How to Wear a Cup for Martial Arts – My First Groin Protector

How to Wear a Groin Protector

If you are looking for a detailed description of how to wear a groin protector in the form of text then you are in the wrong place.

Words won’t do justice so you can just watch this video

Hopefully after watching you’ll be able to use a protective cup to protect your genital area. It is very important that you always bring a groin protector wherever you go, hell bring two if you can. There is no such thing as too much protection.

My First Protector – RDX

I have decided to buy a protector from RDX because of the positive reviews from people using it all around the world. The cup is – in contrast to other groin protectors that I tried – in sufficient dimensions. Nothing slips or cuts into the flesh. About the size: I got the medium one and it fits perfectly. Due to the elasticity of the straps and the fact that a lace is installed on the back which can stretch the protector a bit more, this makes the protector capable of stretching when you need some extra room. So it was an easy decision for me.

I particularly like the higher protection zone direction undercut, and the extra protection for the “my mini me (also known as crotch ?) After using it for more than a year I can safely state that the product is built to last.

RDX product always achieve the balance of quality and affordability. It Sits well and is comfortable to wear and go down deep between your legs. Other protectors, on the other hand, only covers the crotch and it could leave you open for strikes such as low kick to the hamstrings which might steer a bit of course to my crown jewel. Not fun

Here are some more reviews of the RDX groin protector

Very good protection for my crown jewels. Use the deep protection for the sports mma and krav maga. Sits well and fulfills its purpose.

The deep protection fit well and feels its function. Very stable and well made. Easy to apply and take off.

The deep protection is stable, sits very well, looks high quality (not like a slipper insert.) And is simply recommended for all those who want to practice martial arts and still want to become a father.

At first it was a bit unusual to carry it but the cup does not bother at all neither in the fight nor in the sparring.

A very high quality processed deep protection that provides good protection and does not slip during the workout. I use it for the krav maga training and I am a female. Protects much better than any other other ladies protection. My friend uses this too and even very strong punches are not felt.

The deep protection has an excellent price-performance ratio. The protection function, I find very good and the protection goes  all the way to the back. One is also protected against strong kicks.

I need a deep protection for mma and grappling training. First, I made an expensive shock doctor because I thought the money should be worth it. With shock doctor, the cup (the actual protection) is placed in a tight trousers. Therefor is in the matching trousers extra a fold. However, the protection of shock doctor has no proper protective padding and I have thereby broken in the training with op and all the trimmings. Then I looked for an alternative and found this protection and I have to say I never wore anything more comfortable. Of course, the rubber bands disturb one or the other, but the bar is super protected by a very thick and comfortable padding and the rubber bands are quickly forgotten in training anyway. Also similar models like this I tested and nothing could do the same. This thing is absolutely worth every penny.

Super safe and comfortable to wear. It was a little unusual when putting on the first time I have never worn a deep protection before, but the feeling goes away during the training and you hardly notice the protection. Has the wt a few times the “toys” saved. The part makes a high-quality impression, the delivery came quickly and everything went smoothly, would buy any time again at this shop as size I would recommend your underpants.

Bought for my 10 year old son. Brand was recommended by the trainer. But he gets only to christmas. Sample but already used during the training.

Good protection, but not well padded for attackers. Here simply a layer of foam padding between shell and fabric is missing. Participants have hurt themselves on the hard and angular bowl.

Very good and catches even light attacks completely painless, so that you can concentrate on techniques loosely.

Does not sit or slip when it matters. Also good that the saver above is higher than others-which also protects better from fist-bites;)).

I am very satisfied with the protection – use it for mma. Protects the sensitive zone completely until it is under tension. Had even expected a significant heat during exercise, but that’s not the case at all. A slight slippage with certain techniques, especially on the ground, is certainly normal and never led to a restriction of the protection.


Need any more proof? Go ahead and buy a protective cup today and protect your precious while training!