Best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy in Fort Worth

Why Train BJJ in Fort Worth

Obviously anyone can train BJJ almost anywhere on earth as long as you have a soft surface to fall on. Fort Worth is a big city and as such you can find almost any type of martial arts here, the problem is not all martial arts are equal and some are not worth learning in the first place (Depends on individual needs).

BJJ or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the oldest martial arts in the world that is focused on the art of grappling. It is universally considered to be one of the most effective martial arts to learn with the least physical entry barrier, anyone of any shape or size can benefit from learning BJJ. Compared to other martial arts that requires athleticism such as Boxing or Gymnastics, BJJ is the most “friendly” martial arts to learn. As such even kids and women who are scientifically weaker than adult men can enjoy BJJ and learn a thing or two of how to defend themselves in hostile situations.

If you are based in Fort Worth and looking to learn the art of ground grappling then BJJ should be the first thing that you learn. You can supplement the training by adding boxing or Muay Thai and you should be good. By learning those two martial arts you will be safe possible street fights situation or similarly dangerous situation.

Best Jiu Jitsu Academy in Fort Worth

There are several big names when someone is looking for Brazilian jiu jitsu in Fort Worth:

Genesis Jiu Jitsu

With almost 5 high level instructors, Genesis Jiu Jitsu is one of the most premier BJJ academy in Fort Worth. If you are looking for a “safe” choice then Genesis is the safest one you can get in Fort Worth. Pricing information are easily acquired by subscribing and there are no hidden fees and contracts so that is good news, prices are also VERY affordable with multiple options in training frequency.

But the only thing that bothers me is how little social media the academy has, they do have a youtube channel but I can’t see a button to visit their facebook/Instagram page. This is important because people like me likes to see how an academy looks like before deciding to visit. But this is a minute thing because you can just visit the academy nonetheless.

Besides BJJ the academy also offer Muay Thai classes. BJJ is also divided by adult & kids classes so you can bring kids if you want. Like I said before this academy is a safe choice for anyone looking to train jiu jitsu in Fort Worth.

Travis Lutter

In case you are not familiar with Travis Lutter, he is a former MMA fighter that has fought for a championship in the UFC. He also is a BJJ black belt under Carlos Machado (The first black belt promoted by him). Travis has established the academy with a lot of quality instructors, there are more than 20+ instructors in the academy (According to the website). You can be assured that you will receive quality BJJ training if you decided to visit this academy anytime.

There are 4 different martial arts classes in the academy. MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai, and BJJ classes are available from Monday to Saturday. Adult BJJ classes are divided to 3 levels and you can probably predict what the levels are, BJJ classes for kids is also available but not as often as the adult classes. Keep in mind that the gym looks to be focused on GI training because no-gi classes are not as many as the gi class.

What I love about the academy is how the website has a blog section. This is very rare to find so I was extremely surprised. The only drawbacks of the academy is how they are not showing pricing information on the website, it is definitely understandable but seeing that some of the other academies do provide their pricing I don’t see why this academy does not do the same.

Evolve BJJ

This academy offers a free 30 DAY TRIAL. That alone is enough for me to visit the academy and check out the classes. But In case you need to see more reasons, lets dig deeper.

Christopher Story is the owner and head instructor of the academy, he is currently a 3rd degree BJJ black belt. He started training in 1999 and received his black belt in 2008. He has a passion In teaching and that is the reason why he created Evolve BJJ. Story has made an academy that has a lot of great qualities, such as:

  1. Curriculum – Evolve use a macro-cycle curriculum for teaching all their students. They teach the same technique/concepts all week long. This way if a student missed class one day they don’t miss out on the lesson. It also allows for more repetition of the technique.
  2. Kids classes start as young as 3 1/2 years old – Starting children young helps them build a foundation from the start. Every child is on a different page and by starting martial arts training at a young age it becomes easier to instill the principals of martial arts such as focus, discipline and respect.
  3. Instructors are IBJJF Certified – Our Head Instructor Professor Story is a 3rd Degree black belt and is recognized by the IBJJF which is the leading Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu organization in the world.
  4. Gym is Clean and Professional. – This sounds funny but it is a big deal to us!! The mats are disinfected every night and the school is cleaned everyday. Having a clean school is right next to having great instruction. We even have a shower for the morning students who have to go back to work.
  5. Two high ranking instructors teach the kids classes – Some jiu-jitsu schools let the lower ranks such as blue belts teach the kids. At Evolve BJJ Professor Story himself and his assistants are always teaching the kids classes together. Providing more one on one with the kids and learning jiu-jitsu from and 3rd Degree Black Belt and a Brown Belt instead of a blue belt like other schools might do.

But the usual problem that exists in most academies exist here, the lack of pricing information is something that should not be a problem in the first place. But seeing that you get 30 days of training for free I can understand why the academy does not provide the information.

Regardless this is one of the best choice if you are looking to stay in Fort Worth for longer periods of time and need a place to train for at least a month. Evolve BJJ is the answer if you are in that circumstances.

Marcos Santos Academy

Also known as Fort Worth BJJ, Marcos Santos Academy has one of the best martial arts website that I have ever seen in my life. This might not be linear with the training quality at the academy but at least my first impression of the academy is really good. Lets dig deeper and find out whether other things are really good as well.

From the website and social media I made the assumption that the facilities are pretty well and maintained on timely basis. Classes are provided for al lages and abilities so that is also a good sign. The only thing that I’m disappointed about is (Guess it) the lack of pricing information. But you can try the free classes and made a decision afterwards so not a big deal.

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