Best BJJ School in Perth

Traveling to Western Australia and looking to keep training in Brazilian jiu jitsu? Keeping active while traveling is always hard unless you are one of those people that loves the smell of hotel gyms. Things are worse if your preferred activity requires a partner. If you are looking to join a BJJ class in Perth then do read this post about the best BJJ gym in Perth.

This post only represents my personal opinion about each gym according to their reputation, instructors, gym facilities, and pricing. Each people has their preferences and that includes you. For example since I am a male I do not know what a female is looking for when comparing BJJ gyms (I do have some idea obviously). As such please continue reading with caution and take everything with a grain of salt. Here is my list of the top BJJ academies in Perth.

Gracie Jiu Jitsu Perth

Located near the Cottesloe, Gracie Jiu Jitsu Perth is probably one of the oldest BJJ academies in Australia. Professor Paulo Tavares is one of the few BJJ black belts in Australia that has qualifications from the Original Gracie Academy in Brazil. Paulo started training at the ripe age of 6 and never looked back since then. If you are looking for the full Gracie BJJ experience then you have to visit and train with Paulo and his host of talented instructors.

The academy outlines almost every information that you need on the website. You can find the timetables and choose the best time to come, the website also has a “methodology” page where it outlines what you will learn beginning from the 1st week. The academy also offers free trials for a week which is perfect for those traveling for a week or two since you don’t have to pay. But if you are looking to train longer than a week then you have to ask about the pricing because there is no clear pricing structure on the website, you will have to ask that directly.

Perth BJJ

Not to be confused with Gracie Jiu Jitsu Perth. Perth BJJ is affiliated with the Carlos Machado Association. Judging from the website and social media they are just moved in a brand new place that looks to be better than the previous training spot. But sadly I was not able to found any information about the instructors so you have to find that out yourself.

The gym is pretty busy especially on the weekdays, classes start from 5.30 PM and the latest one ends at 9.00. So if you have free time in the afternoons/evening then these gyms have the correct schedule for you, but if you are free in the morning you can only go on Saturdays because that is the only time morning classes is available at Perth BJJ.

The great thing about this academy is how they are very open about their prices. Kids and adult classes have various pricing options and all look very reasonable in terms of length and value. The gym also offers a 2-week free trial program for you to decide whether the gym is a fit or not. 2 weeks of free trial IMO is a steal and you should take advantage of that if you are in the nearby area. However if you want to find out about daily/weekly pass then you have to ask them yourself since there is no info about that anywhere online.


More famously known as Mach One Fight Club. M1FC is a martial arts gym in Osborne Park & Joondalup that offers training in MMA, Muay Thai, BJJ, Women Self Defence, Krav Maga, Martial Arts for Kid, and also Boxing. M1FC said its best when it comes to describing what the gyms is: “Something for everyone”.

Since the gym has 2 locations be sure to check the right timetable, you do not want to go to the wrong place at the right time. You can find all the timetables on the website easily. M1FC also offers a daily pass for adults and an all free 1 week free trial for kids, definitely a good thing to try out if you are in the area. As for the training quality I don’t think you will need to worry because the academies have a lot of qualified instructors in each martial arts so you will be in good hands.


Regardless of what you are looking for. The gym I listed above will most certainly quench your thirst of training BJJ if you are traveling for some time in Perth. However if you are planning to stay for extended periods then the right approach would be to try all the different gyms in the area and after that make your own personal decision because your needs will most certainly different than those who are traveling. See you on the mats!