Best Tattoo Removal in New York City

You might be wondering: Why am i talking about tattoos on a website about martial arts?

Like it or not tattoos has become a part of our daily lives, some people got it because they like the design and some treat tattoos as one of the more important priorities in their lives. You will see many famous martial artist that has one or more tattoos on their body. Ever wondered what is the correlation between martial arts and tattoos? If you do then click here.

Sure you can try to remove tattoos using DIY methods (I have made a post about that here) But if you need something more bonafide then laser is your only choice.

In this post i want to give a brief review about some of the best tattoo removal provider in New York City and surrounding areas, such as:

  • Long Island
  • Long Beach
  • Queens
  • Brooklyn

Hopefully this list will help someone in the area to choose the right tattoo removal service for their individual needs.

Lets start:

Smooth Laser

Carol O’Brien is the founder of Smooth Laser. Besides laser tattoo removal she also offers hair & spider vein removal, along with pigmented lesion removal (This is a new one for me).

Sadly there are no information about the fees, you will need to ask it by yourself. But in hindsight it will be hard to give a default price because most tattoos differ in size and many other factors.

If you are near the area there is no harm in coming and ask around..

Laser Tattoo Removal NYC Inc

The website is down so sadly there aren’t much information about the place.. But here is one recent review about the service:

The office is incredibly clean and the staff is very nice. They do everything to make sure you are comfortable during your removal and make sure you are given after care instructions and so on. Really awesome place I’m so glad I found them!

Charlotte Felter via Google Review

The Finery

Probably the most popular option in the NYC area. The Finery is one of the biggest tattoo removal chain in the USA. With 4 locations spread around NYC you won’t have a hard time finding the closest place near you.

Offering full spectrum laser tattoo removal, Finery is run by tattoo removal experts along with great customer service. You are able to get free consultations before deciding anything. The website also provides q&a for those who are new to tattoo removal. In short everything you need to know about tattoo removal is probably on the website already.

Obviously this won’t be the cheapest option available (it might even be the most expensive). But the combination of existing reputation and great reviews makes Finery one of the safest place to get your tattoo removed. Here is a recent review in case you are curious:

Amazing service! I went to get a blowout fixed and the treatment was quick and my tattoo looks amazing now. The staff is super friendly, and I was completely relaxed the whole time. Definitely recommend if you need a blowout fix!

Hannah Coffin via Google Review

10/10 recommend this place.

Clean Slate Laser Tattoo Removal

One of the most fierce competitor for the previous tattoo removal service, Clean Slate is one of the more premium tattoo removal service place in New York. And for a good reason.

First off Clean Slate has 5 locations spread around NYC and Jersey so they have more outlets compared to the previous one (In NYC that is). The website is also very helpful. You can learn more about tattoo removal along with the usual q&a.

But the greatest advantage comes from their online price quote. You can get price estimation on your tattoo removal just by filling a form and attaching your tattoos there. Pretty convenient, neat and saves time for everybody.

10/10 recommend this place too. Just look at this recent review:

I had Gotten my eyebrows tattooed n this place had helped me I Thank God there’s a solution to helping people. The laser treatment really works n I’m still doing treatment here to get it out. Thank You M Marie I could n would recommend this place for resolution. Faith Hope Love!

Jasmin Gutierrez via Google Review

Inkerase Tattoo Removal NYC

INKerase is New York’s premier tattoo removal center conveniently located in Manhattan’s Flatiron district. The place consisted of board certified dermatologists and most importantly experts that understand the ins and outs of healthy skin.

This is probably the best bang for your buck when it comes to tattoo removal, because the place is not that expensive but it is a part of the New York Dermatology Group. So you will be taken care of by tattoo removal AND skin specialist.

But one of the recent reviews does not paint a great picture about the place..

I just had such a disappointing experience. I have been going for red laser panel treatments for the last six weeks. They always put eye and face serum on before the treatment . Today I was told that the serums are not included. OK. I told them
I want d to purchase the serum and she said she would return with the price. She never came back.
While my eyes were closed during the treatment ( it is a laser panel) I opened them for a moment and realized that I was under the wrong panel. So instead of a collagen boosting treatment I received a treatment for acne!
To add insult to injury they still charged me for the treatment!

Joan Warner via Facebook Review

Check out the place but be wary of anything fishy.

Brooklyn Laser Tattoo Removal

One of the most underrated place in the world of tattoo removal, Brooklyn Laser Tattoo Removal is owned by Lena and Mike, both are trained in tattoo removal, Mike completed his training at the National Laser Institute in Arizona.

Nothing much can be found on the website sadly, besides the usual q&a there are no pricing information whatsoever.

Here is the latest review of the place:

Great work, very effective . Knows his stuff very well i would totally reccommend him to anyone! Hes very helpful

Manuel Berrios via Google Review

A decent place to check out if you have the time.

Bye Bye Ink

One of the surest choice you could make for your tattoo removal needs.

Jackie Gibbs, the owner of Bye Bye Ink, has been through your shoes. Here is the about page of the website:

After many years of regretting her impulsive tattoos, one on each shoulder blade, she decided to have it removed ASAP. She looked up the closest tattoo removal “clinic” and went for a free consultation. She fell for what seemed like a great “package”. That package turned out to be the total opposite of expected; it included old lasers, rude technicians, a lot of bleeding, tears and pain, and after all the sessions, her tattoos were only lightened and one was severely scarred. A year went by before she found the best on the East Coast and made an appointment. A few sessions later, without blood, tears or pain, her tattoos were GONE! At that moment she knew this would be right for her, to help others SAFELY remove their unwanted tattoos.

Jackie went on to obtain professional training and certification at the International Laser Academy to become a Certified Laser Operator and is proudly the sole CLO in Queens, NYC.

This is one of the only tattoo removal place that has a lot of positive reviews on Yelp and Facebook. Here are a couple of them:

I absolutely adore Jackie!!! She’s straight forward and super professional. She’s gentle yet gets the work done! She’s honest and isn’t going to BS the facts! Nor is she going to charge you more like all these other places that force you to pay more for less results! She even offers monthly no brainer packages!!!! – LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PLACE!!! You guys have to schedule your consult to see, trust me you will not regret it!

Denise Reyes via Facebook Review

I’ve been doing research for about 2 years now to find the perfect Tattoo Removal spot. Ive been to 3 consultations- Each technician  saying something different and the prices were absolutely insane. I knew after each consultation I wasnt comfortable with having them laser something off of me.
Finally I just googled “best Tattoo removals in New. York” and I saw Bye Bye Ink. I looked at all the reviews and checked out the instagram. Her stuff looked really good, I was so excited!  I called immediately to schedule a consultation.
I drove all the way from Long Island to this tiny shop in Howard Beach. The receptionist was super friendly and greeted me right when I arrived. Jackie the owner was amazing, she is so knowledgeable about removing tattoos and having  experienced it for herself made me really trust her.

Jackie  is so real and honest, that’s what locked me in.  She actually cares and doesn’t just want to take your money. I started my sessions immediately and so far I’m on session 3 and ive never been so happy.

She has made the process so far go by so smoothly.  I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Jackie  – Bye Bye Ink!

MIchele M via Yelp Review

Hands down my go to place if i were to have my tattoos removed in NYC