Best BJJ Gym New Orleans

Best BJJ Gym New Orleans

Are you looking to for the best Brazilian jiu jitsu gym in New Orleans? I have done some research and there are a lot of options if you are looking for quality BJJ gyms in the area. Keep in mind that this list is only an opinion based on my limited knowledge about each gym I listed in the article, other gyms that are not listed here could be the perfect BJJ gym for you. Let me know if I miss any gyms/academies and I will take the time to review them as well. Here is my list of the best BJJ schools in New Orleans:

Mushin Training Center

Mushin Training Center is considered the premier combat sports gym in Louisiana. The gym offers varieties of martial arts classes such as BJJ, kickboxing, and MMA. But if you are only looking for BJJ then you will need to know who the instructor is and the answer to that question is Collin Murray, a BJJ black belt under Mathias Meister. Collin began his martial arts journey back in 2003 and since then he has captured numerous championship medals & awards for competing in Brazilian jiu jitsu tournaments, both in Gi or No-Gi. He is also an undefeated MMA fighter with an undefeated record. Collin stated that his true interest is in coaching rather than competing so you will be in good hands.

The gym is quite big with over 9000 square feet of training areas consisting of a full-size octagon cage, a boxing ring, Mat area, heavy bags, fitness rooms, and an outdoor area for fitness. And obviously the gym has showers and lockers. Pretty dope to see from a gym in a “secluded” area. You will never find a gym this size in New York because the living cost there is so expensive. So if you can visit this gym you won’t be lacking in space and facilities to train.

However, the only downside, in my opinion, is the lack of clear pricing options. On the website all you can do is to sign up and book a trial class. The neat thing about the website is it shows you the schedule of all classes for each day and it consists of different martial arts. If you are looking to experiment beyond doing just BJJ then it will be very easy to jump in for a quick class of kickboxing or MMA. Again the only downside is you have to ask about the prices yourself on the spot, but these days it is normal to do that, so go do it!

Nola BJJ

According to the website, Nola BJJ is the oldest BJJ school in New Orleans. Looking at their roster of instructors I have to agree with that because in total the academy has 12 black belts that can give you quality BJJ training at the drop of a hat. Matthias Meister and Eddie Lirette act as the head instructors and both are world-class BJJ black belts. Judging from the quality of both head instructors there is little doubt that the rest of the instructors can give you real BJJ training. You just have to visit the locations to find out whether that is true or not!

The great thing about the academy is that it is spread around the New Orleans area so you can pick the closest one to your area. But sadly there is no description of facilities in every location so you have to visit and see what the academy offers by yourself. Thankfully each location has training schedules and you can see the schedule in each academy to make sure you can take the most convenient classes for your liking. But as predicted the website does not have any clear pricing structure so you have to ask each academy directly to see what is up. But usually most academies will offer free trial so do take advantage of that before deciding to buy a membership.


As you can see I only listed 2 gyms, why? Because both are the most famous BJJ academies in the area. Does it mean that you should not try other academies? Absolutely not, however, you will need to research them by yourself and if you do please share your experience here! If you are looking to find the nearest martial arts gym in your area then make sure to visit Fight Four Health often