How to Relieve Mental Stress with Martial Arts

Everyone will surely have ever experience in having stress. It sounds such a common thing happen to each of us. Unfortunately, that common thing can be such a dangerous illness, especially in some cases and certain dosages.  Harmfully, having stress may lead some people to get suicide by themselves.  So terrible, isn’t it? Stress will be a feeling that makes you just like do not have desire to survive. In conclusion, we have to immediately find the solution! Don’t let the stress gnawing your life! Then, you must have a question, so what and how? What kind of solution effectively getting off our stress? And how it works? That is why this article will be helpful for you, anyone who badly need the answer to make their stress go away. This one will be an alternative in cutting off your stress. It is martial arts. How come? So let me show you how to relieve mental stress with martial arts.

It is important to note that there are many factors that can influence someone’s stress levels. Consuming junk food is one of the thing that could induce stress. Changing seafood into healthier options such as coconut keto cookies is a great first step towards reducing your stress.

Knowing more about Martial Arts

A research which conducted by some psychologists have been found that having training in martial art has a positive effect in lowering the aggression and hostility. In addition, compared to any other sport, martial art may improve the positive outlook and the levels of self-esteem. The most wonderful things are you can say good by to your annoying stress and having training in handling yourself both mentally and physically. Those things will be enough to have your life happily.  So, let us start! These are the things you need to do to have martial arts in cutting your stress effectively!

Choosing a kind of martial art!

There are so many kinds of martial art that existed in around the world. So, it is recommended to make sure that you choose one of them by considering your needs. First thing you have to do in having a proper decision is having much in reading some kinds of martial arts with its differences, advantages, and the philosophies.  Afterward, have a sufficient time in trying some of choices. Doing some trials of martial art in different types make you experience kinds of martial arts in order to have a feel for the one, which you enjoy doing it the most. Then, just focus in one kind of martial arts that likely most decreasing your stress relief, totally, it depends on your needs. However, to simplifies your decision in having a kind of martial arts which suit to your needs, just choose one of them; either hard style or soft style.

As its name, hard style insists you in striking and blocking by using various combinations. It depends on the specific types of hard style. You may find some of types focus on precision and speed, while others may focus on toughness and power. Having training in hard style will need a lot of time exercises with padded, target, and inanimate. Meanwhile, if you decide to have the soft style, you have to concern in throwing and grappling. Mostly, it focuses on receiving attacks, while some other types concern in wrestling. The most different thing compared by hard style is that in Soft Style training, it just involves lots of time which are spent with your partner of exercise.

In other hand, as we know that martial arts cannot be separated from traditional culture, so you also have to choose which culture of martial arts you want to practice. You may be familiar with Japanese martial arts, as its presence in many movies and television programs as well as Chinese, with its unique and attractive styles. You may also find Korea, Philippines, and there some schools of traditional European Martial Arts. Each culture has its own style and focus. They emphasize on some different aspects of exercising, as well as different visions of its purpose, in leading to be a good person. So, you have to know them well, one by one culture to decide.

Have you decided the culture, join in a specific group? Every group has each tradition which represents their goals. Some of them may be highly competitive, the students will be compared and forced to have improvement. While other groups are more supportive with its great compassion for any mistakes the students do. As well as the tradition, the technique that is used in each group may be different, even in some cases, there just a little bit difference. As we know that there is no one can teach equally in every aspect, in some group, you may find some things are taught more, while in other less.

To do that thing, having a specific group, you can have a visitation first. Do not feel enough to just reading the profile in a booklet or web sites. If it is possible, do not hesitate to join the activity directly. Having real experience in the class will surely help you to decide whether you want to join that class or try to find other classes. But, you may find some classes that do not allow the visitor to join the activity directly. I think this aspect will be a good point to consider the decision, it is better to choose the class that allows you to enjoy the exercise. Even you are not available to join at that time, just be respectful. Sitting and watching the class in a site that students do not realize your presence, so you will see the class runs naturally.

Traditional Martial Arts


Originally, it is Japanese martial arts. However, Jujitsu has been replaced to Judo in Japan. Then Brazilians made some modifications slightly. They produce many masters of great skill as well as Judo, but Jujitsu is slightly more aggressive. The students will learn chokes sooner and joint locks in their training.


Judo which comes from Japan is well known more as a sport than as an art. Judo is derived from Jujitsu, a combat orientated. You will learn about throwing and pinning of your partner. In higher level of training, you will be taught about joint locks and chokes, even they are omitted in the first several ranks of class.

Tai Chi

Coming from Chinese, Tai Chi combine both elements, hard and soft styles. But, Tai Chi is recognized primarily for its soft elements. Internalized training is used as the basic training of tai chi. It is merely an exercise with fully power training. That thing makes many people enjoy so much, and never try to find other style.


Wrestling as the Greek product is widely used in some high school athletics in European and European descended countries.


As well as Judo, Aikido comes from Japan. Its founder, Morihei Ueshiba described aikido as a method that transforming conflict into harmony. Receiving attacks is the focus of training by redirecting the energy into either a drop or a throw. Joint locks are also used in this training. Combat s not intended in this training, the technique which is used is a philosophical metaphor of the  way of life.

Other styles of martial arts you may choose are karate, taekwondo, boxing, and kung fu. So, just try to find any information about each style and make a decision which style you want to practice.

Stress response

If you have done the first step; choosing the type of martial art that suits to your needs, recognizing the stress response should be noticed. It is used in assessing the influence martial arts training toward your stress levels. It is important to know the stress response. Some of responses following the training are fairly common in a person who is highly stressed. So you have to realize whether the stress response positively or negatively. These following steps will help you to clarify the stress response of your martial arts.

  • The changing of your level of oxygen. If you have less oxygen it may influence your reactive brain and conscious brain. That will cause some effects such as , increase in emotions memory failure, loss of logic, mental blanking, narrow the attention and cause to be edgy.
  • The increasing blood sugar levels which results sugar cravings, jelly legs, and sometimes you may have heartburn
  • Increasing body temperature which potentially causes fainting, dizziness, increased hearing and seeing ability, hot flushes and sweating
  • Feeling paralyzed, stomach knotted, and changing voice
  • Increasing the heart rate and blood pressure, in some cases the blood going to the muscles
  • Other long-term changes which is able to damage health.

Learning Zen

Zen Buddhism is a belief system that is often paired with martial arts training. It is such kind of a mindset that is so beneficial to maintain. This technique is able to eliminate your stress. Zen teaches us to just focus on the moment we have, so just follow the flow.

Having daily meditation to help you more relax

Forgetting the needs of yourself is taught by Martial arts and Zen. By doing martial arts, you will less worried about something which is “what if” by focusing only on the now you do and have and become more confident in everything you do.

Enjoy the process

You do not need to comprehend the training in fast. Something that commonly happen in the beginner, they have a big desire and tendency to learn and comprehend the technique. Try to catch up with others, and giving the best performance from the beginning. As the result, the movements are too fast with its poor posture and having difficult to control the motor. You need to enjoy your process of practice patiently. Then, you will find that your movements will become more confident and slower, and getting improvements in your posture, having greater motor control and also mental mastery. Those outcomes will surely help you in eliminating your level of stress. In other hand, it may result confidence and decrease your fearfulness. That will give you greater power of positive thinking. So you will cope with your stress and lessen the impact of stressors in your life. The more you master your body’s responses, the more stress will go away.

Face your fear calmly and logically

Having martial arts insist you to face your opponent. So you may be confronted by a feeling of fear-evoking situations either physically or mentally. For some beginner, this may become so annoying condition. However, it will be a good thing to do regularly.  Facing the same condition regularly will make you being ‘common’, then you will be able to alleviate your internalized fear. Moreover, it will help you face your fear, such as a feeling that you are not confident enough, not safe, or that you are unable to defend yourself. Coupled with the training, the learner will know how to respond effectively. Thus, it will begin to reduce the levels of your anxiety as well as learning in how to respond calmly and logically.

In some cases, whenever we are afraid of something bad that happen to us, even it still does not happen yet, because of your inability in defending yourself, stress will make it worse. So, having training in martial arts will help you to give a confidence that even if something bad will happen, you will have had an experience how to cope it and how to defend yourself both physically and mental clarity.

It will totally different to someone who do not experience any martial arts, they will prefer to avoid any conflict. Unfortunately, that thing may increase your level of stress. It is because the feeling of inability in coping the stressor which are existed around you. When you live with a feeling of not being safe, the skill of martial art will surely help you to deal the conflict much better. In other case, a fight may be faced by someone. Then you do not need to be worry to cope the fight with your skill of martial arts. By having martial art, you can enjoy the rest of your life without any worry.

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