BJJ Vs Sambo: Which is The Best One?

Before we decide which one is better between BJJ vs Sambo, we better get to know both of them separately.

The History of BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)

In 1904, Kano Jigoro, the inventor of Judo in Japan sent 5 of his followers to introduce the martial art throughout the world. They challenge other martial masters in many countries. One of his followers named Mitsuyo Maeda, came to Brazil in 1914.

There is one great battle that took people’s attention. It was when Helio fought the Judo champion from Japan, in which he won. From then on, Helio gained his number of followers. Many people also tried to challenge him, whom all were easily defeated. This is the beginning of the power gain with cheap BJJ gi. After that, Helio inherited this knowledge to his successor.

Gracie Jiu Jitsu or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is known as its simplicity. However, the effect is not simple at all. All the movements were made to create a fatal damage such as bone-breaking and even death. It is also dangerous because we don’t need such a big and muscular man to perform such a martial art. Even a person with small posture can perform it really well, making it well disguised among all fighters.

Self-defense, also known as Jitz, emphasizes the element of battleground fight (floor fight).

BJJ vs Sambo

Now, let’s talk about Sambo. This martial art was invented by Spiridonov, one of the self-defense instructors hired by the NKVD Dinamo created by K. Voroshilov to train the Red Army military at the request of Vladimir Lenin in 1918. This training will then become a new kind of martial arts.

There are five branches of Sambo that have appeared since they were first formulated:

1. Combat Sambo (Combat Sambo)

Combat Sambo is made for the military, including the use of weapons and disarming techniques.

2. Freestyle Sambo

Freestyle Sambo was formed by the American Sambo Association in 2004 to encourage non-Sambo practitioners to participate in the Sambo event (judo and jujitsu practitioners).

3. Martial Art Sambo

Sambo self-defense is about self-defense which teaches practitioners how to defend against weapons and more.

4. Special Sambo

Special Sambo was developed for Army Special Forces and rapid response legal formations.

5. Sambo Sports

Sambo is very similar to judo, which is an important defense for winning.

So, which one do you think is better between BJJ vs Sambo?