Karate VS Muay Thai for Self Defense & MMA

In this article I would like to talk about the effectiveness of karate vs. Muay Thai.  karate is considered to be one of the oldest martial arts in the world while Muay Thai is widely regarded as the most effective striking based martial arts in the world today. but which one is better for self-defense or an MMA situation? let’s find out more about each martial arts and make our assumptions after that. 

Keep in mind that everything in this post is just personal opinion and if you’re trained in karate or Muay Thai then you are better than 99% of the current population so hats off to you

Let’s take a look at karate first, Karate is known to be originated from Japan and there are many forms of different karate styles, There are around 14 different karate Styles in world  and it would be hard to judge their effectiveness in martial arts in just one post. so let’s take a look at one type of karate style which is Kyokushin Karate. It is considered to be one of the best karate styles because it incorporates full contact sparring,  most of the popular karate Styles only shows kata which means basically just showing off skills against no opponent. that will not be helpful in a combat situation.

As for Muay Thai it is a striking martial arts that  comes from the land Thailand, it is popular as a martial art that incorporates everything to strike,  that is why it is often called as the art of 8 limbs. those that train Muay Thai in a legit gyms or academies will have a considerable Advantage when they are in a combat situation because my Thai teaches you how to punch kit elbow and knee your opponent in effective fashion.  you have seen many fighters from Muay Thai background transition into mixed martial arts.

If we take a look at how fighters from each background performed in mixed martial arts we can clearly conclude that muay thai fighters are The one that produced the most number of top-tier fighters in MMA.  you can see the outlier such as Stephen Thompson and George Saint Pierre but other than that we don’t see Karate fighters often in UFC.

But if we take a look at the  self defense aspect of each martial arts,  what martial arts did just as valuable as self-defense skills and disciplines to be able to overcome  normal people in a street fight situation, someone that learns karate or Muay Thai Stan’s better chance of raining in a fight situation compared to someone with no skills at all,  the problem is both karate and Muay Thai does not include grappling in their training. so if you want to be effective in all areas of combat you will need to supplement the training with another training in martial arts with a  grappling based style. Brazilian jiu-jitsu or wrestling would be ideal.