Best BJJ Schools in Adelaide

If you are looking for Brazilian jiu jitsu gyms in Adelaide and you are still on the fence in choosing where to go. Hopefully my list of best BJJ academies in Adelaide will give you more insight and can help you make that decision. Keep in mind this is only my personal opinion so take everything with a grain of salt and try to verify it by yourself if you can.

Progressive BJJ

You can find Progressive BJJ on the northeast of Adelaide. Head coach Daniel Lawson is a brown belt under Daniel Cherubin. The great thing about this academy is its open and simple pricing structure. Unlike other gyms that “hide” their fees, Progressive BJJ clearly outlines the pricing on their website. Sadly there is only minimal information about the facilities in the academies. But in my opinion it is worth a shot to try and visit because it looks like a honest & simple BJJ academy in Adelaide.

Chau Kaizen

This family friendly gym offers training in MMA, Kickboxing, BJJ, fitness, Yoga, and personal training. Head Coach Suasday Chau is the head instructor and he is quite popular in the combat sports scene especially in Australia & Asia. He has worked really hard to make sure Chau Kaizen is a family-friendly place for everyone to learn martial arts.

Chau Kaizen is one of the very few breed of gyms that openly shows their memberships pricing, including the fees for personal training. However the downside is I don’t see any prices for daily or even weekly pass. The shortest they have is a

12 week membership. Looks like you have to contact the academy directly and ask because if you are traveling for a few days and just want to get a session or two it does not make sense to come if there is no daily pass.

Timetables are also presented very openly and there are BJJ classes almost every day so it will not be hard to find time to train. However the gym is closed on Saturday so keep that in mind.

All in all, if you are traveling for a week or two and you can find the information about the daily pass (If there is any) then you can train at the academy and keep training while being away from your home gym. However if you are living in Adelaide for longer periods (+3 months ) then the longer contract will save you a lot of money because it is cheaper than most of other academies in Adelaide.

Toa Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Alex Lanyon is the head instructor at TOA BJJ and he is a purple belt under the great Thiago Stefanutti from Absolute MMA. So he has a lot of experience in BJJ from training in a room full of killers such as Lachlan Giles and Craig Jones from Absolute MMA. The academy is a very friendly environment and it offers classes not just for BJJ but other martial arts. You will be in great hands if you decided to train at TOA BJJ

The academy has a very simple membership pricing options. The first class is always free for any classes in the academy. And there are options for a daily pass and unlimited monthly memberships. In my opinion the gym has the simplest and most convenient pricing that I have ever come across, it is cheap as well so that is a plus. However there is only 1 BJJ class per day so you will have to check the timetables and choose one that fits your schedule. There are no multiple classes in one day, I don’t know why.


If you are looking for the best BJJ gym in Adelaide then the answer totally depends on individual preference. But I am confident to say that most BJJ academies in Adelaide are pretty well organized and it will be hard to find a bad BJJ academy. Whichever gym you chose to go is very detrimental because the important thing is you can keep training on the mats. Train hard!