Best BJJ School in Miami

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gyms in Miami

Looking for a BJJ gym in Miami? Miami hosts a range of different BJJ gyms from different lineages, but rest assured that you won’t be lacking in option if you come to Miami because it Is considered to be one of the liveliest city in the USA. You can almost find anything in Miami as long as you are looking hard enough and the same can be said if you are looking to train BJJ

Why Train BJJ in Miami

Obviously anyone can train BJJ almost anywhere on earth as long as you have a soft surface to fall on. Miami is a big city and as such you can find almost any type of martial arts here, the problem is not all martial arts are equal and some are not worth learning in the first place (Depends on individual needs).

BJJ or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the oldest martial arts in the world that is focused on the art of grappling. It is universally considered to be one of the most effective martial arts to learn with the least physical entry barrier, anyone of any shape or size can benefit from learning BJJ. Compared to other martial arts that requires athleticism such as Boxing or Gymnastics, BJJ is the most “friendly” martial arts to learn. As such even kids and women who are scientifically weaker than adult men can enjoy BJJ and learn a thing or two of how to defend themselves in hostile situations.

If you are based in Miami and looking to learn the art of ground grappling then BJJ should be the first thing that you learn. You can supplement the training by adding boxing or Muay Thai and you should be good. By learning those two martial arts you will be safe possible street fights situation or similarly dangerous situation.

Best Jiu Jitsu Academy in Miami

There are 3 big names when someone is looking for Brazilian jiu jitsu in Miami:

Fight Sports Miami

Headed by the multiple time BJJ world champion Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu, Fight Sports Miami is probably the most popular BJJ academy in Miami and surrounding areas for a good reason. The academy is full of world class instructors and the facilities are well maintained. Combined that with an open pricing policy where everyone can see the prices for each classes (including privates). Fight Sports Miami is a place that you need to try if you are looking to roll with high level fighters.

Rilion Gracie Academy

As the name suggest, the academy is led by Rilion Gracie. You do not need to ask about the quality of training because if someone named Gracie is your instructor then you are in good hands. Rilon is aided by his son Roggan Gracie who is currently an active BJJ competitor and great instructor. If you are looking for the authentic Gracie BJJ experience in Miami then this is the only place that offers that. Facilities in the gym are well maintained and the gym is located quite strategically, the only downside of the gym is there are no pricing information on the website so you have to ask them yourself after the free trial ends.

Atos Miami

The name Atos is synonymous in the BJJ world as “top level BJJ athletes”. Names such as Andre Galvao and Kaynan Duarte are the first to come in mind when someone mentioned Atos and for a good reason. Atos is one of the best BJJ academies in the USA. Atos Miami follows the tradition by opening a gym headed by professor Leo D’avila. In Atos classes are run from Monday-Saturday with almost 6 different classes in each day. It will not be hard to find the time to train because the gym is practically open for 16 hours everyday. The only drawbacks of the academy is the usual no pricing information so you have to ask them yourself.

Conclusion: Finding BJJ Gym in Miami

It will be very easy to find a BJJ gym in Miami, the only thing that you should do is research each gyms properly so you know what each gyms brings to the table and then decide according to your personal preferences. The best BJJ gym for me might be different from your pick and that is totally okay. The important thing is you have to keep learning on the mats! Oss!