5 Most Effective Martial Arts for a Street Fight

Looking for the most effective martial art? This topic has been around since the creation of mankind, because since the beginning of time humans are required to defend themselves from dangers. Knowing and mastering a martial art will increase the likelihood of surviving dangerous and violent situations. So what is the best martial art for street fights?

Common Street fights Situations

Street fights can happen anywhere, however often times you will be faced with multiple attackers instead of just one, this type of situation will make street fighting styles very different than conventional martial arts. There is no referee and/or disqualification in a street fight. The fight only ends when either the attackers or you are uncapable to fight anymore, and yes that includes death. Finding out the most effective martial arts for street fighting is not easy because there are so many effective martial arts out there.

What is the Best Street Fighting Style?

The best street fighting style would be those that incorporates all aspect of fighting such as strikes, grappling, and submission (both from top or bottom). So the best fighting style for street fight is a combination of martial arts instead of mastery of a single one

Here is my top 10 list of the best martial arts to learn for street fighting. Aim to be knowledgeable in at least two of them and you will be able to defend yourself adequately when needed:

Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a martial art that is originated from Israel, it is commonly used by military forces as their main close quarters combat method of fighting. Krav Maga combines weapons with unarmed combat to maximize chance of survival in real fights. The objective of Krav Maga is to subdue the opponent by any means necessary. This includes biting, spitting, eye gouging, and groin shots. Nowadays Krav Maga is popularized as the premier self defense martial arts for the masses. It is very easy to access information about Krav Maga both online and offline.

Should You Learn Krav Maga?

Yes. Krav Maga is by far the easiest martial arts that you could learn from rather quickly. It is very easy to find legit Krav Maga instructors by searching the internet or just looking for the nearest Krav Maga classes. However, Krav Maga lacks the structured training approach that other martial arts provides. Often times there are no clear progression of techniques in Krav Maga, classes are consisted of drilling several techniques in specific dangerous situations with no repeat in the next classes. To be efficient in Krav Maga you need to train the movements daily and make them a habit


Muay Thai & Kick Boxing

This is the martial art that you should learn if you prefer to defuse hostile situations as fast as possible, because Muay Thai and Kick Boxing are martial arts that are designed to inflict the most damaging strikes to attackers. The only differences between the two is each martial arts emphasizes several types of strikes, Muay Thai prefers elbows and knee strikes while Kick Boxing predominantly use kicks and straight punches. Muay Thai also provides clinching techniques, clinching is a situation where you are controlling an opponents head using one of your arm and striking him/her with your other limbs. Both martial arts are the best martial arts to learn striking.

In my opinion both martial arts are better than just learning boxing. Because even though boxers probably has the most powerful punches, there is only so many different punches to learn. And if we’re fighting on the streets there is no telling where the fight can go and how your opponents would strike, by learning more striking techniques in Muay Thai or Kick Boxing you will stand a better chance when hostile situations arose

Should You Learn Muay Thai & Kick Boxing

100% Yes. This is the best martial arts to combine with other martial arts that is focused on grappling. By learning any of the martial arts you will be able to strike efficiently and with power, combine that with the knowledge of grappling from BJJ, Judo, or wrestling and you’ll probably won 99% of any street fights you’ll ever com across.


Judo is a grappling based martial arts with an extended origin from Japan. This is one of the oldest martial arts in the world and rightfully so. There has been numerous judo masters that has proven themselves capable of winning street fights easily, due to the brutal training that Judoka endures. Judo players are notorious for effortlessly slamming other people, a very useful technique in street fights. Judo also taught how to control your opponent on the ground, perfect of one-on-one fight situations.

Should You Learn Judo?

Only when BJJ is not available. Even though Judo is a grappling based martial arts that could give you many knowledge about how to grapple against another human being. It lacks a VITAL component of fighting that is just not acceptable in a street fight situations. So unless you are already practicing Judo then it might be best to learn other grappling based martial arts.

Mixed Martial Arts

Famously known as MMA, Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sports in the world today. Originated form a no holds barred fighting tournament organized by the UFC in 1993. This is the martial arts that teaches you all aspect of fighting. Striking and grappling are both equally important, that is why this is considered to be the best martial arts to learn.

Should You Learn MMA?

Yes. MMA is basically Krav Maga on steroids without the dirty techniques. You will learn the most important martial arts techniques by studying MMA. However this is a hard martial art because it demands a lot of physical strength. If you are on the weak side of the spectrum, you should consider the next option.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Widely knowns as BJJ, this martial arts is the root of how MMA was created. Back in the no holds barred UFC tournament Royce Gracie beat everyone he faced that was using other form of martial arts. The result of the event was so eye opening to many people around the world and since then BJJ has been a mainstay in combat sports. By learning BJJ you will learn how to grapple and submit untrained fighters easily, which is basically what the average person really needs.

Should You Learn BJJ?

YOU HAVE TO. BJJ is the most convenient and effective martial arts. Of course MMA is more complete and will teach you how to strike effectively. But considering the many aspects of MMA, some people might find it hard to develop adequate progress in every aspect of MMA. Where in BJJ all you need to learn is how to grapple while standing or on bottom. Far easier than MMA but really effective compared to other marital arts.


We live In a world where various types of martial arts can be used In a street fight. The best approach would be to choose the most effective martial arts that you can learn conveniently. You do have to take into account several factors such as weight & height to make your expectations much approachable. In terms of effectiveness BJJ is without a doubt the most useful martial art street fight to learn for the everyday person.

BJJ will teach you how to gain dominant position while grappling, also how to escape from a bad position. Both scenarios are important and will determine who would win in a street fight or even a sanctioned fight. BJJ also does not discriminate, any gender, body type, height, and weight. So learn BJJ now!