The Best Mental Exercise for Brain Health You Must Know

Best mental exercise for brain health will really be beneficial and informative for anyone. Not only will it enhance your brain health, it will also keep your brain healthy. Today, many young people have experienced problems such as forget that often happens until dementia occurs. Dementia is a weak memory that is commonly experienced by people who already elderly. However, lately senile can also occur in young people and young people. People who experience Short Memory Syndrome are generally equated with dementia or dementia that often occur in elderly people. Short Memory Syndrome is caused by a decrease in memory so that the patient loses the information that should be recorded in his brain memory.

Although the problem of dementia at a young age like this looks worrisome, but you do not need to worry too much because in fact senility at a young age can still be prevented. We can prevent the occurrence of senility at a young age by improving the daily diet and multiplying the consumption of nutritious foods. Avoid consumption of foods containing MSG is a good way to clear blood flow to the brain for the sake of maintaining the power of our memory. Also avoid consumption of junk food and foods high in fat and cholesterol. Fat and cholesterol will inhibit blood circulation to the brain. And do not forget to exercise regularly such as walking or gymnastics to reduce bad cholesterol levels in our body. You can consume berries, egg yolks, coffee, fish oil, beans, beets, and vegetables to enhance your brain performance.

in addition to eating healthy foods, you also have to diligently exercise. Brain exercise is useful for preventing dementia from coming sooner than it should be. The brain itself consists of two parts, the left brain and the right brain. The left brain is useful for analytic issues, including those that govern our daily conversations. Meanwhile, the right brain function is to organize things that are creative, like art. Everyone has a more dominant part of the brain. Training both parts of the brain, as mentioned, can prevent dementia or senility. How to train your brain?

Best Mental Exercise for Left Brain Health

To keep your left brain healthy and well-functioned, you can do some exercises below. You can do it in your spare time, or you can do it with a regular schedule. These are the brain exercise you can choose from:

  • Playing crossword puzzles

Because the left side of the brain controls the analytical process, crosswords and similar brain teasers is an effective exercise to keep the left brain active. Crossword with themes also helps to refresh the brain. In addition, sudoku also includes a good tool.

  • Learning to count

Math and puzzle games other counts are good exercises for the left side of the brain. For these first two points many books or resources from the internet can be used for practice. Do not forget, if you want to apply for a job or go to school, sometimes required IQ tests in which there is also a matter of calculations. Familiarize the brain working on mathematical puzzles to help the left brain accustomed to thinking fast and analytical based on logic.

  • Get used to writing

It can also help improve the activity of the left brain because it requires the use of words, sentence structure, and spelling. Writing may not be boring in certain ways, such as creating journals and blogs. Often hanging out in forums also helps the left brain get used to writing comments. In addition, you can write articles for magazines, newspapers, or websites. Joining a social network, like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram also helps you get used to forming good sentences and paragraphs.

  • Do a regular reading

Reading can flex the muscles of the brain, either light reading (such as comics or magazines) as well as readings for information. According to the study dr. Nikolaos Scarmeas in 2001, reading can help build a ‘cognitive reserve’ to delay the onset of dementia.

  • Learn a new language

Learning new skills that require analytical skills, such as learning a new language are useful in adding skills while still sharpening the brain. By learning a foreign language will activate a part of the brain that has not been used since you started talking. The use of multiple languages could increase your blood supply to the brain, so you can maintain the healthy nerve connections.

Best Mental Exercise for Right Brain Health

Now, to make it balance, you also need to do the exercise for your right brain. If you get some serious exercise for your left brain, you can do something enjoyable for training your right brain, such as:

  • Painting

If you cannot paint, it should not be an excuse for you not to do it. It does not matter how clever we draw. Whatever you draw is a good exercise for the right brain. Drawing is a way to visualize things. If you’re wondering what to paint, try starting with painting the scene, drawing a bowl of fruit, or trying to draw an abstract.

  • Play a strategy game

A strategy games like chess, monopoly, or other computer games, will use the right brain that can help you to think more creatively. The game of building a city, economy, taking care of defenses, and utilizing natural resources is a good game of exercising the right brain because you need to think and harmonize those things at once.

  • Singing

Singing is not really related to right brain performance. But singing can help you see everyday problems in different ways. Solving problems is the right brain function, so singing about the problem you’re facing can help you get it done.

  • Learn a new skill

Just like the left brain, it is necessary to learn something new to hone the right brain. You can start with reading things you’ve never known before, like about aromatherapy. As you study, connect what you learn with what you already know, so you can see everything from all sides. You can also learn how to paint, sculpt, play guitar, or play a piano.

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