Best Krav Maga Academy in New York City NYC

The deadliest martial arts. Learning Krav Maga for the first time is similar to learning to fire a gun, if you went to a bad place then you will likely to injure yourself and others. So to make sure you get the best Krav Maga experience, you will need to search for the best krav maga academy to learn from.

Luckily if you are living in New York City then you will not have a shortage of options when it comes to krav maga gyms. NYC is filled with gyms that offers Krav Maga exclusively or as a part of a bigger martial arts club.

The question is which gym is the right one for you?

Most martial arts gyms are divided between 2 types: Casual or Pro. So if you are looking for casual training with great trainers then you should not choose a professional gym, usually those type of places are filled with professional fighters and trainers that does not have time for those who only trains for fun.

Lets take a look at some of the most popular ones and dig deeper..

Krav Maga Academy

The academy claims to offer the highest level of Krav Maga in NYC. The academy is led by a man named Matan and he is a former Krav Maga trainer of the special ops unit in the Israeli Army.

Since then he has trained many people from different backgrounds, including Navy Seals, Army Rangers and Police Department.

What i like about the academy is how open their pricing information is, you can pick and choose the type of classes that you want or if you want to visit multiple times. Really appreciate how thorough they gave this particular information, some gyms don’t even have pricing information..

The academy also has a page dedicated for those that are new to Krav Maga, which is always helpful for beginners.

10/10 would visit.

Krav Maga Institute

One of the oldest Krav Maga academy in the world, KMI is usually the name that comes up when someone ask for a great krav maga academy in NYC. And for a good reason..

Their website is great, there are a lot of qualified instructors and their pricing policy is very straightforward and reasonable.

The academy has 3 locations spread around NYC so you should not have a hard time if you choose to visit the academy, just pick the nearest one (Duh)

If you want a “sure” thing then this is probably the safest bet

Krav Maga Experts

Right of the bat the academy shows their pricing options, which is a bold move that i really appreciate.

Tsahi Shemesh is the founder and chief instructor at Krav Maga Experts and he is very well qualified as a Krav Maga Experts (See what i did there?). He has built a great team of instructors and you should not be worried when it comes to training quality.

Combining the pricing and training quality, this is also a safe bet if you want to try Krav Maga as easy as possible.

Krav Maga Federation

Rhon Mizrachi is the head instructor at KMF and he is one of the “original” Krav Maga practitioner, having trained with the Krav Maga founder Imi Lichtenfeld.

Sadly everything else about the academy is what you normally see in other martial arts gyms. The lack of pricing information is also off-putting considering other Krav Maga gyms are comfortable showing it.

But don’t let that deter you from visiting if you are near the area, you won’t go wrong by choosing KMF if what you are looking for is an authentic Krav Maga experience.

Active Krav Maga NYC

I love the website!

Avi Abraham has done a great job in building Active Krav Maga as one of the best places in NYC to learn Krav Maga. Besides an expert in Krav Maga he also holds a black belt in Karate.

What i like the most is how varied and open their packages are, the prices are also VERY reasonable. I would recommend this place for those on a tighter budget.

I would definitely make the time to visit Active Krav Maga if i were in NYC.

Flow Krav Maga

Probably one of the most underrated Krav Maga gym in NYC.

Paul Varacchi is the head instructor at the academy and he has built a solid & modest martial arts academy in NYC.

Their website is basic but every information that you need is there, besides pricing information. You have to ask those directly.

Progressive Krav Maga

Henoch Otero is the founder of Progressive Krav Maga. He honed his Krav Maga skills during his time as a detective specialist in the NYPD SWAT division. So you should not argue about his approach because he is involved in combat almost everyday back in his past life.

Pricing wise this is one of the more unique gyms. Basically there is only one price option but you can attend a trial class for 25$ before making a decision. Sadly it is not a month-to-month commitment so for people that prefers monthly payments this is not an option.

Krav Maga Guy

I don’t think this gym is still open because there are no recent activities on the website and social media. Avoid this

Gotham Mountain Sports

If you want to experience a new way of learning martial arts then this one is for you.

Gotham Mountain Sports is a combination of luxury vacation and martial arts training. You will be able to see amazing scenery surrounding Gotham Farm

The company offers Karate and Krav Maga. Paul Zukowski is a Kyokushin Karate black belt while James Sherman is a certified Krav Maga trainer. Together they run the martial arts program and they have done a great job at it\

Obviously this is not great choice if you don’t want to travel outside NYC (It is 75 miles from city center). But if you are looking for an unique experience

Pricing is obviously different because you have to buy both the martial arts class and visitor pass. Not the cheapest option available but it is one of a kind experience.

Krav Maga Crash and MMA

Last but not least..

This is one of the strangest krav maga gym because it does not have a dedicated website, but from the looks of it the academy is still active. Here is the latest review of the academy:

Literally the best place on earth. At the end of the day you learn a ton and have a great time doing it. Would love to come back when possible when junior year doesn’t affect me as much in term of my time. Don’t miss your opportunity and I mean it

Google Review

Problem is the gym is located on Brooklyn, so unless you are staying near the area then it does not make sense to go all the way over there when you have other great options close to you.