Heavy Bag Guide: How to Pick One for Boxing or Muay Thai


A heavy bag is a required equipment in any legit gyms all over the world or even for home gyms. It is one of the most amazingly versatile equipment for any type of athlete, improving aerobic & anaerobic fitness, building power and coordination in the core. Punching the bag is a sure way to get rid of any type of frustrations

You have to realize that not all heavy bags are good, so it is very important that you familiarize yourself with different types and brands of heavy bags. Read and reread this complete heavy bag buying guide so you would not pick the wrong choice when buying your first heavy bag

1. Single-Ended Bags

This is the most popular version of a heavy bag. Single-ended bags can move freely because it is only attached on the top (usually referred as free standing bags).

From experiences of many boxers and muay thai athletes, most consider this to be the best all around type of heavy bag. Because the bag will swing but they won’t come back as quick as other types of bags. This allows maximum technique to be executed and you can fine-tune the details of every hit on the fly

If you are looking for a sure thing for muay thai or boxing, this bag will serve its purpose. There is a reason why the bag is the most popular, because it can serve many types of martial arts disciplines without restrictions.

2. Double-Ended Bags

If you guessed that double-ended bags are just single-ended bags that is attached at the bottom, you are correct. The only major difference is that the bottom of the bag is locked on the floor. This is commonly found on gyms with a dedicated heavy bag stand area

Locking the bags from both top and bottom will result in, you guessed it, speed. The double bag will come back faster with any strikes compared to a single-ended bag. Courtesy of the lower straps.

The only reason to use this bag to train for speed and improve reaction time. Most double-bags will bounce to the same position after every strike hence there is less thinking time compared to single ended bag

3. Striker Bags

This bag is very similar to the standard double-ended bags, but instead of straps it uses a heavy base at the bottom that acts as a holder so the bags is secure when being hit. Some striker bags require you to fill the base with sand or water so keep that in mind if you want to try this type of bag. The bag is also very portable since you can just pick it up from the side and set it on anywhere you want.

Striker bags are PERFECT for people who want to work on rhythm and timing, since the speed of the bouncing is more or less equivalent to how powerful your strikes are. It is also ideal for improving precision and accuracy, because you will need to guess how the bag will bounce in real time.

4. Kids Heavy Bags

As you might guess, kids heavy bags are similar to adults-sized bags, only smaller.  A smaller size striker bag can be a great addition to your training facility if you want to work on lower kicks. Also you will be able to carry it around in your gym bag. Only buy this type of bag when you have extra money.

5. Uppercut Bags

This is a specialist bag that is usually used by boxers (clue is in the name). As the name implies, uppercut bags are only suitable for working on uppercuts and other strikes that start at waist level and ends around the chin area.

Uppercut bag is usually mounted horizontally, on a wall or ceiling and they hang around head level. As we can see from the bag design, uppercut bags is not useful for working on your kicks. Specialized bags are incredibly useful only when you want to improve on a specific technique or fighting styles. Obviously this should not exist without the existence of a more “common” heavy bags types

Which Heavy Bag Is Right for You?

At the end of day, you will need to take several factors into account when choosing a heavy bag. Things such as your fighting style and training types are one of the most important thing to consider. If you are a first buyer i would recommend to by a single-ended bag and only add other types of bags when you absolutely need it or just want some variation

If you have some spare money after that, a striker bag might be a wise choice because it is the most portable type of heavy bags. You can look at more specialized bags later because you will be set for a long time by just having a main heavy bag and a secondary striker bag, trust me, i have waster money buying unused bags before.

Quality Matters

After reading this you should have a better idea on how to get your first ever heavy bag. The next step is choosing the bag. I have compiled a list of my favorite heavy bags for you to look at below

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