BJJ vs Wrestling

BJJ and wrestling have differences and similarities. Because both of them are martial arts so no wonder they are overlapping each other. If you asked which one better BJJ vs wrestling, what will you choose to join? The big difference is about rules and the final goal.

In Bjj, the sequence of the conventional scoring point:

  1. You have to take your rival in the mat

  2. There are two position controls: the first is the guard position involves on the back and leg around the rival and the second position is mount position that is getting the rival.

  3. The scoring point will be given based on those actions because the final goal is submission so that player of Bjj should be fought from the back. It is an acceptable action.

  4. Be sure to wear safety cheap BJJ gi as equipment.

  5. The jiu-jitsu comes from Japanese martial art firstly buy in South American was known as Brazilian jiu-jitsu or Bjj.

  6. This fighting is used for ground fighting techniques.

  7. The first position is to force the rival to give up as the submission holds.

Whereas in wrestling, especially in international competition, the scoring point of conventional sequences is:

  1. Take your rival to the mat and control your rival

  2. While your control your rival from the up position, you have to pin your rival based on the rules the shoulder should be flat on the mat.

  3. When you want to get a scoring point, you have to one of the two above. If a wrestler cannot turn the rival, the referee blows the whistle. The wrestler must go back to the first position.

  4. Wrestling has synonym term with grappling in MMA.

  5. There are two categories of wrestling: the first style of American collegiate and Olympic wrestling. The second one is the submission is oriented with catch wrestling.

  6. The equipment of wrestling is singlet and fight short.

  7. MMA conversation is usually oriented in American collegiate and Olympic wrestling.

BJJ and Wrestling is a wonderful idea to join. There are some benefits that you can get beside mental, confidence, healthy etc. although Bjj vs wrestling almost is told they have similarities in principle of takedown a rival. For example in wrestling you can take down your rival from the neutral position with the strait of working without control on up position first as Bjj there is a submission from the neutral position as leg should be locked.