Top 5 Best Free Standing Punching Bag

Free standing punching bags is a cheap and nice equipment for workouts. There a couple of reasons on why I decided to get my own free standing punching bag. Mobility, convenience, and the fact that i do not have to drill my apartment to get the bag to work perfectly

*The most amazing thing that a free standing bags do is the ability to put it virtually anywhere. No need to drill holes or buy expensive chains in order to set it up like most bags do. The only thing you have to do is fill the bag with sand and voila!

If you are planning to get a brand new heavy bag and currently considering whether to get a free standing one or not, then you definitely need to read this

If you already have a heavy bag and currently looking to add a free standing bags to get a good workout for your whole body, then you have to read this as well


Best Free Standing Heavy Bag: My Top 3 Picks

Century Martial Arts Wavemaster XXL with Base

Century BOB Body Opponent Training Bag

Everlast 2228 Power Core Free Standing Heavy Bag


Best Free Standing Heavy Bag: Full Lists

Century Martial Arts Wavemaster XXL with Base

Surely you want to have a heavy bag that looks good especially since the bag will be visible to anyone wandering around, most heavy bags do not look good. One exception that you can consider is the Century Wave Master, the design is good and offers three color choices, namely blue, red, and black.

Besides, this heavy bag has good material quality, high density foam and a durable vinyl layer that makes your hard punch feel comfortable without hurting your hand.

Basically, this heavy bag is low profile, sturdy and gives a great weight distribution.

Bag Features:

  • Premium striking surface: It feels amazing when you are striking a punching bag of this quality. Once you try it you will never go back to your old bags
  • Strong vinyl cover and best quality density foam: Material quality is of the charts. This bag is made to survive the end of time. This bag will last for a long time
  • Near perfect weight distribution: The bag will stays stable even during the most hectic striking sessions. It can probably take a nuclear bomb, just kidding. I don’t think you will be able to break the bag using your hands & legs 
  • Great Brand: Century is one of the famous punching bag manufacturers in the world. No need to question the product quality of any product line from Century

Standing at 69 inches with a diameter of 18 inches. You can pick 3 different colors for the bag. If you fill the bag completely it will weigh exactly 270lbs. When you have a bag like this at home you would not have any excuses to skip a workout anymore

Buy this one and don’t continue reading. Except it is out of stock

Century BOB Body Opponent Training Bag

The only sparring partner that will be with you 24/7. No need to call/text and wait for your partner to cancel the appointment on the last minute

Century Bob is one of the most unique free standing heavy bag you’ll ever found, this is mainly due to the fact that instead of a “bag”, you will hit a fake human body

Perfect for any type of martial arts training, especially those that heavily involves striking

Bag Features:

  • Realistic: You can visualize how to hit a real opponent when using the bag, something that the other free standing heavy bag do not give you
  • Premium Material: The bag is built using materials that can is not hard on your skin but hard enough to withstand powerful strikes. Really impressive stuff
  • Infinite Workout: You can train and use the bag with or without boxing gloves. It is designed to cater all training levels. The bag sits in a perfect medium between casual use and enthusiast power hitter. Best of both worlds
  • Adjustable Height: If you are 5’9 like me then you will definitely need to adjust the bag height and you can do so on this bag, i can’t say the same thing about most of the other free standing heavy bag
  • One Year Warranty: Nothing else needs to be said here really. You’ll get a completely no questions asked warranty for a year. Killer deal

Century Versys Fight Simulator (with 10184B Base)

Yet another bag from Century. This Versys Fight Simulator is one of the most versatile free standing heavy bag you’ll ever see

Perfect for those with average body height and want something hassle free that does not take too many space

Bag Features:

  • Pre Filled: The bag comes pre-filled. Making it the only 100% hassle free bag from all the other bag options. This makes the delivery fee more expensive though
  • Ground Fight: Unlike other bags, this one is versatile and compact enough to be used in ground fighting. Another features that could be useful if you are practicing any type of ground based martial arts
  • Compact: The bag base is filled with around 100lbs of sand, making the bag sturdy but mobile enough to be thrown around at will. Perfect for an all body workout

Everlast 2228 Power Core Free Standing Heavy Bag

If you like things sturdy and powerful then this free standing punching bag from Everlast is for you

Everlast Tri-Disc Technology for the foam texture allows for maximal power dispersion and absorption. Making it a superior punching  bag in terms of quality

Things like dispersion, absorption, and recoil are is very important in any punching bag, but it is especially important for a free standing heavy bag. Everlast has made the necessary steps to ensure that this freestanding bag has all benefits and features of a premium heavy bag.

Bag Features:

  • The Everlast Power Core Heavy Bag is a mobile equipment. That means you can easily move it around your house/apartment. Very useful in tight spaces
  • Amazing Product Material: Everlast did not pull any punches when it comes to material. If you followed the instruction process to the last dot then this bag can withstand almost any strikes you could throw at it. Impact absorption is within the 99%. And because of the amazing protection the bag gives, there is a very minimal risk of injury when using it
  • As Stable As It Gets: There is no way you will be able to topple this free standing punching bag. Everlast made sure that if you fill the bag correctly there is no chance you’ll be able to strike and drop the bag. Unless you’re using Mjolnir 
  • Affordable Price: Whether you don’t want to spend a lot on a punching bag or you want to get the best bang for buck free standing punching bag. This bag will fit the needs
  • Compact Model: Besides being extremely mobile, the bag ball and base is shaped in a very compact way. Perfect for a small apartment or house. F

Investing in the Everlast 2228 Power Core Heavy bag is something that you won’t regret soon. Overall the product is a perfect balance between price and quality, it will be very hard to find another bag with better or even the same quality in this price point. 

If you are a beginner, on a tighter budget, or looking for a cheap option this is going to be the best free standing punching bag for you.

Ringside Free-Standing Fitness Punching Bag

Finally something from other than Century! Ringside has made a free standing punching bag that is targeted towards the enthusiast audience

This is mainly due to the SIZE of the bag itself. It is a massive bag to the point that the item may ship in different boxes

Definitely not for the faint of heart.

Bag Features:

  • Tall: Standing at 76 Inches (6’4) this will be one of the biggest and tallest punching bag you will ever see in your life. Perfect for taller fighters
  • Premium Material: The shock absorbing foam and synthetic leather on the bag will be able to withstand the most powerful strikes. This bag is definitely built to last quite a while
  • Sturdy Base: The base of the bag can be filled with up to 270+140lbs of water or sand. There is no way you’ll make the bag fall by hitting it, you have to use a car for that.

If you have money to spare and have a taller than average body then you should definitely get this bag from Ringside



Placing a heavy bag is a real bag, not as easy as just attach to your ceiling.  Ensure can really hold the load, the structure must be sturdy.

If it’s not done thoroughly at this stage then the consequences can be terrible, your whole ceiling can be a collapse. Especially if you live in an apartment, your neighbor falls to the floor with all the wreckage. It’s worst.

Even if your ceiling can hold it, it takes more effort to place it because of its weight. especially if you do it alone for some people it is not possible.

If you don’t want a hanging heavy bag for several reasons, you can try a freestanding heavy bag, it’s easier to set up.

All heavy bags are useful without cons. Heavy bag is one of the most flexible training tools. heavy bag is one of the most flexible training tools. They’ve been a common primary in the boxing gym and will continue. With freestanding heavy bags, every obstacle that heavy bags have presented have been torn down. Nowadays people can own a heavy bag and gain all the prize.


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