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Searching for BJJ Gyms in Chicago?

Travelling to Chicago and looking for a quality BJJ gym to roll in? Chicago is filled with amazing BJJ academies. The only question is which one is the right fit for you? Continue reading to learn more about jiu jitsu academies in Chicago

Why Train BJJ in Chicago

From Gracie BJJ to MMA gyms, you can find almost every type of BJJ lineage around Chicago. There are more than 20+ different BJJ academies in Chicago so finding one out is not hard. The hard thing is finding out which gym is the best for your training purposes. Read more to find out about brazilian jiu jitsu academies in Chicago.

If you want the exact opposite of Chicago then you should check this brazilian jiu jitsu academy in Miami.

Best BJJ Academies in Chicago

Vianna Brothers Jiu Jitsu Academy

Daniel Vianna is the head instructor and co-owner of the academy. Along with his brother Pedro Vianna they are looking to provide the best BJJ training for people around the Chicago area. Together they provide BJJ classes from Monday to Saturday for adults and kids, they also provide classes for Muay Thai and Judo but the academy focuses on BJJ. Sadly i do not see a women’s only classes but that is just a minor kink.

From the pictures of the academies on website and social media looks like the gym has some nice facilities such as big mat area and shower. They also have a blog section on their website but the last time it was updated was on 2017. The only missing detail is the lack of pricing information but this is a common practice, so you should try a free class and then ask about the pricing yourself.

Movimento BJJ & Fitness

A fully featured BJJ and Muay Thai training area. Movimento prides themselves in using only anti-microbial mats and equipments to provide the most premium and hygienic martial arts training center. BJJ head coach Israel Reyes is a black belt in BJJ and accomplished competitive fighter, so you will be receiving top-tier BJJ training if you choose to train at Movimento. They also provides classes for teens and kids.

As mentioned briefly above the facilities at the gym are pretty good but the most important positive trait of the gym is how open their pricing information is, you can openly see the fees of any type of martial arts classes without any hidden fees or lengthy contracts. Definitely my type of gym if you ask me. Make sure you find the time to visit if you are near Chicago

Soul Fighters Chicago

Andre “Maneco” Leite is the creator of Soul FIghters Chicago and he is a black belt under the great Carlson Gracie, he is also a multiple time BJJ world champion. You are in pretty good hands in terms of training quality if you chose to train at Soul Fighters Chicago

Sadly there is minimal information about the facilities and pricing since there is none on the website or social media. Class schedule is available and it runs from Monday to Saturday so it should be easy to pick a time to go there. As per standard practice looks like you have to take a free trial class and then ask about the pricing afterwards.

Uflacker Academy

Christian Ufclaker is a BJJ AND Judo black belt who is also the head instructor at Uflacker Academy aka BJJ South Side. From the looks of things the academy is pretty modern and hygienic. And looking at the instructor it also provides pretty high level training so win-win.

The downside of the academy is the lack of pricing information so you will need to do the usual thing and take the trial class, hopefully there are no hidden fees or lengthy contracts!

Brazil-021 Chicago

Andre Terencio and Hannete Staack are head instructors in Brazil-021 and they are good, very good. You can check their profile on BJJ Heroes and you will agree with me. Both are very good BJJ instructors and competitors. No need to wonder the quality of training in the academy. Classes are available from Monday to Saturday.

But as usual the academy lacks pricing and facility information. You know what to do here.


Hopefully this post has been able to give you more information about the best BJJ academies around Chicago. You can learn more about the academies and choose one that fits your personal preferences. See you on the mats!