BJJ vs Muay Thai: Learning More about Their Respective Advantages

Let’s get to know more about BJJ vs Muay Thai! Well, martial arts have developed into many types, ranging from wrestling, attacking to using weapons have been used in several types of martial arts, and among these martial arts, there are some that are deadly. Examples of famous martial arts are BJJ and Muay Thai. Regarding the two martial arts certainly have their respective advantages. Let’s look at the explanation below.

The benefits of BJJ

Jiu-Jitsu is a sports development from Japanese martial arts, Kodokan Judo. This sport was later developed and popularized in Brazil. The technique used is quite unique and drains sweat. It can be done by wearing cheap BJJ gi. Let’s look at the benefits of BJJ

Increase stamina

In jiu-jitsu, all parts of the body are used to move so that it will automatically increase fitness. Your body’s metabolic system will work better and make your immune system increase, so you don’t get sick easily.

Train mentally focused

BJJ uses a lot of techniques that require special training. Practicing a combination of punch, kick, lock, and kick techniques together requires special focus and skills. Therefore, each participant must concentrate.

Burn fat

One BJJ training session for two hours can burn more than 700 calories. Very suitable for girls who want to have a slim body. If done consistently guaranteed the ideal body will be formed.

Muscle tightening

This martial art is very effective in training the strength of all body muscles, especially the stomach and thigh muscles. It is very suitable if you want to have a six-pack stomach.

Train body flexibility

It focuses on locking on the floor that relies on the speed of movement to knock out opponents. Therefore, it can also train your body’s flexibility in moving.

Help you to master martial arts

BJJ is a form of physical training to help master martial skills. Unlike other martial arts, BJJ training will teach you how to use your opponent’s strength to immobilize him. Not just using muscle power to make your opponent battered.

The benefits or advantages of Muay Thai

Maybe you often hear that Muay Thai is a deadly martial art, in fact, it is wrong, although half true. From its history, Muay Thai is a martial art that was originally created to kill. However, practitioners have now eliminated some deadly techniques from Muay Thai and turned them into sports.

Muay Thai has a more complete combination of movements

Muay Thai is a self-defense movement consisting of very complete attack and defense movements. Not only hitting, but there are also elbowing, kicking, and slamming movements where the techniques have many names.

Muay Thai can burn calories much better

If Muay Thai is done routinely, the number of calories burned by the body’s metabolism is much greater and more when compared to other sports arts. As a result of the body that is always moving swiftly makes the metabolism to a maximum and the number of calories burned is automatically more and bigger.

Muay Thai is easy to do and learn by anyone

Muay Thai can be learned and practiced by anyone and from anywhere. Muay Thai martial arts can be learned by children, men, and women. So cross-gender so that it’s no wonder Muay Thai is very easily accepted by the public in the art of martial arts.

Muay Thai is very suitable as an ideal body-building tool

With the agility in hitting, elbowing, and kicking Muay Thai martial sport is very suitable as an ideal body-building tool for the perpetrators.

Having known about the BJJ vs Muay Thai related to their advantages, decide the better one for you!