Brachial Stun Strikes: Does it Work?

One-Punch Knockout Technique: Brachial Stun Strikes

Ever seen those one strike knockouts on youtube? Turns out there is a name for that particular technique which is brachial stun. You probably have seen those happened, and like it or not there is a possibility of knocking someone out by attacking the neck. Is it clean & legal? Obviously not but if it works, it works. Do you want to learn how you can strike to stun using pressure points in the neck to knock out potential attackers? Learn how to achieve pressure point knockouts fast!

What is Brachial Stun Strike?

Any strikes that target the neck and the surrounding areas are basically what brachial stun strike is all about. You can use any type of strikes to achieve the desired result, some people prefer to do neck chop knockout by using a type of karate chop to the neck. You can also use another form of strikes such as kicks and punches. The most important factor to achieve a brachial stun is placement. That is why you often see neck pressure points knockout in youtube from people punching, kicking, or even chopping the necks of the opponent.

Where do you hit the brachial plexus?

The brachial plexus is located on both sides of the neck, halfway between the front and side. Hitting in front or behind the cluster of nerves will hurt, but it doesn’t have the same devastating effect as hitting directly into them – like directly hitting your victim’s brachial plexus would!

How do you strike the brachial plexus?

Towards the front angles with emphasis being placed on pushing towards the carotid sinus

Do neck strikes work?

Although movies make it look like a fun and easy attack, the chop to the side of someone’s neck or severing their spinal cord can be serious business. It may also cause more serious damage if the person is knocked out cold or there is a slip in which you hit a nerve in the neck.

How do you do the brachial stun?

A sharp blow to the side of the neck causes unconsciousness by shock to the carotid artery, jugular vein, and Vagus nerve. For maximum effect, it should be focused exactly where you’re pointing.

What is the brachial pulse?

A brachial pulse can be felt at the inner aspect of one’s elbow before taking an individual’s blood pressure, to determine if they need to use a stethoscope.

Signs of Effective Brachial Stun Strikes

Contrary to popular belief you will not achieve an effective brachial plexus strike by attacking any part of the neck. Attacking the neck, in general, will hurt your opponent but if you are looking to achieve maximum effectiveness you have to target a specific area on the neck in order to one strike anyone and get away as fast as possible. Here are some signs of effective strikes to the neck:

  • Use your palm or knuckles for upper body strikes
  • Use your shin for lower body strikes
  • Aim your strikes to the neck area under your opponent’s ear
  • Use minimal power when practicing
  • In real fights, combine the technique in a striking combination

If you fulfilled most of the signs above chances are you already know how to do brachial stun strikes effectively


Whether you are looking for a technique to have in hand for emergency situations or adding a new technique for you to try in your martial arts classes. The brachial stun strikes techniques is a legit technique that will work if most of the conditions I described in the post is fulfilled. Keep in mind that there is always a risk of injury in any type of technique in the martial arts world, so proceed with caution and always take care of your training partner: Strike hard, strike first, no mercy!