Best BJJ & MMA Rash Guards (2019) – The Complete Guide

Looking to Buy Rash Guards for BJJ or MMA?

If you are an avid BJJ or MMA enthusiast, you probably need to set some budget to buy a thing called rash guard

Whether its for submission grappling, boxing training or other workout activities, you need to wear quality rash guards to protect your skin and body from unwanted bacteria

Nowadays there are a massive amount of rash guards that you can choose. We are truly spoiled in that regard

But which rash guard you should buy? And how many?

In this article i’m sharing my experiences of buying, owning, and using around (currently) 20 rash guards. I’m striving to be like John Danaher when it comes to the rash guard game

Lets start!


What is a Rash Guard?

A rash guard is a tight fit piece of clothing usually made out of polyester and lycra/spandex based material.

What are Rash Guards for?

As the name would suggest, they’re designed to protect the wearers skin. In terms of BJJ and MMA there are a number of benefits from wearing a rash guard.

Cool and premium rash guards will protect the skin from rashes, friction burns, and from common infections such as ring worm and staph.

It can also help help muscles recover faster after an intense rolling session. Although this is still a topic up for debate.

Here are some quick list of reasons why you should wear a rash guard

  1. Reduce Injury Risk
  2. Eliminate Bacteria Spread
  3. Non Sticky When Sweating
  4. Prevents Mat Burn

How Should A Rash Guard Fit?

A rash guard should fit tight to your body, without negatively effecting your ability to move or feeling uncomfortable

If a rash guard is making it hard to breathe, the chances are it’s too tight and you need to go for a size bigger.

What Mate​rials Are Rash Guards Made Of?

There are a number of different materials that rash guards tend to be made off. Typically, the main material will be Polyester, alongside another flexibly material such as Spandex or Elastane.

What’s the Difference Between a Rash Guard VS a Compression Shirt?

While rash guards and compression shirts may look similar, they are in fact different. Rash guards are typically made to a more durable standard, with reinforced stitching that is design to with stand being pulled in different directions.

Most compression shirts has around 4 panes and it is not manufactured with close contact in mind. Moving while wearing compression shirt is noticeably more restricted compared to a rash guard. Most shirts also has the tendency to ride up your torso while doing grappling

Essentially, rash guards are a sturdier, more durable version of compression shirts that are designed specifically for martial arts and combat sports.

Where to Buy Cheap Rash Guards?

  •  Amazon – Has a massive range of rash guards, some good, some not so good so make sure you read the reviews.
  • Official Brand Website – Some brands has discounts where you can only use it on the company’s website. 
  • Aliexpress – If you’re strapped for cash you could try this

My Top Picks

Below is my Top 3 picks of the best bjj & mma rash guards. If you don’t have time to read this article then just buy one of these and you’re golden!

  1. Sanabul Essentials Short Sleeve Compression Base Layer Rash Guard

  2. Hypnotik The Standard Rashguard 

  3. Fuji IBJJF Freestyle Long Sleeve Rash Guard

Signs of Premium Rash Guards

When shopping around for a new rash guard, you should look for those that have the qualities i listed below

IBJJF Certified (Optional)

(When we take a look at some of the different options below, I’ll be sure to highlight when there is any rash guard approved by the IBJJF)

If you have a plan to participate in a submission grappling tournament especially in events that has “IBJJF” in it, you will need to wear clothes that are certified by the international Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Federation. Read more about that here

I personally never been in a tournament that limits what type of rash guards that the participants should use, maybe because i only compete in no-gi lol

If you want to play it safe, you should buy rash guards with no flashy designs and colors. Your clothing also needs to indicate your BJJ rank. Yeah its pretty strict that is why i never participate in IBJJF no-gi events


Nowadays most rash guards tend to be made using a combination of polyester and lycra or polyester and spandex materials, totally depends on the brand. This material combination makes the rash guard tight & fit, while not hindering your movement

Printing Method

Most premium rash guards is printed using sublimation methods. This is a method where the design is printed into the material using heat, which prevents the dye from fading, peeling or rubbing off.

This is pretty vital as the last thing you want is for your gi to get covered in dye from the rash guard.

Most rash guards from reputable brands uses the sublimation method so i do not think you need to worry unless you are trying an unknown brand


As you might have noticed, most rash guards from premium brands are almost always more expensive than a normal rash guard from Walmart or target. But those rash guards are not specifically designed for combat sports so there is a chance that it might not last long

Usual price for a good rash guard is between 30-60$ depending on size and brand. Anything more expensive than that is usually not worth it or only for rich people


Popular brands such as Tatami, War Tribe, Hypnotik, and Venum are known for their premium (Expensive) rashguards. But as expected their customer services are top notch most have a loyal customer base

I currently have 8 rash guards and 6 of them are from the brands i mentioned above.

Always go for popular brands for most of your rash guards, you can experiment with lesser known brands but do it at your own risk

Short VS Long Sleeve

Simple one, use a long sleeve one when using the gi and you can use short/long sleeve when doing no-gi grappling depending on your preferences.

My Picks of The Best Rash Guards for BJJ & MMA

No further ado, lets start with my list of top rash guards!

Fuji IBJJF Freestyle Long Sleeve Rash Guard

First on the list comes from FUJI, specifically the FUJI IBJJF freestyle rash guard, which is one of the most popular rash guard for no-gi tournamentsFUJI is one of the premium brands so the rash guard will have reinforced stitching which means the durability will be top notch. You won’t have to worry about your rash guard being ripped apart in competition. Don’t go too crazy though

But besides the product quality itself, this rash guard is one of the very few that is approved by the IBBJF for no-gi tournaments. Making it one of the only choice if you want to participate in that type of event

Other good quality of the product is the price. Surprisingly the price tag is not that high, making it a worthy purchase in case you want to enter an IBBJF no-gi tournament

  • Brand New
  • Manufactured By Fuji
  • Long Sleeve

Fuji Musashi Rash Guard

Still from Fuji. This rash guard is one of the most beautifully designed rash guard you will ever come across. Unfortunately there is only 1 size available (Might be restocked soon)

  • Brand New
  • Manufactured By Fuji
  • Amazing Design
  • Non IBJJF Approved

Anthem Athletics Midnight Competition Rashguard

Another rash guard that is IBJJF certified is the Anthem Athletics IBJJF Certified Rash Guard , so this is a good alternative if you are bored with the FUJI rash guard

The rash guard design is available in varieties of colors that is suitable with your current BJJ rank

The rash guard is also made from moisture-resistant material, it would not absorb a lot of fluid (sweat) when you use it

As for design, this model has sublimated designs which means the dye would not drip off in excessive heat

Price is where the weakness of the product lies, it has a high price tag compared to similar products from other brands

In my opinion, only buy this rash guard when the FUJI one is out of stock

  • Made from lightweight, ultra-strong, moisture-wicking, compression material
  • Multi-panel construction, high-density flat-lock stitching for optimal fit and durability

Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Rashguard

One thing to be aware of though is that this isn’t IBJJF certified, meaning its sole purpose is for training.

Gold BJJ is a fairly unknown company run by passionate BJJ enthusiast. It might not be as big as the other brands in terms of popularity but the product quality is top notch.

To ensure the product quality, Gold BJJ offers a “Gold BJJ Guarantee” which enables the costumer to replace or refund any product bought from Gold BJJ. This type of guarantee only exists within big popular brands, making Gold BJJ an unicorn.

As for the product itself, it is only available in 2 color options – black and white.

Material wise it uses moisture-resistant fabric and sublimated design

Keep in mind that this one is not IBJJF certified so do not use this if you want to compete in IBJJF tournaments

Price wise the rash guard is fairly priced, definitely a bargain that you should not pass up

  • LIGHTWEIGHT, ULTRA STRONG, AND BREATHABLE – Our jiu jitsu rashguard is made from an ultralight moisture wicking blend. It’s the perfect rash guard for…
  • FULLY SUBLIMATED DIGITAL PRINTING – Screen printed rashguards flake, peel, and crack. Not ours! We splurged on fully sublimated printing so the…

Raven Fightwear Men’s Nordic 2.0 Rash Guard 

Another IBJJF certified rashguard, Raven Fightwear Nordic is another option that you can choose if you need something for IBJJF tournaments

Many IBJJF certified rash guards tend to have a very similar, somewhat boring design. This is not the case with Raven, it is available in 5 colors, each represent your belt rank. And the design is also “unusual” for an IBJJF approved rashguard

As you can expect, the rashguard is very well done, designs are printed using sublimated method and the material itself is made from 4-way stretch fabric. The seams is also reinforced with flat lock stitching

The only con that this rashguard have is its price. It is quite high. Only buy when you have money to spare

Otherwise, this is another great option for IBJJF friendly apparel

  • Sublimated graphics will not peel or fade providing long lasting durability
  • Rubber lining at the waist keeps rash guard secure during movement

Hayabusa Metaru Rash Guard for Men

The name Hayabusa is always linked to expensive and premium products, and that is also the case here

Hayabusa Metaru Charged is one of the best rash guards money can buy. WIth features such as Ti-22 Titanium Coated fibres combined with Hayabusa’s patented AGTM compression technology, the rash guard is built to last until endgame.

Other neat features such as anti-bacterial material and inner silicone banding is one of the reasons why the rashguard is a bit on the expensive side

The rash guard is available in 4 colors, keep in mind this is not IBJJF Certified so no way you are competing in these rash guard (shame)

  • Materials: Elastane and Polyester designed to deliver comfort, protection and performance
  • Choose The Right Fit: Choose from Compression fit or Regular Fit; Compression fit compresses your muscles, provides support and feels like a second…

Sanabul Men’s Series 1 Long Sleeve Rash Guard 

Sanabul is one of the newer brands comes out of nowhere, the company has one of the best priced BJJ & MMA gear that you will ever come across.

Sanabul gave in to massive demand and released a line of rash guards for the masses. And it is a banger

Sanabul Series 1 Rash Guard has every features that a premium rash guard have but for a fraction of the price. From anti-microbial lining, reinforced stitching, flat lock stitching on seams, to UV protection of SPF 50.

Design wise is a bit generic and only comes in 2 colors.

At the end of the day, this a pretty amazing option if you’re looking for a affordable comfortable, durable rash guard to train in, whether that be BJJ or MMA. Buy this one ASAP

  • NEW IMPROVED FIT (LONGER TORSO LENGTH). We listened to all customer feedback and previous reviews and increased the length of the rash guard. High…
  • Antimicrobial treatment to help reduce bacterial and fungal growth. This will help prevent the spread of bacterial and fungal infections between you…

Venum Gladiator 3.0 Long Sleeve Rashguard

Right of the bat i will say that this rash guard is a bit over the top just look at the design, but turns out this is one of the best selling rash guard from Venum

Venum Gladiator 3.0 is one of the most uniquely designed rash guard.

Venum have made use of their own compression technology that “supposedly: improves your blood circulation, which in turn is said to speed up your recovery time. In my experience this is just a marketing ploy to make the rash guard more eye catching

The Venum rash guard implements dry technology that helps to regulate your body temperature for optimal performance and comfort. Again this is a bit of a marketing ploy

In all honesty i would not buy this rash guard, but this is one of the most unique products in terms of rash guard and that is why i put it here. There’s a lot of better options from Venum.

  • Designs are sublimated into the fiber for maximum durability
  • Venum compression technology: improves your blood circulation to the muscles and speeds up your recovery time

Hypnotik The Standard Rashguard 

Hypnotik are famous because of Gordon Ryan and product quality, and this time they emphasize more on product quaility (thank god)

Hypnotik Standard BJJ Rash Guard has all the features that a high-end rash guard should have, from the anti-bacterial material, rubber grip on waistline to prevent “sagging, flat lock stiching and premium fabric.

This particular rash guard is IBJJF certified and available in 5 different colors to represent specific belt rank in BJJ

Fit and durable, i would buy this one if i have excessive money, otherwise go for the next option below

  • IBJJF approved
  • Ranked colors

Sanabul Essentials Short Sleeve Compression Base Layer Rash Guard

This one is without a doubt the cheapest IBJJF certified rash guard that money can buy. Sanabul has made one of the best value rash guard on the market today.

By no means that the rash guard has all the premium qualities usually seen in higher priced product but boy do Sanabul came close, this might be the effect of John Danaher joining Sanabul as a “designer” of their products.

The rash guard is made from strong and light material, mesh underarm design, anti-bacterial lining, and CHEAP price

Stock up on this one, just do it.

  • Just What You Need: A rashguard created to go on the journey with you.We designed The Essential series to feel like a premium product, but at a fair…
  • Fit Right In: Sanabul Essentials sports a classic, uncluttered style that you can wear confidently on your first day or when upgrading to a cleaner…

Ultimate Rash Guard Buying Guide

Below are a few tips that should assist you in find the best rash guard possible.

Alternate Between Short & Long Sleeve

Common sense says that we should alternate our rash guard, to make things easier you should alternate between short and long sleeve as well. You will have a better chance of organizing your rash guards for each training sessions

Anti-Bacterial Rash Guards is A Must

No brainer right here, you need to have rash guards with anti-bacterial material. You do not want to catch a ringworm or staph don’t you?

Cheap Isn’t Always Best (Except Sanabul)

It is easy to just buy a 5$ rash guard from Walmart or Target, but it might cost you more than buying a legit rash guard if the rash guards is not up to the task.

If you are really tight on money then stock up on the cheap rash guards from Sanabul.

Best Rash Guard Brands

If you haven’t found a particular option that takes your fancy in this article, below are a few brands that are known to produce some of the best MMA rash guards.


Sanabul fight gear can give you superpowers. Well not exactly but their product prices is SUPER cheap while not sacrificing quality. If i was tight on money and don’t mind the generic product design, i will buy every fight gear that i need from Sanabul.

Tatami is a well known brand who made some of the highest quality gear for BJJ, Judo, MMA and Karate. They are also behind some of the best BJJ rash guards on the market and tend to offer their products at affordable prices.


Venum is one of the oldest names in the combat sports industry. They created a range of items from rash guards, to MMA gloves, all of which are the dood quaility Their rash guards tend to be the highest quality and sport some pretty unusual designs.


Hayabusa are another well known martial arts brand who have some of the best products on the market. Unfortunately, Hayabusa fight gear tends to come with a pretty hefty price tag, however their stuff is more than worth it.

If you’re looking for the best rash guard brand, definitely check out Hayabusa.


My go to brand when i am bored with Sanabul’s product. Hypnotik has one of the best product with unique design. The only drawback is Hypnotik products is usually more expensive than Sanabul. But it is totally worth it


Thanks for taking the time to read my article about the top BJJ & MMA rash guards for men

In the end the decision of what rash guards you should buy is a matter of budget, personal taste, and availability

If you find any rash guards that fits all 3 of those criteria then what are you waiting for? Buy!

I hope that you’ve found it useful and if you’ve got any questions, feel free to comment!

See you!

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