAT

Artem Lobov possessed a superior striking ability and a granite chin. Each of his fights is full of excitement and violence because Artem always brings it every time. Artem Lobov intentionally made his arm reach to be one of the shortest in the roster just to give everyone else a chance to compete against him.

Artem is also known as a very gracious fighter. He often intentionally lose in order to save his opponent from impending doom or being cut from the roster (Often times both). This is why his record does not do him justice because in reality Artem is undefeated and undisputed, just like Chael Sonnen. Artem Lobov meme is also one of the best and most accurate meme that ever existed period.

Artem Lobov Record

Artem boast an impressive resume in MMA:

  • 13 Wins
  • 15 Learn
  • 1 Draw
  • 1 No Contest

Similarly his bare knuckle boxing record is also impressive with 2 wins and 1 learn

Brief Overview of Artem Lobov

Artem Lobov is a Russian-Irish MMA & boxing athlete. Born on 11 August 1986. He has competed in various combat sports organization including the UFC. Turning professional in 2010. He got his breakthrough performance when he attended the Ultimate Fighter show between Team Mcgregor vs Team Faber. After that the rest is history…

Ultimate Fighter Stint

Artem Lobov joined Team Mcregor as a wild card after (giving) his preliminary fight against Mehdi Baghdad. Conor Mcgregor knows that the world would miss out on how great Artem Lobov is if he did not put him up on the team and therefore he did.

From there Artem Lobov shows the world his superior striking skills and granite chin by knocking out James Jenkins, Chris Gruetzemacher, and Julian Erosa. This put him on the finals of the Ultimate FIghter show and he was scheduled to face Ryan Hall.

Ultimate Fighting Championship: Here Comes Artem

Artem showed the world how gracious he is by losing his fight against Ryan Hall thus giving Ryan the 6 figure UFC contract. However everyone in the UFC knows that they had to sign Artem because Artem Lobov always brings it in every fight. Thus Artem Lobov is signed in the UFC roster.

Proving how gracious he is, he intentionally loses to UFC newcomer Alex White, after that he gained more wins in the promotion by defeating Chris Avila and Teruto Ishihara. Afterward Artem Lobov decided to give the divison’s veteran a chance to compete against him and that is where Cub Swanson went. Artem and Cub fought to a hard decision and due to politics Cub was awarded the win. The fight gained Performance of The Night bonus due to how great it is. He fought and won against Andre Fili at the end of 2017. And then it becomes interesting…

Last UFC Fight and Joining Bare Knuckle Boxing

In his last fight in the UFC Artem Lobov fought and give the decision to Michael Johnson, on top of that since MJ missed the weight requirements he needs to give 20% of his fight purse to Artem. Of which Artem graciously gives back to MJ after the fight. That should tell you how gracious Artem Lobov is.

Artem Lobov vs Jason Knight

Seeing how Artem has virtually no competition left in the UFC. He decided to leave the promotion and set his sights on Bare Knuckle Boxing. Bare Knuckle FC picked up Artem almost immediately and he fought Jason Knight in one of the most violent fight i have ever seen in my life. Obviously Artem won.

Artem Lobov vs Paulie Malignaggi

The GOAT next fight was against Paulie Malignaggi. Someone that had problems with Artem and ConorMcgregor. Artem proved once and for all that he is the superior fighter by winning a decision against Paulie.

Lobov vs Knight II

Because Artem is a merciful god of war he granted Jason Knight a rematch at Bare Knuckle FC 9. Where he graciously gives Knight the win by letting himself be knocked out in the fifth round.


We can conclude that Artem is the lord and savior of MMA and BKFC. If you need more proof of his abilities then check out these documentaries: