Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is one of the martial arts that focuses on battles such as locking techniques, struggles and techniques to bring down opponents (take down). But you know, there is a BJJ model that develops in a modern style, developed through an educational process, apart from traditional forms or systems, such as the use of gi (fighting clothes, rubber protectors) called the 10th bjj planet. The figure who developed this model was Eddie Bravo in 2003, at the same time since he embraced the title of black belt under Jean-Jacques Machado.

Right in Los Angeles, California, Bravo opened a 10th bjj planet, or a modern system of traditional BJJ. Then why 10th planet? When referring to the text of ancient Sumerian beliefs, through the interpretation of Zecharia Sitchin, there is one planet that becomes the tenth planet of our solar system, which is named Nibiru, on which planet lives a race of super creatures that have powers beyond human reason, named Annunaki. Well, if there is Jiu Jitsu’s martial arts on the planet, then that is what Eddie Bravo described through the 10th bjj planet plan he developed. Maybe that’s the analogy of the 10th planet founded by Bravo as a form of development of this sport.

As a non-traditional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu system that avoids the use of gi (fighting clothes), emphasizes his students to focus on technique, to get as many points as possible. The idea dan orientation was due to several techniques from BJJ applied in mixed martial competitions or MMA and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Not without reason, even though there are plenty of cheap BJJ gi, Bravo who also works for UFC feels that fighting techniques still need to be added up, seeing Jiu Jitsu is an effective fighting technique while on the floor.

At first, the name Eddie Bravo was already well known to many fighters, liked or hated, at that time he gained popularity by becoming the first United States fighter to submit the title of Royler Gracie, a legendary title to the Abu Dhabi Submission Wrestling Championships, even though he had only attained status with brown belt. From there, he began to get the attention of the martial world, especially BJJ, to create a form of fighting, the 10th bjj planet that is now very well known. At that time, his ideas aroused a variety of controversies, as if daring to break down culture, bypassing tradition, not even respecting the Gracie family who had succeeded in popularizing Jiu Jitsu to the international world.

Until now, apart from those in Los Angeles, California, the 10th bjj planet, with its system has more than one hundred places or schools spread all over the world, with various facilities that support students, such as in Europe: Ireland, England, Germany, Portugal, to Sweden, in Asia such as Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, to Indonesia, and to Australia.