BJJ Lifestyle: 11 Signs BJJ Has Taken Over Your Life

After training brazilian jiu jitsu for awhile you will heard some of the students talking about “BJJ lifestyle“.

BJJ lifestyle is a way of life where most of your daily life decisions are influenced by the things you learned and experienced in training brazilian jiu jitsu.

If you feel that you are not yet sucked into the lifestyle, sooner or later you will notice some of the signs that you are living the BJJ lifestyle. Initially i was also living in denial about living a BJJ lifestyle, but after asking the closest people in my circle they told met that i was “different” compared to when i was not training BJJ.

After asking them and some of the older BJJ students, here are some clear signs that you are living a BJJ lifestyle:

1. Acai is your favorite food. Before BJJ you will probably have no idea what acai is, but today it is one of your favorite food. You will have the tendency to eat acai when in a salad bar and that is okay. Acai is healthy (most of them anyway). Just remember to keep your knowledge of where to get dry soda in case you want to cheat

2. Daily Laundry is Habitual. Because BJJ is a sport that requires you to sweat during training (I’m looking at you, chess). When you are deep into BJJ you will be doing more laundry than you ever had in your life. And the sick thing is you don’t seem to mind doing it because you are already halfway into a full blown BJJ lifestyle, besides no one wants to roll with the guy with a stinky gi/rashies. Keeping clean training gear is something you enjoy, great job.

3. Rash guard for life. You began to have more rash guards than normal clothing, trust me it wasn’t that long until i realizes i own 12+ rash guards. Buying normal clothes is just not practical anymore, John Danaher would be very proud of us!

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4. You are generally in a happy mood everyday. Being able to choke people on a daily basis is quite healthy for the mind because you will not be as aggressive as those who do not, and this is very evident in your daily mood. You are known as the “always” happy guy/girl in the office, unless someone is wearing a shirt that says “If Sambo was easy it would be called Jiu jitsu”.

5. You pack BJJ gear everywhere. Most likely at this point you even already have a special jiu jitsu backpack. Even on a vacation to nowhere you always make the space to bring your GI and rash guards. Because you have done the research and there is a BJJ club near your hostel so that’s why! Training is priority for you, even on a honey moon (Hopefully your spouse does not mind).

6. Hickeys (Bruises) everywhere. You are very comfortable hurting other people and being hurt yourself, this will be very clear for other people when they see the bruises all over your body. Strangely you develop the habit of not taking it seriously because you get those very often. Kudos for being happy when being hurt (Not talking about heartache obviously).

7. Technique videos are breakfast for you. You will start to watch more BJJ videos rather than movies or even hearing music. Your facebook and instagram feed are full of people in the BJJ circle (Including but not limited to sexy BJJ girls). You will also contemplated to buy expensive BJJ instructional from BJJ Fanatics or Digitsu. You will do everything that you possibly can to stay updated on the latest BJJ nuances. Just make sure to also keep a BJJ training journal so you can track progress easily

8. You start lecturing your friends when watching fights. Whether it is grappling or MMA you start telling (lecturing) your friends about what both fighters should in the grappling departement. You are the annoying friend that always tried to be the best when it comes to commenting fights, and you don’t have a problem with that

9. You know the who is who in the BJJ community. You took pictures with NAGA and ADCC competitors when you meet them. Eddie Bravo and John Danaher is more of a Jesus to you compared to the real Jesus. And when that happens you have to realize that you are already very deep in the BJJ lifestyle.

10. You start contemplating going pro. After doing well in local tournaments you will start having aspirations in going pro and making a living through BJJ. You started creating exit plan from your current job and comparing your current income with “potential” income from BJJ sponsorships. When you are at this level YOU ARE BJJ LIFESTYLE, especially if you do the next step.

11. You started taking “special” supplements. In order to compete at the highest level of BJJ you will need some “extra” help, that is why you are taking some “special” supplements when you are training and go cold turkey when you are not training, and yes i am talking about steroids. Unless you are Lachlan Giles.

If even one of these apply to you then you can be pretty assured that you are one step closer in living the BJJ lifestyle and strangely you are very welcome to the change, see you on the mats!