Exercises and Medication to Aid and Treat Bad Snoring

There are many people get the snoring and sometimes they also become a patient just because snoring. The snoring patient is likely to be referred to a specialist for a definite diagnosis and treatment of the condition. Invite someone who knows your sleep habits in order to describe the symptoms more thoroughly. Find out the history of health and also any medication that has ever been consumed. Doctors will ask about these things in addition to evaluating perceived symptoms, as well as performing a physical examination.

The Medication to Aid and Treat Bad Snoring

Investigations, such as CT scans, X-rays, and MRIs may also be performed to check structures that affect airflow disruption. Examination of sleep patterns and sleeping habits of the patient may provide other information that the doctor needs, as in the polysomnography procedure that will observe brain waves during sleep. Polysomnography will also analyze the levels of heart and respiratory rate, sleep stages, and movement of the eyes and feet.

Snoring can be very influential to the life of the patient, as to the spouse or those around him. In addition to disturbed and reduced sleep time, some risk of snoring complications that may develop, namely:

  • Excessive sleepiness during the day and difficult to concentrate.
  • Experiencing more frequent frustration or anger.
  • High blood pressure, heart, and stroke disease.
  • Increased risk of traffic accidents or while operating heavy equipment, due to lack of sleep.
  • Behavioral disorders in children with sleep apnea obstruction, such as aggression and learning disorders.

One cause of snoring is habit or lifestyle, such as consuming alcoholic drinks, especially at bedtime, smoking, and staying up that causes sleep deprivation. Prevent snoring with the following steps:

  • No sleeping on your back.
  • Try to sleep by elevating the head of your bed as much as 10 cm.
  • Try to get an ideal sleep time of 7-8 hours per night. Bedtimes can vary in children and adolescents, ranging from 10-12 hours.
  • Not taking sedatives and alcoholic beverages at bedtime can suppress the central nervous system, causing the throat muscles to relax, and block airflow.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Routine exercises to help strengthen the neck muscles and prevent airway constriction.
  • If nasal blockage occurs, try taking medication or using decongestant sprays according to instructions and no more than three days except by prescription. Steroid spray to treat severe blockages can be obtained by prescription.
  • Use a special cushion that holds the head and neck while sleeping so that the airflow is not blocked.
  • The snoring patient may suggest or provide a partner or a person around him a pair of nasal congestion, installing a soothing sound or background music. As a tip, try turning on the fan to cover the snoring sound.

The Best Exercise and Medication to Aid and Treat Bad Snoring

Many people are still struggling to get the best exercise and medication to aid and treat bad snoring. So, here some exercises you can do to treat your bad snoring:

  • Do aerobics every day, even if only 5 minutes. Snoring is also caused by most of the fat that covers the neck, so you must achieve the ideal weight to eliminate snoring.
  • Do the exercise by opening your mouth while pressing the molars as far as your ability to stretch? Do this exercise 3-5 minutes. Focus on your molars, keep bringing together while lowering your jaw.
  • Pull the tongue out as far as you can. Keep it in a straight position. Then, move the tip of the tongue to the left and right of the tongue as far as you can. Move your tongue up and down like trying to touch your nose and chin. Do it 10-20 times.
  • Perform the entire muscle of body and face by imitating the lion’s position that is like a rebellious attitude but both hands rest near the second thigh. Then do the push-pull movement of the tongue for 1-2 minutes.
  • Wrinkle your face, then put your lips. Hold the position for 5 seconds, then loose and pour back. Do it for 5 times.
  • Get the tip of your upper teeth and lower teeth, open your mouth and smile as wide as possible for 5 seconds. Do it repeatedly because this exercise is very effective to stop snoring.
  • Then open the mouth as wide as possible, close slowly until all parts of your lips are really touching and meeting. Repeat 5 times.
  • Take a pencil long enough, bite the tip of the pencil hard but do not make your teeth hurt. Hold for 5 minutes because this exercise is useful to train the muscles of the jaw, lips, throat to the ear.

What to Do Besides Exercises and Medication to Aid and Treat Bad Snoring

To prevent snoring, you can get some exercises. If you already have a bad snoring habit, you can get some medication from doctor. But it will be better for you to prevent before your snoring getting worse.

  • Throat exercise

Every day, for three minutes, the tip of the tongue is placed behind the upper teeth, then pushed toward the back. When done, raise the lips for half a minute. Open the mouth, jaw movement to the right and left respectively half a minute. With your mouth open, contract the back muscles of the throat repeatedly half a minute.

  • Do sports regularly

Exercise and sport can also help to stop snoring. Gymnastics tightens the muscles in your throat, which can reduce snoring habits. The National Sleep Foundation and the Help Guide provide the following suggestions.

  • Replace your pillows

Allergens on the pillow can be the cause of snoring. Should replace your pillow every six months to avoid dust mites or other allergens that can be the cause of snoring. Also, do not let your pet sleep with you on the same mattress.

  • Train your sleeping schedule and position

Routine sleep schedules are enough to minimize snoring habits. Raising the four-inch head can ease the breathing and push the tongue and jaw move forward. There are cushions designed specifically to help prevent snoring by ensuring the neck muscles are not wrinkled. It is recommended to avoid supine position, because it inhibits the airway. So, you can get your own exercise and medication to aid and treat bad snoring just by re-arranging your sleep time.


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