Best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Seattle (BJJ)

Passing through Seattle and want to get some rolls in when you have the chance? Don’t miss out on training since you can find great BJJ academies in Seattle. There is no excuse to stop training BJJ unless you are unfit or very busy. Even when traveling you should find time to train. Be warned that Seattle won’t have beautiful beaches and seas, if you want those things then go do BJJ in Miami instead.

BJJ Training in Seattle

Seattle is big enough to be considered a big city but not cramped enough to be called a metropolitan, in my opinion places like this are the most ideal if you are looking to for casual training or training at your leisure. Some academies in places such as New York are geared more towards the enthusiast and competitors of BJJ. Meaning every roll would be like an ADCC roll. If you are looking for a generally “tamer” academies then you will most likely find those in cities like Seattle.

Best Jiu Jitsu Academies in Seattle

There are several amazing BJJ academies in Seattle, here are some of them:

Mat Chess Mixed Martial Arts

Yep i know the gym includes the word MMA but don’t let that deter you from trying this amazing academy, besides BJJ is the origin martial arts of MMA so there should not be any doubt about trying the class at least once.

The instructor for brazilian jiu jitsu classes at Mat Chess is Andrew Perkins and he is a BJJ black belt under Dave Ginsberg. Supposedly he has been training BJJ since 2003 and since then he has honed his martial arts & teaching skills and currently sharing his knowledge in BJJ at Mat Chess MMA

Sadly i can’t find more information about the academy, crucial info such as facilities and pricing information are not easy to find on their website (or it’s not even there). But as most gyms do the academy offers a free trial so you should take advantage of that if you are near the area.

Framework BJJ

Framework BJJ is an academy that gives a “friendly” vibe just from looking at their website. This academy is an official affiliate of Balance Studios which is a hybrid of two teams from freejiujitsu and jiujitsumatrix. This is a unique case because i never encountered a “hybrid” academy.

Since this is a Gracie BJj based school, the classes are split to a lot of varieties. Starting from the usual Gracie Basics which teaches absolute beginners the foundation of BJJ, the program last for 3 months. Note that there is no sparring in this type of class so you should join different class if you are looking to spar.

Women’s only program is also available at this academy, it is basically a female-only class of Gracie Basics that was mentioned above. If you are looking to spar then you should join the black belt program but you do have to be somewhat experienced in BJJ to attend the class, do not be the beginner that taps every 10 seconds.

Classes for kids and private coaching are available on demand so you should ask the academy if you are looking for one of the two. The best way to learn more about the academy is to visit their Instagram because it looks very updated.

But as expected there is no information about pricing. HOWEVER the academy gives out a free WEEK trial, yes that’s right a WEEK. So if you are looking for a free place to train BJJ for a week in Seattle you should go to this academy.

Combat Arts Academy

With 2 locations in Seattle and one that offers BJJ exclusively, Combat Arts Academy could be the BJj academy you are looking for.

From the website looks like the bigger gym is a more well rounded gym that offers Muay Thai, Strength & Conditioning, and Kids Program along with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes. While the smaller gym only offers BJJ class. If i were you i would try the BJJ only gym because i’m only interested in that.

Sadly that is all the website can tell me. Pricing, facilities, and instructors are not mentioned in anyway on the website. If you’d like to dig deeper you could check their Facebook and Instagram Page and ask about any extra information about the gym that you desires.

RuffHouse Jiu Jitsu

Located at West Seattle and led by a BJJ black belt named Arthur Ruff (Good name). This is another great place if you are looking for quality jiu jitsu training. The head coach is a pretty legit instructor under Carlson Gracie so you should get the authentic Gracie experience in the academy

Only drawbacks of the academy is their lack of information. You should contact them through email or just visit the place directly if you want to learn more about the academy.

Foster BJJ

Headed by James “300” Foster. Foster BJJ is one of the few academies that clearly outlines the facilities in their academy, here they are:

  • USBJJF/IBJJF Certified 3rd Degree Black Belt head instructor
  • Multiple assistant Black Belt instructors
  • LifeBreath air circulation and climate control system
  • 3,000 sq. ft. of matted training area
  • Heavy bag rack
  • Corner cage
  • Changing rooms
  • Gym equipment
  • Fully padded walls
  • 2 restrooms and a shower
  • Lots of parking!

I highly recommend to check this academy out if you have the time and opportunity. This looks like a laid back BJJ academy that offers quality training. Their website is also more modern compared to others. James is also very active in social media especially Instagram so it would be easy to contact him if you have any questions about the academy.

10th Planet Seattle

If i were to live in Seattle i would choose to train at 10th Planet Seattle for the rest of my life. Mainly because i am a fan of no-gi grappling and the head coach at 10th Planet Seattle is none other than the great Nathan Orchard.

Nathan was the main instructor at 10th Planet Portland and just recently he moved to Seattle with his family to establish his own academy. But do note that currently the academy is located in Bellevue instead of Seattle. So if you are looking for BJJ clubs in Bellevue then this is the perfect choice.

Facilities are pretty standard because currently the academy shared the mats with other martial arts club but really the main difference is the quality of instructions given by Nathan. From what i have heard he is always teaching there daily if he is not away for seminars or competition. Definitely swing by if you have the chance


Honestly all BJJ academies you can find in Seattle are most likely to provide quality training. The only thing that should influence your decision of which gym you’ll visit is personal preference. So take a look at each academies and pick the right fit for you and you only!

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