Best Brazilian JIu JItsu Gym in Melbourne Australia

Brazilian Jiujitsu is one of the most popular martial arts today. It will improve your muscular strength and problem solving skills. The primary basis of the martial art is to focus on ground fighting and submission skills. By knowing jiujitsu you will be able to defeat bigger and stronger opponent with no martial art skills, using problem solving methodical thinking and leveraging bodyweight to get dominant positions that will lead into submission.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) was the first martial art to dominate the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and it remains one of the most effective forms of self-defence and an essential component of modern MMA.

BJJ is often described as a game of “physical chess” due to it’s depth and technical nature.

Best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gyms around Melbourne

Carlson Gracie

Carlson Gracie Academy in Melbourne is home to a lot of high level BJJ. This club is also the only official Carlson Gracie academy in Australia. Men, women, and kids are encouraged to join and have fun learning brazilian jiu jitsu. If you are a professional bjj fighter this place can cater to that as well because the head instructor Ben Hall has a great team in there

Visit them at: The Academy – 9 Duke St, Windsor VIC 3181

Legends MMA

Legends MMA has a lot of martial arts classes that you can choose from, one of it is brazilian jiujitsu. The head instructor David Younan and Anthony Koochew has created a friendly BJJ gym environment in their gym. Whether you’re looking to train casually or searching for new high level grapplers to fight with, you will not go wrong with Legends MMA.

Visit them at: Level 1 362 Little Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Absolute MMA

Absolute MMA is one of the uprising stars in the world of brazilian jiu jitsu, thanks to international achievements from their pro BJJ team, especially Lachlan Giles who has made the BJJ team one of the best jiujitsu teams today with the likes of Craig Jones and Jeremy Paul Skinner. The gym has 3 locations in Melbourne. If you’re looking for the best BJJ competition team in the world then you have to go here, no other choice. Absolute MMA also offers classes for children so all in all this has it all. This is the arguably premier place to learn brazilian jiu jitsu in Melbourne today.

Visit them at:

Melbourne CBD: The Basement, 136 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000

Collingwood: 134 Cromwell Street, Collingwood, Victoria, 3066

St Kilda: Rear Level 2, 30 Inkerman St, St Kilda. Victoria, 3182

Tip: Go to St Kilda

Renegade MMA

Renegade MMA is a brazilian jiujitsu and mixed martial arts gym based in Kensington. Jamie Murray has built quite the respectable BJJ team in Kensington. You could try and visit the gym if you’re in the area.

Visit them at: 3/60 Stubbs Street. Kensington, Vic. 3031

ACSA Melbourne

Australian Combat Sports Academy offers martial arts classes (duh) and one of those is BJJ. Denis Kelly is the head instructor and he is a black belt in brazilian jiu jitsu and brown belt in judo. You can’t go wrong with this academy, so go pay them a visit if you can.

Visit them at: 325A Darebin Road, Thornbury 3021

What is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Brazilian jiu-jitsu or BJJ is a branch of martial art that emphasize on the ability to control other people through the use of technique and off-balancing. It is popularly known as the “gentle art,” which allows a weaker, smaller person to win one against the stronger opponent. Any men, women, or even a child above the age of 4 years can practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu. It is an art that sharpens up the mind. Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners use a lot of technique and strategy to beat their opponents. It is also a great workout. The most significant benefits of Brazilian jiu-jitsu is the changes in your body, which comes without you recognizing them. Persistent drilling sessions and spar will affect your body. Because of your focused learning techniques, you won’t even realize how flexible you have become or how much weight you have lost.

2 Main Benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Natural Martial Art: Brazilian jiu-jitsu is consisted of natural movements and self-defense skills. Like similar to the animals as well the newborn learns to spar before leaving the safety of their mother, so do humans execute fighting when they are young, flexible, and less likely to hurt each other. Any parent with two or more children who grew up with siblings can prove this to be true. BJJ, when it comes to the equalizer, one of the baring truths of self-defense, is size matters. You must have the superior skill to beat size and strength. The stronger they are or, the stronger they become with power, the excellent your power must be. Nothing else gives a child more confidence than their skills, ability, proficiency, and the talent to do things they would never have imagined off. With the continuous training of BJJ, you get core strengthening and overall body strengths with each movement, you are fetching your entire body to execute an action.

BULLY PREVENTION: This is like trying to stop the rotation of the earth. A bully targets a suffered subconsciously based on visual cues they pick up. This can be a physical trait which is impossible to change, i.e., height, skin, complexion, etc. For example, someone shy walks with their head down if they see people around. This shows a bully that we are insecure. Lacks of self-confidence is easy to kill to their wicked whims. A bully always looks for easy victims and not those who are stronger or those who can fight back. When it comes to Brazilian jiu-jitsu, people are thought to be able to defend themselves; they are strong enough to walk around with confidence.

First and foremost in Brazilian jiu-jitsu are Results. Jiu-jitsu for kids is extremely fun, tangible, and engaging. Everything is done in a team. Belts in jiu-jitsu are much harder to achieve. No child can make a black belt or even a blue belt in jiu-jitsu until they are sixteen years old. The other unique form of BJJ is that it is not a martial art based on kicking. It is an art where your child is taught distance control, various positions, and submissions to handle aggressive individuals. It allows you to use the exact and enough force to handle a situation.


Brazilian jiu-jitsu, in short, called BJJ helps people from every walk of life. Let it be children or young women or older men it is one of the best martial art due to many factors in street defense. BJJ is a method that includes the use of chokeholds and joint locks which is done on the ground. Brazilian jiu-jitsu takes one step further for a weaker smaller person who can also effectively defend against another stronger, the more substantial or more significant person using proper leverage and technique. Because of the fantastic self-defense technique, BJJ is an unusual first martial method to learn. BJJ became famous all over the globe and has gained immense popularity. One of the other BJJ practitioners who were able to translate his BJJ supremacy is Damien Maia. In Brazilian JJ, the exercise starts with necessary activities like scrimping. A proper lecture follows this. BJJ is a lot of reiteration and also pointing out how to use each position as an advantage against your opponent. The end of the class involves live “Rolling” session, where you engage with a partner into various locations you learned. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is very important for self-defense because an average of the blue belt can go for all over the tournament. This depends totally on your struggle and ground techniques.


People often used to forget  UFC when MMA was not in existence. This was a time when martial artists trained only one fighting style that they committed their lives to. Jiu-jitsu is an influential martial art because it is mastered in a way which is safe for students to train in a way that refreshes a real fight. There are other martial arts like kung fu that gets a lot of negativity because they don’t teach constructively and are never tested. Muay Thai and jiu-jitsu both are best for self-protection and real untoward situations at street fights. When it comes to mass opinion, many believe that jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai have their ups and downs, so let’s discuss them. The old debate of Muay Thai vs. jiu-jitsu. This fight is going from too long since the fighters stepped their foot. However, Bodily fighting and end up in arguments. Many believe necessary for those fighters who are experienced. However, let’s talk about their compensations and difficulty. Muay Thai is a style of fighting that is lethal on the bases. It’s every bout from standing up. The best fighter on the block can use a range of benefit and separation of their opponents. For boxers flinging kicks a be very useful. At the other hand, throwing punches against a jiu-jitsu fighter can be too dangerous because you are giving them a chance to become hard on you or take down. Jiu-jitsu gives one a more excellent gripping capability that makes you a hazardous fighter which can end up the fight. Many warriors win loads of matches due to the fabulous BJJ. While coming to disadvantages, your exercise is baseless when one gets bashed out in a standing position.

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