Bruce Lee Workouts and MMA Routines

Bruce Lee Workout Routines and How it Translates to MMA

Bruce Lee was so much more than just a famous kick you all over the place Kung fu action hero. He was extremely disciplined in order to hone his art to perfection for the whole world to see and love. He was always ahead of his time with the latest muscle strengthening techniques. One prime example of this would be his isometric training. He focused on isometric training to increase his velocity and power by working on various muscle groups. The synergy he created from this training made his martial arts appear more like a superhero on the screen.

The Philosophy of Bruce Lee as it Relates to the Present Day MMA

Bruce Lee did not only train his body, but he also was a firm believer in unleashing the power of the mind. He studied psychology as well as philosophy on a college level. He never wavered from his Chinese culture that is very deeply enriched with traditional philosophy. He always made references to water in his interviews with reporters. This is usually interpreted that he meant we should not be so rigid. He stated in one interview, “When you pour water in a kettle it becomes the kettle and when you pour water in a cup it becomes the cup. This shows that the water does not act in opposition to the object it is being poured into but in perfect harmony.

The Icon and His Fighting Style

The very essence of Bruce Lee can easily be translated to Mixed Martial Arts. Every fighter who enters the octagon has to have a rigorous training regimen in order to succeed in MMA. A fighter has to be in the optimal condition physically to last every round with his or her opponent. Bruce Lee adapted his training in Wing Chun and added to his own fighting style Jeet Kune Do. The Way of the intercepting fist does not need embellishments. All you have to do is watch Enter the Dragon and there is where you can see his style on full display.

The Super Hero Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee did reps with different size weights for each part of his body. I know this is still related to his isometric training, but he did each set of reps in a rapid fashion. This is what gave have him more cat-like reflexes than human reflexes. He worked on hand grips for this effect. He nailed a bar to the floor that he could pull up, but this was his resistance training. He even had an exercise to strengthen his core. The fact that he was about 135 pounds and it has been rumored that Bruce Lee’s body was like iron. He was at his peak of fitness about two percent body fat. The way we see mixed martial artist train today is similar to the one-mindedness that propelled Bruce Lee into superstardom.

The Bruce Lee Mindset vs The Mixed Martial Artist Mindset

The top card headliners in mixed martial arts often have great footwork and the ability to land powerful punches in a free-flowing manner. The mixed martial artist does not want to look tight in the octagon. The fighter has to be tough on him or herself to make the sacrifices that are needed for the journey to the top. The rigid regimented diet and constant workout balance with a trainer plus a trusted sparring partner. These aforementioned basics are just the beginning as learning different kinds of holds and martial arts techniques. Bruce Lee used Wing Chun, Boxing, Jeet Kune Do and Chinese martial arts he was a master of his art. He was always mixing his style of fighting to make it more efficient. You can learn more about mixed martial arts at

How would Bruce Lee Aare against the fighters or Mixed Martial Artist of Today

The punches in mixed martial arts are fast and very strategically placed to a specific area of the body for maximum damage to an opponent. The buildup of the damage is what causes an opponent to tap out or for the fighter to get the win by TKO. Bruce Lee’s boxing style had the same goal; maximum damage with very little energy expended. This is why I salivate at the thought of what a fight with Bruce Lee and one of today’s mixed martial artists would look like. I can only imagine how the odds would look in Las Vegas. It would be a sports bettor’s dream and I think it would be billed as the fight to end all fights. It is nice to imagine these types of scenarios to see how Bruce Lee’s workouts so easily translate to the present-day fighters like Conor McGregor or even boxers like Floyd Money Mayweather.

What can the MMA Fighters of Today Learn from Bruce Lee

The MMA fighters can glean from the knowledge of Bruce Lee. The books are still available today with his actual notes about his workout. The detailed notes are meticulously cataloged right down to even who many reps he did per day. There is still so much knowledge to be gained from his work. The mixed martial artist should never underestimate where or how they can refine their skills. When looking to the future sometimes it is a good thing to revisit techniques that are rooted in the past. There is no reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater. I mean to keep the best things you can find an audit the rest.

The Mixed Martial Artists Needs to be an Innovator Like Bruce Lee

If there was a piece of workout equipment Bruce lee needed he would have it custom made. What I am trying to say is to keep the creative mind open with your workout. Bruce Lee was obsessive about always tried to get better. This is something that a beginner, intermediate or pro mixed martial artists can integrate into his or her mantra. This harkens back to the part of his philosophy of we must be like water. I will now put my own take on the water and apply it to my life. We must flow and not become clogged up with what we thought our life was supposed to be, but flow with life as it happens.

Carpe Diem!

We must seize the day and not let the lack of time management cause procrastination. The mixed martial artists must not be an excuse box for his or her shortcomings. It is imperative to acknowledge your own deficiencies in an area so you can concentrate on how to fix the problem. Bruce Lee accepted a fighting challenge from an opponent and he won the fight. The problem that he found was how winded he became during the length of the fight. He noticed it had to be a problem with his conditioning. He zoomed in on the problem and began running more on some days in his workout. The ability to seek a weakness within one’s self is proof of Bruce Lee’s humbleness to know that any fighter could be beaten.

Imagination and Visualization

There is nothing wrong with using your own imagination to see yourself as Bruce Lee in one of his many martial arts movies. Do whatever it takes to help with your visual quests. Please note that many people use vision boards to achieve their goals. Many notable celebs have used this technique most notably Oprah. So we know that visual techniques can be a powerful tool to be utilized by the fighter. This goes along with the teachings of Bruce Lee believing in the power of the mind. The modern-day mixed martial artist must use every advantage to gain the edge over an opponent.

Places Where you can Easily Find Out More About Bruce Lee

There are books on Bruce Lee that are available on the shopping website that everyone knows about. There are countless videos and YouTube channels centered around Bruce Lee. I would also think seeking out his fighting styles could not hurt in the learning process. I would also suggest studying traditional eastern philosophy. Bruce Lee was a well-read man and he had many books and spent time reading them on a regular basis.

Take or Leave It!

When it comes to the puzzle that makes up Bruce Lee one can choose to take it or leave it. The reason for this article is not to persuade you to like or love Bruce Lee. It is for you to see how his knowledge and teachings can be made flesh in your life as a mixed martial artist. this is to take you out of the shallows into the depth of his wisdom. I believe incorporating Bruce Lee into your mixed martial arts life can only be a plus. What do you have to lose?