Best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Austin (BJJ)

Austin is one of the largest cities in Texas and in the USA overall. So it should not come as a surprise that the area is a hot bed of amazing BJJ/MMA gyms. The question is which one is the right fit for you? If you are looking to train in Gis then you don’t want to come at a 10th planet academy, and vice versa. To avoid those situations have a look at this article about BJJ academies in Austin

BJJ Training in Austin

It is relatively easy to find BJJ academies in Austin. But regardless you need to do some research first before deciding which gym you are going to. There’s a lot of different academies to choose from, looking to train in Gracie affiliate academy? or just train no-gi all the way? Austin has a lot to offer. The only thing for you to do is to find the right one.

Best Jiu Jitsu Academies in Austin

Here are a list of BJJ academies in Austin and surrounding areas, use these as a guide but re-research if needed because every person has their own needs

Sinister BJJ

What can i say? This is one of the best BJJ academies in terms of how they present information on their website. You can easily find EVERY information you need just from the website. Prof Lin Hughs has done a great job in making the decision of visiting Sinister BJJ an easy one.

Instructors at the academies are pretty legit and most are brown/black belts from reputable masters so you should not doubt the training quality, Classes are run almost everyday and there is also private classes for those who need it. The academy also often held seminars and invite visiting teachers which always good.

But the BIGGEST factor in my opinion is the price and ONE WEEK FREE TRIAL. This offer is just unprecedented. You are able to enjoy a free week of training AND gi (if you need one) and after that you just have to pay a monthly fee that is very affordable (IMO). The academy also offers discount for military members and first responders. I am VERY impressed with the academy in this area.

The only lacking details that the academy could improve is adding list of facilities in the gyms. It seems trivial but some people are very picky and want to visit a gym that has “specific” facilities. Regardless you could probably asked the academy via email or social media and they can answer those questions right away

Integracao Jiu Jitsu

Prof Gabriel Martins brought the first branch of Integracao BJJ in America. Overall this is an amazing BJj academies so you won’t regret the decision if you decided to come here.

To recap quickly: Price are 100-125$/month with free trial available. From their instagram looks like mat space are very spacious so thats cool. The academy also held summer camps so that’s a new thing for me.

Overall this is a solid choice if you are near the area. Please visit the website and ask them about any information that you need (They’ll also only give pricing info if you give your email).

Jean Jacques Machado Austin

One of the most famous BJJ academy in America, JJM Austin is no doubt one of the premier place of BJJ. Jean Jacques Machado is a LEGEND in brazilian jiu jitsu and has a lot of world championships to his name. His teaching methods are also top notch, proved by his notable students such as Eddie Bravo and Joe Rogan. There should be zero doubt in your mind to visit JJM if you are near the area.

Todd White is the primary instructor and he is a 4th degree black belt under Jean Jacques. Together they have built one of the best BJJ academies in Texas. Everything about the academy just scream world class.

Looking for a gym with great facilities? Check out the facilities at JJM Austin:


Looking to get information about prices? Go to their website and you can clearly see their fees and in my opinion for world class training the fees are very reasonable.

What can i say? JJM Austin is an amazing BJJ academy and you must visit if you have the chance

Dark Clan Fight Club

With an academy name like Dark Clan Fight Club you probably expect the gym to be “gothic” but that is far from the truth. Derrick Garza is the owner and head instructor of BJJ classes. The academy also offers classes in MMA, Kickboxing, HIIT training and other type of classes.

The main thing that stands out the most about the academy is the beautiful website. It is one of the most beautifully designed website i have ever looked at. So that’s a plus from me

Pricing info is very limited, the only number i can see is 99$ but its still unclear what the 99$ is for. Better ask them directly. You will also required to sign an online waiver when signing up.


BJJ academies in Austin are very competitive so almost all of them have similar facilities and pricing. The only factor that you should take into consideration is your personal preference so research the gyms your are currently eyeballing and decide afterwards. Keep rolling!