How To Knock Someone Out Without Hurting Them

How to Knock Somebody Out?: Safe and Unsafe Methods

Ever wondered how to knock someone out without hurting them? I have wondered about that as well. With my limited experience in Boxing and BJJ so far I only knew two ways on how to make someone pass out without hurting them. Obviously, there is no “death” touch and techniques on how to knock someone out without touching them is mostly scam and would not work at all in a real fight. Do you want to learn the ultimate ways on how to make someone unconscious without hurting them? Or just looking for the best way to knock someone out? Keep reading!

What Knockouts Mean

Being knocked out means that a person is not conscious aka not moving at all. Before I knew any martial arts I already knew that when a boxer is lying still on the ground after the 10 counts then he/she was knocked out, I think you will agree that most people associates knocked out with strikes, at least initially.

Technically someone can be knocked out from 4 events

  1. Concussion
  2. Central Nervous System Breakdown
  3. Reduced Brain Blood Intake
  4. Pressure Points Breakdown


A concussion is basically trauma to the brain which usually occurred when you are punched or kicked, basically, when you are hit with anything there is a chance of getting concussed. When the head gets to a certain level of trauma, the brain will shut off and the body will follow after. This is because the brain will bounce around the skull and the brain can bleed and that is possibly the worst thing to happen to anyone. If not treated, a concussion will make the brain have a harder time to function properly.

In terms of injury, this is the most damaging ways of knocking someone out. Concussion will disrupt your health permanently and make your whole life miserable. People that are involved in striking based martial arts such as boxing or Muay Thai will have a higher chance of concussion compared to grappling based martial arts. Even sports such as rugby and hockey is not safe from concussion. Because any sports where contact is permitted will not be 100% safe.

Central Nervous Breakdown

This is basically a different path to a concussion because CNS happens when your jaw is hit strongly enough to make it move from the original place, reducing blood supply to the brain and shut off your body in an instant. This happens very often in boxing or Muay Thai or any striking based martial arts.

But surprisingly a CNS is way safer than a contusion or concussion because you will be knocked out instantly, whereas concussions can happen to anyone without them knowing they are having a concussion in the first place. Be mindful that if you are instantly knocked out often then you will develop a concussion so keep that in mind and rest VERY LONG before even considering fighting again if you just lost by KO. Being knocked out is NEVER healthy.

Reduced Brain Blood Intake

This is by far the SAFEST way to knock someone out because there is little risk of permanent injury. Obviously blacking out and losing consciousness is never fun but when you passed out by a choke most of the time you will be alright. There is no risk of concussion as well which is great to hear

A method on how to knock someone out without hitting them is heavily popularized by Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and the technique used is Rear Naked Choke, which basically choking someone while we are on their backs. This is also one of the few ways on how to knock someone out without them knowing because most people will not know that they are knocked out while being choke, compared to boxing where you can probably see the strike a split second before being knocked out.

If you want to learn more about this method then I highly suggest you learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Because you will learn variations of chokes and you will be capable of ending a fight safely. When people ask: “how do you knock someone out without hurting them?” I usually told them to try BJJ because it is a grappling based martial art and you will know how to knock someone out without punching them. If you decide to do so, see you on the mats!


Pressure Points Breakdown

You are probably wondering how to knock someone out with pressure points. Turns out pressure points can make someone knocked out too. But how to make someone pass out with pressure points?. Great question. Basically, the body has points where it is vulnerable, this is also the reason why you can’t strike the neck directly in most combat sports competition because the neck is full of pressure points and it makes it easy to use pressure points to knock someone out. It might be harder to find pressure points on the body to knock someone out, but pressure points also exist on the body so its not entirely impossible to knock someone out with pressure point.

The best way to learn how to knock someone out using pressure points is to learn Krav Maga. But beware of fake instructors who do not have enough knowledge and pretends he is an expert. You DO NOT want to learn from that guy/girl.



Whether you are looking for ways to knock someone out with or without hurting them. It is a good idea to learn how to do both because in most extreme situations it would not be wise to give any attackers mercy. But if you are in a relatively controlled situation then maybe you can choose the less violent way to knock someone out. Want to learn how to do both? Learn boxing and BJJ simultaneously and you should be able to!

Knocking sombdy out is a huge task & responsibility and you have to be able to do it when you need it. To learn how to do it through the various martial arts that offer striking and/or grappling techniques. When you do so: Strike first, strike hard, no mercy!