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Sometimes we get an accidental moment to your face like bruised cheeks or other friction caused by a blow, it’s more dangerous if you not  protect your teeth. Mouthguards protect teeth and mouths from intentional and accidental strikes to our face. if you are having trouble finding suitable mouthguard or dentist  custom-fitted. we can help with a solution, We found excellent mouth guards for BJJ and MMA available online and we have tested it.

Sisu 1.6 Aero Guard Mouthguard

“Less Mouthguard, More Protection”. It’s designed for activities with impacts and accidental strikes, such as BJJ and basketball. Made in United States, Sisu design mouthguards with a perfect intermediate step between a traditional bite and boil and a custom-fit dentist guard. The Sisu 1.6 Aero gives you to talk, drink and breathe with comfort. If this damages your teeth when used, Sisu will give you up to $35,000 for bills.


  • Mouthguard with a super thin design
  • Simple
  • Impact Resistant and Hardwearing
  • Comfortable breathing


  • Hard to Mould
  • Difficult to put on when the Mouthguard cold
  • If it is not moulded precisely it can cut your mouth with sharp plastic

Shock Doctor Gel Max

Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthguard makes gel-fit liners that help adjust teeth more easily than before. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully so that the protection of your teeth more perfect. The bite and boil technology enable you to fix an error if not put on it precisely for the earliest.


  • Excellent for Mouthguard
  • Widely used by professionals
  • Shock Doctor is a trusted and well-known brand in protection


  • Too densely when used
  • Take several tries for a good fit for moulding
  • Hard to breathe especially when you tired

Venum Mouthguard

Who doesn’t know venum? Venum is manufacturer equipment and apparel for various martial arts especially for BJJ and MMA. Venum mouthguard provides Nextfit Gel Frame, that makes you more comfortable and adjustments around your teeth. Designed to make it easier breathing, for competition and sparring


  • Designed by considering MMA
  • Makes breathing easier
  • Can drink easily


  • Too densely when used
  • Take several tries for a good fit for moulding
  • Has been explained as small by certain people

Sanabul Mouthguard

Sanabul is manufacturer equipment for BJJ gi’s, so the mouthguard made is designed for that. Excellent for the grappler, MMA, BJJ and other. Its perfect mouthguard for someone who’s expecting for a lasting with the Low price.


  • Perfect for Mouthguard with low budget
  • Various colors available
  • Bonus with extra case


  • Take several tries for a good fit for moulding
  • Has been Explained as big
  • trimming may be needed

Impact Custom Professional Mouth Guards

This mouthguard has been in MMA for several years, considered one of the best. Plastic material in this Mouthguard free from harmful chemicals like BPA and has thicknesses ranging from 5 to 7mm, depends on you.

Although the thickness is very tight, This prevents difficulty in breathing.

When you buy this product, firstly you will be sent a moulding kit, which you will use then send it back to Impact so your mouthguard is specially made.


  • Very tight, it’s difficult to remove it
  • Speak and breathing much easier
  • Good mouthguard for Professional competition


  • More expensive rather than others mouth guard
  • Need time to get Mouthguard
  • Sometimes Moulding teeth can be tough

Different  Between Fit Mouth Guards and Boil & Bite Mouthguards

When choosing mouthguard which you should have, usually, have two preference a commercial boil and bit mouth guard or a custom fitted mouth guard.

Custom MouthGuard

Your teeth are well protected with custom fit mouthguards, where is a boil and bite mouthguard in a general form that can mould at your home. which enable you to make impressions of your teeth, and then send to a dentist for moulding and make the correct dimensions.

commonly when getting a custom mouth guard to first receive a kit, which should include all you need to makes the first impression. and send to the maker, and processed into finished goods. or can visit a dentist, who can give service to your teeth.

Boil and Bite Mouthguards

Boil and Bites are the common class of commercial mouth guard. More available and affordable than custom molded mouth guards. but with their cost reach accentuate that you don’t get with a custom mouthguard.

its made by specific plastic, when soaked in boilling water will get soft until it cools, the form will keep. This plastic makes boil and bite mouth guards so simple to create, all have to do is comply with the manufacturer guide and they have a well-formed mouth guard that is ready to use soon.

The majority will pick a boil and bite mouth guard since their an affordable price, although a poorly shaped boil and bite, it can harm your teeth rather than cover them, so it’s important to understand rule closely.

History of Mouth Guard

Based on a number of documented references at the turn of the century. boxing is The first to apply mouthguards, at first created mouth protectors from tape, sponge, cotton, and even wood. in 1890 A dentist from London, Woolf Krause developed the mouthguard to protect fighter from lip laceration. These wounds are common with simple mouthguards and hamper the boxing matches

The genuine mouthguard from Krause was made from sap petcha and in fact, held in place by hold in fist teeth together. afterward,  Philip Krause son from Woolf’ modify the pattern and design the mouthguard from vella rubber. The first recording of mouthguard equipment was in 1916 when a dentist in Chicago Thomas Carlos designed a mouthpiece for United State Olympian Dinnie O’Keefe. and a few years later, the other dentists claimed to initially design the mouthguard, and it causing controversy.

In 1927 Mouthguards become more general land used in boxing matches between Jack Sharkey and Mike McTigue. McTigue won the match, but during the match, the chipped tooth severely cut his lip and forced him to lose the fight. After that mouthguards become familiar when boxing matches and for a modern mouthguard

A New Era

in 1947 Rodney O. Lilyquist, a dentist discovered a remarkable breakthrough in L.A. He used a transparent acrylic resin to shape the first splint. This mouthguard was molded to fit over the lower and upper teeth and more weird object than current gum shields. Until now. In American Football, injuries are about 40% are dental.

American Dental Association (ADA) initiate promoted and researching mouthguard advantage for the public in the 1950s. later in 1960, the use of latex for mouthguard was recommended by ADA in all contact sports. Continued into 1962, a high school in the United States required all football players to wear these mouthguards.

Currently, 29 different sports by ADA require the use of mouthguards

Dental  vs Commercial mouthguards

Today there are a number of mouthguard options available, from different forms, sizes, and colours. Modern commercial mouthguards and known as boil and bite and can be bought from sports shop and online retailers such as Amazon, eBay and other

It’s available and you can purchase immediately and set them efficiently. However, these are not custom and somewhile will not fit someone mouth correctly, means a lack of protection for the user.

Mouthguard enables a more customized for a fighter. But usually, the price spent is more expensive, with different prints,  colours and will help the person talk, drink, and breathe more easily than commercial brands.

Mouth Guard Criteria

Choosing between a custom mouthguard and commercial boil and bite are just a start. There are a few more things to consider when you shop for a new mouth guard


The important thing when Pick the right mouth guard is fit. An ill-fitting mouth guard will make you uncomfortable and worse, can hurt the user’s teeth

Note of discomfort anytime, more if you still arise, your teeth could change, which could cause not fitting exactly on your mouth guard

Ensure you have purchased the correct size If you’re going to boil and bit route, normally Youth or Adult and the primary two sizes, however it’s always important to make sure, follow the guide severely for a good fit.


On commercial mouth guards, the thicker the mouth guard, more protection, even though there are the exceptions with products such as SISU

With a thicker mouth guard causes drink and breathing difficulties, it’s about deciding on the right size for the right function. Most important is your breathing. If you’re trouble to breathe you may need to consider another mouth guard.


Mouth guards made of plastic, it gives a chance for some ridiculous design! Dan Hardy’s vampire teeth are a general example there are hundreds of various styles. You should always opt for fit and protection. Style is just a good thing to have, it doesn’t cover you from injury.


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