My Honest Hypnotik Gi Review

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has experienced significant increase in popularity all across the globe. With the more mainstream the martial art has become, interest and demand for BJJ gear such as gi’s and rashguards is experiencing the same rapid increase. More people rolling means more people will be searching for top notch gi’s that can endure the years of hard training of BJJ and also look good as well. Not just good, but different and unique.

A company has risen to meet those demands and be the premium source of quality martial arts gear, especially in the eyes of BJJ practitioners. That company is Hypnotik, the company is now notorious for signing top quality athletes to represent their brand, one athlete in particular stands out above other since it is none other than Gordon Ryan. But Hypnotik does not rely on branding alone because from personal experience using their gis, i could confidently say that Hypnotik takes everything to the next level when it comes to their product quality, every Hypnotik gis that i owned is proven to be tough, durable, and also stylish. The first time i used the gi in class i received nothing but praise.

It is a really nice feeling to wear a Hypnotik gi because coincidentally most of BJJ friends are using other brand of gis that is not even original because it is most likely a replica (Yep you heard me right). I personally feel that you should spend a few dollars more to get the best original quality gis in your price point because you will most likely used it for years so better to get a sure thing than gamble on defective products.

Best Hypnotik Gi Reviewed

With their exclusive approach to products. Hypnotik has been in the radar of 10th planet Jiu-jitsu and Hypnotik has sponsored many athletes from the camp. Hypnotik also sponsored current and former MMA fighters in the UFC or Bellator, notable fighters such as Anthony Birchak, Gegard Mousasi, and Anthony Smith are one of the few that Hypnotik has sponsored

I will update this post whenever i received more Hypnotik gis, check back every so often in case i have reviewed more products from Hypnotik

Budget: Hypnotik Standard BJJ Gi

This is one of the most stylish and unique gi in an entry level price point, it can even  be compared with premium models created by other gi companies.

First things first the gi is 95% pre-shrunk so you do not have to guess the correct size for your height and weight because you are afraid of the gi suddenly shrinking. 90%+ pre-shrinking gis are normally a spec for more expensive gi models. Most basic gi shrinks considerable after a few wash in the machine

Jacket comes with 550 GSM high tech pearl weave, a feature that usually only exist in higher end gis. Both jacket and the pants share the same level of quality, with 360 GSM for the pants. If you do not know what those specs meant, it means that the gi will be comfortable AND durable, the only way a gi should be.

Of course the gi is just “standard” when it comes to looks, which is good news for those who want a low profile gi. But if you are someone that needs a gi that stands out among a crowd of standard gis, you might need to look for other products in the lineup

Competition: Hypnotik ProMax 550 Competition BJJ Gi

I just recently bought 2 of this gi because of the black friday deal from Hypnotik and i can’t wait for it to come (I will update the post with a picture then). Here are my thoughts on the gi after using it for awhile:

This gi as the name suggested is designed for competition. The gi is advertised as a “cut and fit” because of the more tailored and tapered fit of the gi, leaving little to no slack with our body. The pants are also shorter and more “fitting”, same thing goes for the arm sleeves that features more compactibility. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a game of grips and that means the less you give to the competitors to hold on to, the better. Promax 500 will give you the advantage you need for competitions while also ensuring that your gear would not be disqualified from the competition before it has even started (This gi is also IBJJF legal).

Gi’s for competitions are almost always lighter than other types of gi’s and this is also the case for the Promax 500. It ensures that you would not be the smallest guy in your weight class because most of the competitions require a weigh in with a gi.

There are 3 colors for the gi which are white, blue and black, it has 12 different gi size so you will be able to find your size easily. Be aware that the safest color option to choose when you are planning to use the gi for competition ONLY is white. Some gyms forbid blue and black hence safest option is white

Premium: Hypnotik Project 004 Mifune Gi


Hypnotik offers 3 different product tiers, and if you are looking for flashy designs with best fabric material, you should look into their premium product tiers. This will also mean that an increase in price should be expected because a quality premium gi will be extremely tough and better conditioned than lower tiered products. The Hypnotik Project 004 Mifune Gi is one of those premium offerings that I personally owned

If you want a gi that is going to stand out between a sea of gi’s, then the Mifune Gi is an appropriate choice, Available in white and steel grey color, each models feature a design that is inspired by the legendary film maker Toshiro Mifune.

The design of the Mifune seems to be both busy and stripped down depending on the angle you’re looking at it from. The front is pretty much void of design work. The Hypnotik symbol is embroidered on each arm, and the brand name is outlined in large text on the back. The pants have Hypnotik spelled out in embroidered font along with the symbol on the left front and the back of the right leg. Red side vent trim and contrast stitching complete the look. On the inside, a coolmax liner with a magic eye style design runs along the shoulders, and the theme is carried over to the branded seam tape. The Mifune comes in 9 sizes so it shouldn’t be too difficult find one to match your body type.

Like most of other Hypnotik lineup, the jackets runs a little longer than average. The Mifune Gi jacket length comes in about 4 cm longer compared to other brands. So if you’re a little shorter for your weight and you’re in between sizes like me (i’m 5’9 160 and i should have got A1L instead of A2), I’d go down rather than up. This gi has the usual armpit, side vent and pant reinforcements along with triple stitching throughout the major stress areas. The Mifune is an excellent mix of durable construction, comfort and design. You might not be a legend, but at least your gi is named after one.

The gi is currently priced the same as a standard gi and in my opinion you should buy one as soon as possible because Hypnotik are selling this gi for a limited time only, do not hesitate to buy because I do not think you will regret the decision

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