Fuji Gi Review


In this post i will list my top Fuji BJJ & Judo gis. Fuji is one of the very few that still sells both Judo and BJJ gear. Most brands only sell one or the other exclusively.

But first of all..

Judo Vs BJJ Gi

Like it or not Judo has been around before the explosion of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as we all know today. Fuji is one of the pioneers in the world of combat sports equipment and they are also one of the first to jump the gun on the Judo hype train and win the market.

Armed with years of experience in manufacturing combat sports equipment, Fuji has the knowledge, capital, and manpower to produce premium Judo products  that rival companies would not be able to compete due to the gap in experience. Like it or not Fuji is one of the oldest brand around since the last two decades.

Even though most people are into the BJJ hype train today, Judo still remains as one of the sought after martial arts all around the world. Many professional MMA fighter comes from a Judo background (Not just Ronda Rousey!). That is why some combat sports brand still offers a variety of Judo related products.

There is a differences on how to market Judo products. Those that practices Judo typically does not like a flashy design or bright colors on their gi, most are old school players unlike the audience in BJJ. That is why you won’t have as many Judo gis with flashy designs and other bells & whistles compared to BJJ gis. This is both good and bad. If you like to stand out from the crowd when doing Judo then it is a bad news, however if you’re one of those people that has an old school mentality when it comes to martial arts then you will be happy since Fuji will have you sorted out.

Best Fuji Judo Gi

Do not expect to find gis with other color variations besides the standard white, blue, and black. However you can definitely see that a newer gi is produced with better material compared to older ones. Keep that in mind when shopping around for a Judo gi

Value: Fuji Judo Gi

This is the Mcdonalds of Judo gis. Everyone that knows Judo from day 1 beginners to 10x world champions will most likely have wore this gi at one point of time. In fact its very common to see everyone using this exact gi with the same colors in beginner classes. No wonder it is the best selling gi in the world ever, it is basically the pioneer of gis in the western world and has been featured in many industry press and blogs. It is basically the Golds Gym of Judo Gi

There is another reason why the gi is the best selling product from Fuji for years besides it is the first of its kind. This gi offers everything you will ever need to have a great Judo practice. It fits well and very comfortable to wear, and the material is one of the strongest one you will ever come across. Obviously it is quite heavy and thick but Fuji gave us something better and that is this will your go to gi for years to come. This is also why you can still find brown/black belts still rocking this gi, it is just that damn tough!

If you’re looking for flashy designs and lots of patches then you’ll probably know that this is not the gi for you. It only comes in the standard colors and design wise the gi is pretty bland. However you have the ability to add patches as you’d like because there’s a lot of empty space on the gi. Pick your poison.

Competition: Fuji Single Weave Judo Gi

This gi is an improvement of the previous Fuji Judo gi. Fuji designs are visible on both the jacket arms and on the left collar side. Material wise this gi has better materials and can withstand more punishment. Coincidentally this gi is lighter and more compact, resulting in better mobility for you and harder grips for your opponent

Value wise this is a bit more expensive but the features basically justified the price increase.

Premium: Fuji Double Weave Judo Gi

As you can guess from the product name. Fuji has improved their Judo product line by using double weave for this gi. Resulting in an improved (again) material durability. Personally i have known some people that still has this gi in good condition even after using it for almost a decade. That tells us the material quality is top notch
Design wise there is nothing new to see here. Fuji even removed some logo from the gi for unknown reasons.
This is the most expensive judo Gi from Fuji and honestly if you have the money you should get this one straight away. How many people you know that own a gi that they have used for a decade? You can be one of those people by buying this gi

Best Fuji BJJ Gi

Value: Fuji BJJ Uniform


Similar to the Judo one. This is the best selling and most trusted BJJ gi in the Fuji product line, praised by many industry publications. This gi is a medium weight, multi layered with thick collars and reinforced stitching designed for durability and comfort. This cotton based gi feels really comfortable and unsurprisingly 100% IBJJF Certified.

Design wise this gi is as bland as it gets with only a Fuji logo on the left shoulder jacket. The gi comes in the standard colors and also pink (yay?). As always you have the ability to add patches or badges as you with but keep in mind if you’re planning to compete in IBJJF tournaments then you should not do that

Value wise this is the cheapest BJJ gi from Fuji that i can find. But in my opinion there are a lot of better options if you’re looking for a good BJJ gi, such as this one from Sanabul.

Competition: Fuji Summerweight BJJ Uniform

This gi is basically the previous gi but on steroids. It improves everything that is already good and add features that are previously lacking. It is also more comfortable when used in hot climates and/or competition

Overall the gi is targeted for competition use due to the fit cut for both the jacket and pants. Shorter sleeves on everything made the gi more compact and harder to grab. The reduced fabric also made the gi much lighter and thin. With the reduced weight you will be able to move more freely and make weight easier (Sometimes you are required to wear gi on weigh ins). Strangely enough this gi is perfect for not only Judo training but also BJJ training because with the shorter jacket and pants it makes the gi multi-functional. Great value for money.

Design wise you should not expect any flashy design besides a few logos and texts. However the gi has a thick collar that is fungal resistant and that is good news for you, your training partner and your coach. No one wants to spar someone with a smelly gi, trust me i know.

Premium: Fuji Suparaito BJJ Gi

As you might have noticed by now, most  gis from Fuji has similar designs. However if you are a true gi enthusiast you will be able to notice premium gis when you see one. The Suparaito is one of those product. This is gi is the lightest of the all the gi with better air circulation for better training and competition experience
Suparaito means super-light in Naruto (Japanese). So do not be surprised if you feel that you can fly when using it. Okay thats a bit hyperbole but you get where i’m coming from.
As i said above when it comes to looks this one is almost similar to any  gis you see from Fuji. But if you look carefully there are some small improvements in the tiny details of the gi. For example stitching on the gi has been improved to give the best mobility and comfort. The pants also features knee pads for those people with knee problems (Looking at a mirror). The pants also has bungee cords to keep the pants secure when training. Don’t want to be the odd guy that touches their pants every 5 minutes don’t you?

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