Darce vs Anaconda vs Ezekiel Choke: What Makes Them Different?

In MMA, BJJ and submission grappling, darce vs anaconda choke is an evergreen topic of debate because of how similar they are in terms of end result, but very different when it comes to execution. Similar notion also applies to ezekiel choke.

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Darce Choke

Joe Darce is an american grappler that “invented” the darce choke. I said that in quotes because the move itself has been in existence long before Joe was born. Old school luta livre practitioner are already familiar with the technique long before the move was named darce choke

Before Joe Darce come along, Milton Veira is the name that comes up when someone is asking the origin of darce (also called brabo) choke. Milton trains with a top Luta Livre player back in the day and he was quite advanced when it comes to applying darce. Milton went on to fight in MMA and joined the Brazilian Top Team in early 2000s

At that time Brazilian Top Team was filled with top tier athletes such as Murillo Bustamante and Ricardo Liborio. Because Milton was in that type environment he was “forced” to be good in brazilian jiu jitsu. Hence his effectiveness in applying submissions, including the brabo choke.

Milton has been able to do both d’arce and anaconda choke in competition. This has also influenced how Rodrigue Noguiera fought in the UFC because both are part of the same team back then.

Subsequently the technique is used by BTT fighters in MMA and grappling, suddenly the move becomes viral and Milton was often looked at as the inventor of the move, something that was later refuted by the Luta Livre association because the first ever to popularize darce/brabo choke is a Norwegian by the name of Björn Dag Lagerström.

There was no party to blame here, both Milton and Björn are influential on why the move was popular, but Björn is the first one to hit it consistently in competition and afterwards the knowledge was spread in a lowkey fashion right before Milton Viera knows about the move.

Thanks to Milton Viera, D’arce Choke is known by another term as Brabo Choke, the name is born when an American grappler named Joe D’arce competed in the 2000s representing Renzo Gracie Academy from New York and was finishing his opponents left and right using the technique

With the amazing accomplishments comes awe from the crowd, an American grappler Marc Laimon named the choke D’arce. The name sticks and began to spread within the submission grappling community, usually people call it the no-gi brabo choke, especially in the west coast area.

See one of the best video instruction on how to do darce/brabo choke from Stephan Kesting here:

Anaconda Choke

The anaconda choke usually happens when your opponent shoot a bad takedown attempt and gets flattened. The scramble that occurs afterwards will make it easy for you to apply an anaconda choke, the most basic setup usually comes for a snap down.

As mentioned above, when someone executed a bad takedown on you. Make them pay and grab their neck, make a figure of four with your arms and sprawl out. You should be able to choke him/her easily if you wrapped your arms around the neck and armpit, the feeling is pretty similar to an arm triangle choke. For better effect make sure to put him/her on half guard to get maximum strangle power. See how Eli Knight does both darce and anaconda chokes here:

Ezekiel Choke

Ezekiel choke is different from both d’arce and anaconda because both your arms are covering your opponents neck instead of the one in-one out for darce and anaconda. This move is popularly used by an MMA fighter named Aleksei Oleinik when he is being mounted (The worst position in MMA). He was able to hit 3 ezekiel chokes from bottom in the UFC. Crazy right? His jiu jitsu must be off the charts..

To execute the technique you will need to wrap your hands around your opponents neck similar to a rear naked choke, make sure to touch your own armpits if you can to ensure maximum strangulation. Here is a great video of how to do the technique:


Besides striving for the same outcome, each choking techniques are very different when it comes to execution. If you want to be a well rounded submission grappler then you have no choice but to learn them all. See you on the mats!

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