Laser Tattoo Removal in Fort Worth Texas

Tattoo Removal Clinic in Fort Worth Texas

Are you looking for the best laser tattoo removal clinic in Fort Worth Texas?

Don’t know how much it will cost and which clinic is the right fit for you?

Read more to learn how you can find the best tattoo removal service in fort worth

Why Go to A Clinic?

Before reading this you might already researched ways to remove tattoos by yourself aka DIY, but here are some pros & cons for you to consider

DIY Tattoo Removal

  • Pros
    • Cheap
    • Safe & Pain Free (Depends on the method)
    • Fast (Depends on the method
  • Cons
    • Not Effective
    • Unsupervised by Professionals
    • Fewer “Removal” Methods Compared with Clinic

Clinic Tattoo Removal

  • Pros
    • Several Removal Methods Available
    • 90% Success Rate (Average)
    • Supervised by Professionals
  • Cons
    • Expensive
    • Not Pain Free
    • Treatment is usually 6-8 sessions

How Does Clinic Tattoo Removal Work?

Most clinics mainly use laser to remove the tattoos by “splitting” the tattoo pigments from the skin using high intensity light beam. One of the main machines that is used for this treatment is Picosure, FDA approved in 2012

What to Expect with Laser Tattoo Removal

If you are planning to undergo a laser tattoo removal treatment, you have to be prepared for several things.

First, you have to realize that to remove tattoos completely you have to get multiple treatments, average treatment sessions needed to remove a medium sized tattoo on a shoulder is between 5-10 treatments (Use this as a rough guideline)

Also the quality of the tattoo will also impact the amount of treatments needed to remove it, homemade tattoos usually take fewer treatments than a studio tattoo.

Second, you will experience some pain/tingling sensation in each individual treatment, be prepared to be in mild pain for a couple of weeks.

These are the 2 things you should expect in a laser tattoo treatment in clinic.

Tattoo Removal Treatment Cost in Clinic

In almost any reputable tattoo removal clinic, the method is always going to be laser tattoo removal. The only difference is each clinics might use a different type of machine hence the quality and prices will varies. Some clinics also applies a “size” rule where tattoo removal treatments are split according to their sizes, the bigger it is the more expensive it will be.

Also another thing you should consider is most clinics will price their services for 1 tattoo only. So if you are planning to remove multiple tattoos on different body parts you will need to prepare the extra cash to do so.

The average cost of laser tattoo removal treatment for clinics in Fort Worth TX is:

$39-300 Depending on tattoo size and laser machines


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