BJJ vs Krav Maga: Which One Is the Better One for a Real Life?

This article will talk about the BJJ vs Krav Maga. When you intend to get the best choice related to the system of self-defense or discipline of martial arts for you, that is better to know the styles which are available for you to learn. Of course, you should know what your goals are: do you want to do training in fitness or learn to fight? Do you intend to learn the arts of martial and also the rules only for a sport, or learn the skills of self-defense for situations of the real world when the rules are nothing?

So, to compare Krav Maga vs Jiu-Jitsu, it is not difficult to see the differences. Below are the explanations.

The Krav Maga

It is a martial art that originated in Israel with the aim to defend themselves in the path of the street. Often considered the most efficient and brutal martial art which is a combination of Muay Thai, Boxing, Wing Chun, Jiu-Jitsu, and Wrestling. It is developed as part of the needs of the world today, which involves street management.

Krav Maga has the goal to end a rebuke as quickly as possible by attacking the weakest points of the enemy’s body. With Wing Chun as a basis for protection against weapons, wrestling techniques from Judo and Jiu-Jitsu to bring down enemies quickly, and Muay Thai to attack enemy weak points. Based on this combination of martial techniques Krav Maga is often referred to as the most deadly and dangerous martial technique.


This martial art appears in various names such as Jujitsu, Jiu-Jitsu or Jujutsu. With the elements of wrestling, hard attacks, eye plugs, choking, biting, locking the joints and focusing to bring down the enemy at the center of gravity. Those can be done by using the cheap BJJ gi.

The reason why this martial art is deadly besides bringing down enemies very quickly is that there is a developmental martial art known as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Once the enemy had fallen, what Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu martial arts emphasized was breaking his joints and limbs. In addition, jujutsu can also press down the enemy’s body with his knees to his chest, which then attacks his face with his elbows or fists.

The Best Self Defense Practice For Real Life

To choose between BJJ and Krav Maga is that we should know the effectiveness. BJJ is perfectly right martial arts for a tournament, a great compliment for a fighting style (strike-only), and it has some benefits of self – defense when it is faced with an attacker. Krav Maga is exactly based on the fighting of a real-world where a rule is the only way to save and survive yourself. This common approach can make the flexibility to deal with the situations of fluid tactic.

For example, BJJ is great to take down your opponent and grab hold them for neutralizing some attacks, if your opponent brings a friend, you have defended yourself. This kind of static approach which is to combat greatly works when you face your other opponents applying the techniques or rule sets which are the same. That is the reason why BJJ can be said as a great entertainment of sport to see or watch. However, the techniques of BJJ can quickly break down when they are confronted with some great attackers who are bringing a weapon or intending to take the life of yours.

Those are the explanations about BJJ vs Krav Maga. which one will you choose?