Best Laser Tattoo Removal in Boston Massachusetts

Here we go again.. Another episode of the best tattoo removal service provider, this time in Boston.

Same as what i did on the tattoo removal NYC article, i will give a brief review of the most popular tattoo removal provider in one of the biggest cities in MA.

Let’s start!

The Finery

As predicted The Finery made an appearance in Boston, this tattoo removal provider has shops all over MA and one of the most famous one is in Boston.

You should expect the best laser tattoo removal service if you come to Finery, they have an established reputation of being one of the best in the business.

Additional information that might be useful is that the Finery has 3 options when it comes to tattoo removal: Picosure, Picoway and traditional tattoo removal technology. Prices will vary depending on how large and how thick the tattoo is. For a more accurate price estimation you can contact them directly.

Here are some of the biggest qualities of The Finery Boston:

  • Boston’s first full spectrum tattoo removal facility
  • Pay-as-you-go Picosure and PicoWay laser tattoo removal plans
  • T2 guaranteed tattoo removal packages
  • Interest-free tattoo removal financing
  • Free tattoo removal consultations
  • Family-owned and operated

Most recent review of the place reflects the quality of the business, here it is:

Adorable little office, super clean, knowledgeable staff & prices better than my dermatology office!!

Molly Bowles via Google Review

As the name suggests, The Fienry offers the finest tattoo removal experience. If you want a sure thing then this is probably your best bet.

Dissapearing Inc

One of the big names of tattoo removal in Boston area, Rob Harris is the founder and he is famous as the tattoo removal guy who loves tattoos. Quite strange but great at the same time. He wants to provide the best tattoo removal experience in the Massachusetts area and he has done great job by opening 5 locations in MA (One in NYC).

Rob is a qualified laser technician and safety officer from the National Laser Institute in Arizona. Over the years he and his wife Eve has worked to provide a great costumer experience for everyone wanting to have their tattoos removed. Presently the company have around 10 laser tattoo removal specialist to help the husband-wife duo in achieving their goals of being the #1 tattoo removal provider in MA.

Another great quality of the company is how they can present pricing estimation in a way that satisfy potential costumers. Basically the bigger the tattoos the more expensive the service will be, prices starts at 90$/session which is very affordable considering the quality of service you are going to get.

The website also covers all bases that someone who are new to tattoo removal might need, you can find FAQ and blog articles that can shine more light into the new topic, something that most tattoo removal services do not provide quite greatly.

Need more review of the service? Here is one recent review of the place:

100% happy … and tried to remove my tattoos for a long time … and began to go disappearing inc .. nothing to do where I went before .. First place with Rob nose as ase to have so much patience, taught me to control the pain, each site is more pleasant no more the nerves and his team are incredible are honest and the price is nothing compared to the results and honesty and treatment they give .. 10 out of 10 .. I recommend it with your eyes closed. If you really want to remove the tattoos and see results .. Disappearing inc. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Five stars and if I could give it more ?

Karelin Orellana via Google Review

A proven company with a great track record, one of the safest bet in the world of tattoo removal (Besides the previous entry)

Massachusetts General Hospital

I know what you are thinking..

This is a general hospital, why would you put it on the list of tattoo removal provider?

Because the hospital offers it through their Dermatology Laser and Cosmetic Center..

As you can expect this is a highly advanced dermatology center so you should expect tattoo removal AND skin specialist to be the ones who will be taking care of you. Which is a great peace of mind.

Besides tattoo removal, the hospital also offers:

  • Laser and Light Skin Treatments
  • Body Contouring – Fat Reduction
  • Dermal Facial Fillers
  • Wrinkle Relaxers
  • Skin Tightening
  • Laser Hair Removal

The problem with hospital is usually there won’t be any price estimation and this is the case with this one as well. And as we all know hospitals might charge A LOT more than the usual mom and pop store.

Should you go here for tattoo removal? If you have bigger budgets and wants a qualified skin doctor to treat you then this is probably the only choice in Boston.

Cosmetic & Laser Center

Ekaterina Zhantuan is the owner and general manager of Cosmetic & Laser Center Boston. Besides offering tattoo removal, this medical spa also offers other “cosmetic” services. You can check the complete list by visiting the website.

Sadly there are no price estimations on the website, they do have a specials page that shows their latest offers.

But i dig through Google and found some negative reviews about the place..

This was the worst experience I ever had getting Botox. There is no bedside manner – so cold – didn’t ask me what I was looking for out of the Botox or look – I never got more than 20 units in my forehead and Dr. Andrews was trying to tell me I needed almost 40. And he wasn’t even telling me what he was objecting – usually I’m given a consult of what they suggest and he just asked me what I got previously. They also do not participate in Brilliant Distinctions. Will NEVER go back here

Felicia Fiumara via Google Review

I went for 7 sessions which is waaaaay more than average (the average number is 5 sessions) and their “laser literally did not work, hair reduction after 7 sessions was 30%). I felt bad about leaving a bad review for a very long time, BUT NOW THAT I HAVE TO GO THROUGH IT ALL AGAIN, AFTER ALL THE MONEY AND BACK AND FORTH!! I WANT TO SAVE ANOTHER PERSON FROM MAKING THIS MISTAKE. GO ELSEWHERE!!! I REGRETFULLY REMEMBER NOT TAKING NEGATIVE REVIEWS SERIOUSLY MYSELF AND I KNOW THEY WERE SERIOUSLY IN DAMAGE CONTROL MODE BACK WHEN I USED TO GO TO THEM. THEY HAD GOOD EXCUSES FOR THEIR BAD REVIEWS.

Naseem Razavi via Google Review

Looking at the reviews the place might not be that great, but it is common knowledge that some business competitors will leave bad reviews using a fake profile. Whether that is the case here is still not clear. Do your own research before deciding.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Laser Tattoo Removal in Boston

The answer to that question depends on your personal preference. But the first 2 on the list should be the safest option.

Keep in mind that i will update the page whenever i found other great tattoo removal providers in Boston. The recommendation list might or might not change.

Hopefully this article is helpful for you!