Best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gyms in San Antonio Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas. Same thing applies to the Brazilian jiu jitsu scene in San Antonio. There are a lot of great BJJ gyms spread all around SA but the question is which one is the right fit for you?

Quick note: if you prefer a more “forgiving” weather, then you should check this list of the best BJJ gyms in Miami

Lets take a look at the most popular brazilian jiu jitsu gyms in San Antonio:

Rodrigo Pinheiro BJJ

Black belt world champion from Gracie Humaita, Rodrigo Pinheiro trained with the great Royler Gracie and has been practicing Brazilian jiu jitsu for over 25 years. With certified instructors in BJJ and Muay Thai this is the perfect place to cross train if  you have any plans in doing so.

Timetables can be seen on the official website, sadly there are no pricing information there.

Ohana Academy Jiu Jitsu

One of the few BJJ gyms with a decent website, Ohana academy offers BJJ classes for all ages and genders, along with MMA. Information about instructors and staff however are very minimal.

As expected there is no pricing information on the website. You have to take a free trial to know more about the fees.

Gracie Barra

As one of the biggest BJJ franchise in the world, you should expect Gracie Barra to have a gym in San Antonio.

But the sad fact about a gym that is part of a big franchise is most of the time the information provided on the website is not a fit for the particular area.

And this is what happens with Gracie Barra in San Antonio, besides signup form for a free trial, there is not many usable information if you are looking to try for a class or two. Even the location is clearly describe on the landing page.

Relson Gracie

This is a great gym with a great lineage, Joshua Lauber and Rhalan Gracie is the head instructors and they have done a great job in making the gym a fantastic ground for authentic Gracie BJJ experience.

This is also one of the few gyms that openly shows their pricing information, and even as an outsider the prices look very reasonable, kudos for the staff at Relson.

Highly recommend you go here if you have the chance.

Semper Fortis Jiu Jitsu

Cool name for a BJJ gym. The gym is owned by Saad and Suay Al-azis. They have made a decent gym that offers a 30 day free trial.

Do I need to say more? If you are in the area for about a month and you want to keep training for free then this is the only logical choice.

And if you feel guilty about the free training, you can just buy a shirt or two to support the academy.

10/10 for me.

Marra Senki BJJ

Luiz Sergio Correa is the head instructor and according to his website he is an old-school style BJJ instructor with the championship accomplishments to back it up.

This is a great place for casual training, even more so if you’d like a Brazilian instructor more than anything else.

Schedules in the gym are pretty lax, you could choose to come at day or night, your choice.

Brazilian Top Team San Antonio

Great gym with a great vibe along with world class instructors. You can go here if you value training quality more than anything else. Names such as Diego Nogueira and Mellisa Ortega comes to mind.

However in my experience the fees might be on the higher side. Make sure you know the exact fees before deciding to go here.

Team Shark BJJ

Most likely affiliated with Rodrigo Pinheiro BJJ. This is a great BJJ gym headed by Daniel Pinheiro.

You should expect the same quality of training as you were training at Rodrigo Pinheiro’s gym.

No pricing info on the website, you will need to ask yourself.

The Dojo

Offering BJJ alongside with Karate and Yoga. The Dojo is a unique option if you are looking to cross train even more.

This is also the greatest gym in terms of providing information. You can see the pricing options right on the homepage, a bold move that potential customers such as me will highly appreciate.

10/10 recommend this place just because of their open pricing information policy.

Dominion MMA

Mainly offering MMA classes, Dominion also offers other martial arts classes for those who wants it. Obviously BJJ is one of those classes. Rey Rodriguez has made a great place of martial arts convolution right here in San Antonio. If you are only looking for BJJ then Tony Eclavea and Xavier Rodriguez is your main contact person.

But as most big gyms currently do, there is no pricing information whatsoever.

Great gym if you are interested in other martial arts along with BJJ.

Pantheon BJJ

A great small gym with an open pricing policy, this is the type of gym that I will personally go to if I were in the area.

Prices are very reasonable. Aaron Morris is an MVP of creating affordable BJJ in San Antonio.

10/10 will go here if I am travelling to San Antonio.