How to Remove Tattoos: With or Without Laser

We have all been there before.

You decided to get that shi**y tattoos when you are in high school. And coincidentally the tattoos are permanent.

Now you’re in your mid 20-30s, trying to get rid of the old tattoos to make way for new and better ones (or not, your call).

Sadly, we all know that removing tattoos is not as easy as putting it there in the first place

Tattoo removal is a painful, long, and often expensive process

Because of that, i have compiled a comprehensive list of tattoo removal methods, ranging from those with a high success rate to methods that only work in “younger” tattoos.

Surprisingly, most of the methods do not involve laser (Which is the most painful procedure, but usually the most effective)

So if you have questions such as how to remove a tattoo without laser then you have come to the right place.

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Lets start the list:

Make-up Cover up

If you do not have the money (or courage) to endure a laser tattoo removal procedure, you can look into using makeup to “cover” your bad tattoos. This method sounds obvious but somehow most people spontaneously think about laser removal method instead of this no laser tattoo removal method.

If you want to try this, you will need to get makeups that specifically produced to cover tattoos on your skin. One of the top products in this area comes from the notorious tattoo artist Kat Von D. The makeup is called “Lock-it Tattoo Concealer”.

Overall, a good method to try before resorting to a more extreme measures

Wrecking Balm

On paper this method is meant to be an improvement to the cover-up method, because by using balm we have the chance of removing the tattoos completely overtime. And since this is a similar method to the cover-up, our tattoos will still be covered while using the balm. Sounds dreamy right?

Well the problem is the tattoos will only go away after an extended period of daily use. Not to mention the fact that the product itself is not exactly cheap

Nevertheless this is a valid method on how to remove tattoos without laser

Between the constant need of daily and disciplined use and the price of the product, I would only go this route if you really hate laser


Yes you read that right

Salt can be your best friend when it comes to removing your tattoos

The main idea is, we will use the salt to exfoliate the skin and scrub the tattoos away. The catch is we will have to keep the skin exfoliated for a long period of time in order to effectively scrub the tattoo from the skin, which may lead to permanent skin damage

Only use this method if you have a lot of time and don’t mind the side effects.


Are you joking???

No I’m not, lemon juice can be used as a part of diy tattoo removal that can be done without the aid of laser of surgery

The only thing that will be aiding the lemon is our reliable friend mr sodium also known as salt

This method usually involves mixing the lemon juice with the salt while soaking a cotton ball at the mixed solution. Rub the tattoos you wanted to remove for around 45-60 minutes for maximum effect, afterwards you can wash everything with hot water

Tattoo Removal Cream

What is the difference that tattoo removal cream has that make up and balm do not have?

A tattoo removal cream is usually a mixture of cream that has the best ingredients from make up and balm and combining those into one tube of dedicated cream

Usually tattoo removal cream products will have 3 different tubes containing different creams for each tattoo removal process

First cream is to “prepare” your skin, the second cream breaks into your skin to separate the tattoo particles on your skin, final cream is used to finish everything off and help heal your skin faster


This method only applies for tattoos on your eyebrows.

It is actually not that much different with the cover-up method, but instead of injecting the pigments, a saline solution is used.

In theory the salt should gently extract the tattoos out of your skin without excessive pain and discomfort

The method usually takes around 4-6 weeks

Worth a shot if you have tattoos on your eyebrows.


Ah a sweet edible food, finally.

All jokes aside, one of the best diy ingredients for home tattoo removal is going to be honey.

Prepare a set of aloe vera gel, salt, sugar free yogurt and honey. Mix the ingredients until you get a cream like paste. Make sure to clean your skin before applying the solution to your tattoos.

Possibly the best diy tattoo removal method out there. But sadly this method would not be that effective for permanent tattoos.

How to remove permanent tattoo?

Next method is your answer

Plastic Surgery

If you are desperate and wants to get rid of your tattoos once and for all, one of the best way to do so is through plastic surgery. And yes this is considered a tattoo removal method without laser

Unlike laser, you would not be removing the existing tattoos on your skin, the surgeon would just graft a layer of skin above your bad tattoos

The only downside of this method is the cost, you should expect to pay starting from 1000$/treatment

Laser Tattoo Removal

Finally we meet the king of all tattoo removal

Removing tattoos using laser is the most popular method out there, hands down.

Because the method is in fact very effective.

Laser(s) will be aimed at your bad tattoos to break down the tattoo pigments, overtime you will be able to get rid of your tattoos completely

The downside is you will need to dig your pockets deep and endure several weeks of painful treatment

A small price to pay for clear skin in my opinion


In my opinion the best method of tattoo removal is to not get bad tattoos in the first place, always consult your tattoo artist and double check whether their work equipment and quality is up to your standard

Nothing is more painful than having bad tattoos by not communicating with the person giving you the tattoos

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If the tattoos already in your skin, feel free to choose and try one of the methods listed above and let me know how it goes!

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