Best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gyms in New York City NYC


The capital of the world. New York is the center of the world, most people dreamt of going to New York City just once in their lifetime (including me) and for a good reason. NYC is the place to be for everything “current” and trending, and the same principles apply in the world of brazilian jiu jitsu.

NYC is a HOT BED of Brazilian jiu jitsu knowledge, this is one of the only place in the world where there are multiple world class Brazilian jiu jitsu gyms in close proximity, NYC is not the biggest city in the world in terms of size, yet this is one of the most populated cities and the amount of BJJ gyms in the city also reflect that. Be wary that you will not be able to find beaches unlike in Miami.

You might have heard names such as Renzo Gracie Academy, Unity, and Vitor Shaolin BJJ. Those are three among the rest of great BJJ gyms to learn from, the question remaining is which gym is the right fit for you?

Lets take a deeper look into each gyms…

Vitor Shaolin BJJ Academy

Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro is a world class BJJ/MMA competitor that happens to be a great instructor as well. He has competed in many international BJJ/MMA competitions and won most of them. He is one of the best product of the Nova Uniao camp in Brazil. Vitor recently fought at Quintet 3 as part of team Polaris.

As for the academy, currently there are 3 different locations spread neatly in the area of NYC and surrounding areas. BJJ programs are also offered for all ages & genders.

Sadly the only information visible on the website in terms of pricing is the free trial for kids. So if you are one of those people that needs to know everything beforehand, you need to ask it yourself.

Modern Martial Arts NYC

First things first their website is dope..

However that is probably the only impressive thing about the academy.

There are no information about the instructors besides a youtube video that vaguely shows the “instructor”. Pricing is also not openly available besides the $29.99 free trial.

If you are one of the gyms I suppose there is no harm in trying, but please be diligent and research it on your own first.

Clockwork Jiu Jitsu

Great gym with a great website!

Josh Griffiths is the head instructor and he is a 2nd degree black belt under Kenny Florian. He is also helped by 2 other instructors, Kyle Jackson and Sebastian Guerriero.

Classes are split to the usual kids, women, and adult classes. The gym also offers private training for those who need it (Don’t know how much it will cost though)

Pricing information is not visible on the website. You need to ask the academy directly for that information.

Unity Jiu Jitsu

Ah the current home of the best MMA/BJJ competitor on planet earth today (I’m talking about Dillon Danis).

In case you don’t realize that I was trolling, Unity Jiu Jitsu is one of the premier place of BJJ on planet earth (And I’m not joking about this).

Murilo Santana is the head coach and he is one of the best BJJ competitors in his weight class. He has competed all over the world for over 15 years and he has the accomplishments to back it up.

Although he is not as successful as he used to be in competition today, he is one of the best BJJ instructor in the world due to his past experiences.

Luckily Murilo is not alone, he is accompanied by world class BJJ instructors and competitors, names such as Paulo & JoaoMiyao and Leandro Lo frequents the gym and they helped make the gym what it is today.

I have also heard ramblings that Unity currently houses one of the original Danaher Death Squad member in Eddie Cummings..

Despite the lack of information about pricing and contracts, if I was ever in New York I will visit the gym at least once to see what the fuss is all about.

Is it one of the best BJJ gyms in NYC? I might have to agree with that..

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu NYC

Ah edgy brah

If you are strictly looking to roll without the gi then this is probably your only choice (Besides only coming for no gi classes in other academies).

As for everything else, it is what you should expect for a decent BJJ gym located in NYC.

Pricing and head coach information is not openly visible on the website, so you need to come there to know more.

If only Eddie Bravo teaches here often, I will sell my house and move to NYC..

Marcelo Garcia Jiu Jitsu

If I can only visit one BJJ academy when I am in NYC, MG Jiu Jitsu is always on my top 3 pick. Because of good reasons..

First, if you have never heard of Marcelo Garcia before then let me give you the basic rundown of who he is:

He is one of the top 3 BJJ competitors of all time. Winning the prestigious ADCC competition multiple times in his weight class AND the absolute class.

Currently his top athletes has won numerous international BJJ competitions, Matheus Diniz is probably the most accomplished student of MG so far.

Marcelo is also a man of character, he recently kicked out his long time black belt student for acting careless and not being honorable, the students name is Dillon Danis (Along with someone else if I’m not mistaken).

So if you choose to go here you will get only the best of the best BJJ training that you can find in this planet. You will also meet decent people because Marcelo is very particular about the type of students that are allowed in his academy. Win-win if you are a good guy.

And I love their open pricing information! And considering the quality of training that you will get, the price is very reasonable.

In short, I will definitely make the time to visit MG if I were in the area.

But MG has a competition.. and it’s a fierce one

Renzo Gracie Academy

Home of the notorious Danaher Death Squad. RGA is hands down the best place to learn BJJ if you are looking to progress in the sports as fast as possible.

Renzo Gracie and John Danaher has made an excellent grappling/MMA team out of the blue basement in NYC and the world finally starting to realize it.

Renzo Gracie himself is a name that should be synonymous with BJJ/MMA because he is a member of the Gracie family that always test himself in BJJ/MMA competition.

John Danaher is an enigma in the world of BJJ/MMA. He has helped fighters such as Georges Saint Pierre to be one of the greatest of all time in the world of MMA. He is also the mastermind behind the grappling accomplishments of the Danaher Death Squad. John combined the deadly combination of philosophical education background with the effectiveness of martial arts, and the result speaks for itself.

Do I need to say more? If you are in NYC you must visit RGA first before anything else (Besides checking in at your hotel first)

Do not think of the fees. World class training is supposed to be expensive. But in all honesty I have taken a private class with John and the price is pretty justifiable for an hour of training with the best BJJ instructor in the world today.

Want to know more about Renzo Gracie Academy and my experience when training with DDS? Read here