Darce Choke – A Techniques and History

In MMA it is known as Darche choke (brabo choke no-gi or choke screw) is a strong head & arm choke usually used on BJJ and wrestling. Another term as an inverted arm triangle.

It may look similar to Anaconda choke and traditional triangle arm (in Japanese called Katagame), the difference on the lock and hand position.

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The History of the Darce Choke

Joe D’arce, an American grappler known for using this technique and Darce was taken from his name. But the fact is that this technique existed before Joe D’arce, namely Björn Dag Lagerström from Luta Livre Esportiva the person who created this technique accidentally.

Before Darce choke, there was another name Milton Veira, a black belt holder BJJ created the Brabo choke technique. By practicing with Jefferson op Jop ’Pereira (same style of jiujitsu) from Luta Livre, Milton studied many grappling techniques. And at the end, Milton took a career at MMA and joined the Brazilian Top. one of the best MMA teams in the 2000s (the early UFC period).

Some of the best grapplers manage the Brazilian Top team at that time, such as Murilo Bustamante, ‘Bebeo ‘Duarte, Ricardo Libório and Zé Mario Sperry. all of the great Jiujitsu fighters at the peak of his career. Milton’s slick submission-oriented style, he placed in great into the Brazilian Top Team.

Milton shows the number of neat submissions for BTT, including No-Gi Brabo Choke and Anaconda Choke. These chokes became famous comprise their fighter Rodrigo Nogueira who was ranked 2 at the time in the UFC heavyweight division.

This technique is used by BTT fighters in the MMA, and finally, new techniques are born. But at that time the president of the Federation Luta Livre (Daniel D’Dane), the press conference, announced that Milton was not the person who created this technique, Björn Dag Lagerström (Norwegian student) had developed this technique in the 1990s.

It was purely an accident process from this position, after studying Anaconda Choke from Dane, he continued to use this Choke in German “TAP” and he defeated 3 opponents.

In 2001 Daniel D’ane returned to Brazil and taught the technique to his teammate at the Renovação Fight Team, where Alexandre Pequeno was trained too. and he showed this technique to Jefferson Pereira, who then passed on to Milton.

The Darce’s Name

Thanks to Milton Viera, Darce Choke is known by another term as Brabo Choke, but an American grappler namely Joe D’arce competed in the 2000s representing Renzo Gracie Academy from New York and studied infamous choke from John Danaher (RGA coach).

After going through several battles using Choke, American grappler Marc Laimon named the choke Joe D’arce. The name began to be known to the public throughout the country, usually people call it the no-gi brabo choke, especially in the west coast area.

The technique of D’arce Choke

The Darce choke technique is used when the opponent is in an inverted arm triangle position, resulting in hampered blood supply to their brain. In this position, you use your arm to close the opponent’s head and arm, so that a triangle will form.

In order to succeed, you figure for your arms and reduce the space for your arms and head, the pressure of your opponent’s shoulders and your arms pressing against the neck of the opponent and hampered blood flow, losing consciousness, tired and give up.

The position of control from Darce Choke is incredible, it can open entries from other positions into attacks. The characteristic of this technique is to pull the enemy’s arm and force the opponent’s posture down. With controls that are more flexible make a lot of options. We will thru the most general setups.

Top Half Guard

The first step to do the Top half guard is to prepare the D’arce choke. when underhooks opponent was weak and do Choke, so your position will be dominant with Whizzer.

  1. Propel your arms if you have a whizzer when you position the underhook, and lower the weight on this underhook so that the strength decreases.
  2. When Underhook was executed, then look at the wizzer arm thru’ shoot underside the opponent’s head. Hold the opponent’s back neck so cannot escape.
  3. When your free arm, strengthen your triceps on the back of the opponent’s head.
  4. Link the Whizzer Arm with your bicep and do the Rear naked choke technique. The hand must rest strongly on the back position of the shoulder.
  5. Focus your weight on the top of your shoulder, and press it with your hand for Choke.

You can see the video below for more details.

Mounted Darce Choke

  1. When knee-on-belly, side-control, or half-guard, your aim is to create space between the body and between their arms. Whenever your opponent prepares for you or digs for an underhook, this is an opportunity for this technique.
  2. Twist your arm deep under the arm and neck. If the Strength out, don’t strain to try to get the Darce choke, nay there’s frequently a start for a north-south choke.
  3. Place your elbows on the ground and hit the back of the head if you can, so you can reach your biceps. Alternatively, when the 3/4 nelson position presses their head tightly for locking the choke. You turn to the hips so that penetration can be maximal. See the video above when rolling your hand to the biceps so that the enemy can be locked.
  4. Use a Choke interlude to minimize you from neglect. If it fails, you can focus your weight on their shoulders and squeeze it.
  5. On Mounted Darce, the opponent usually starts rolling back and kneeling, if they move away, move your hips to be in low-baseball (reverse kesa gatame) then your hips point at the opponent’s feet. At this point, you can mount without getting ensnared. do Choke.

See the video below, Ryan hall completing Darce Choke at the Competition

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