BJJ Fanatics: 10 John Danaher Facts

BJJ Fanatics: 10 John Danaher Facts

If you like BJJ and MMA, you might be familiar with BJJ fanatics Danaher. John Danaher is currently at the highest chair of grappling coaches. So far, he has produces so many most dominant MMA athletes on the planet. He has even a group of grapplers named “The Danaher Death Squad”. In this article, we are going to talk about this guy and all the significant things he has made so far.


BJJ fanatics Danaher has created a series of leg locks complete systems. Several ways are available and Danaher has made great content for everyone who loves MMA and grappling sports. It is not just a series of techniques because you will get a lot of things you can do to tame your opponents. The instruction contains more than 9 hours of content so you need to bring your best gym towels (If you’re training while learning).

Notable Techniques

John Danaher was formerly a fight athlete. However, he should stand injuries and tons of surgeries which later bring him the position of the Mastermind in the grappling sports world. Until today, he has coached many talented athletes. His most popular instruction is the Leglocks: Enter the System that brings a new yet deepest approach to hit the lower body submission.

Athletes who coached by this always won nearly every single match. His youngest student is Gordon Ryan who also won double medals in his weight class.

About John Danaher

John Danaher was born in New Zealand. He found himself attending the philosophy program at Columbia Universities and finished his Masters. He worked as a bouncer at several clubs and spent his time to work out in a weight lifting gym. He said he needed it because it was important to stay strong and prepared for any kind of interactions with drunken guests at the clubs.

Later, his friend invited him to attend a jiu-jitsu class and he came with almost no expectation on it. On the other hand, he was quite surprised because jiu-jitsu was taking his interest. After a series of meetings and training, he became a great Renzo Gracie’s student at that time and turned out he was one of the highest level students at the academy.

Renzo Gracie later set him as a coach and it was such a pivotal moment for him. He even started his obsession to become the best coach he could. As he had said, he spent almost 14 hours a day at the gym to refine his skill as a coach. And this is the end section of BJJ fanatics Danaher facts.

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