Best BJJ Schools in Canberra

Visiting Canberra and don’t want to stop your training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? Luckily we can find BJJ academies almost anywhere in the world because the martial art is one of the most popular martial arts out there. However not all academies are the same, some academies are only for casual training while some only offer training for the dedicated and pro-fighters type. How can you find the best BJJ gym in Canberra that can provide the right type of BJJ training for you? Read our list of the top Brazilian jiu jitsu gyms in Canberra.

Disclaimer. This post is only my personal opinion that was formed from either visiting the academy directly or by looking through each academies website & social media. The list is only a representation of my impression of each gym. You should read my opinion about the academies and then form your own opinion, better yet you should visit each academy directly and ask the instructors so you can get a better idea of what you should expect in the academy.

Epic BJJ

Located in Canberra Martial Arts. Epic BJJ is a great choice if you are looking for good training in a casual environment. Head Coach Danny Weir is a BJJ black belt and he will be able to keep you training in BJJ even when traveling to Canberra. Sadly there is minimal information about the facilities and pricing, you will need to contact the academy directly to know more.

Beyond Grappling Club

If you are looking for a martial arts club that focuses on grappling then Beyond Grappling Club is for you. It offers Judo & BJJ classes for all ages. Owner and head coach Matt D’Aquino is a Judo Black Belt and BJJ Brown Belt under Felipe Grez. All trainers in the academy are highly proficient in their specialization, most are accredited by the Australian Judo Federation and also had certifications to work with kids and first aid help.

The most important trait that the academy has is its 2-week trial options for both kids & adult classes. And yes, it applies for Judo and BJJ. This is a great option for those who want to make sure that Judo/BJJ is a martial art that they want to learn or not. I imagine you will know more about the price of membership after the trial but that is a common policy in most gyms anyway. The gym also provides personal training for those who need it.

To conclude, if you are looking for a family-friendly place to learn grappling then this one is for you. Especially if you are traveling with kids for 2 weeks and more. You can go to the classes with your kids and everyone can enjoy the art of grappling through Judo or BJJ.

Capital Combat

Head instructor Damien Philpott has done a great job in creating an academy that focuses on MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, and Kickboxing. Located on the northeast area, Capital Combat is probably the most complete martial arts gym in Canberra. It has a network of Australia’s most accomplished trainers and fighters from all sorts of different martial arts. Not only that Damien has also done a great job in providing training for troubled youths, something not many academies do.

In Capital Combat you can choose between 5 different martial arts, you can see the complete timetable on the academies website. But the greatest thing that comes from the academy is its clear pricing structure that you can check on the website. There will be no hidden fees and forced memberships in Capital Combat. I applaud Damien for providing open pricing options for people to check.

In my opinion, if you are in Canberra and you need to train BJJ then you need to visit this club since it looks to be the best options in terms of location and pricing.


Hopefully, my list of best BJJ schools in Canberra can give you a better idea of what type of BJJ academies exists in Canberra. If you need to find the nearest martial arts gym in other areas then you can check my other posts. See you on the mats!