Sleep Apnea and Weight Gain : Prevent Both With This Program


Why Sleep Apnea Will Make You Bigger (In a Bad Way)

Many people do not think that getting enough quality rest is an important part of their life. Especially with the modern moniker of “Work Hard, Play Harder“. While in reality giving your body enough rest is probably the best thing that you can do to maintain your health, Why? Because when you give your body adequate quality sleep, the body will be able to repair itself better compared to rushed sleep. And quality sleep will help you focus more when you are going about your day

If you are currently experiencing sleep apnea or similar sleep disorders, you will have a harder time in getting enough quality rest, that will cause you to have reduced energy and focus throughout the day. The last thing you want to do when you do not have energy and focus is exercising. And guess what will happen if you do not exercise regularly? You will gain weight and continue to do so if you do not take care of your sleep disorders.

Not only reducing energy and focus, losing quality sleep has potential to do more damage to your body organs and immune system. While we are sleeping, various types of hormones are working to regulate and maintain normal bodily functions such as how and when you will feel hungry. When you do not have enough rest time those hormones will not produce the best result, hence you will feel that you need to eat more and more and that leads to… Weight gain!

Majority of people that gain weight the wrong way will show their increased weight all over their body, including on the neck area. Excessive weight in the neck can make your airways smaller when you are lying down to sleep. When the air has to be forced through with more force, that is what we usually called as snoring

That is maybe the big question. Many people might only think that martial art is only one of the self defense mechanism. It is because by knowing martial art, you know how to protect yourself from danger. Many people tend to have this self defense, not only for men but also for women. Since there are many criminalities, martial art is really important. Actually, not only martial art good at self defense, but MMA is also one of a great sport for maintaining your health. It is one of sports and it can be really good for your health as well. Here are some benefits you will get if you are good at MMA.

What is The Benefit of Exercising for Treating Sleep Apnea?

  • Enhance Your Heart Performance

Heart is one of the most important part in human body. The health of your heart is also really significant. Many diseases come from the heart that is unhealthy. By exercising you can also keep your heart in a healthy way. By doing any type of physical activities, you will strengthen your heart’s muscle. Not only that, but you can also make your heart to be more functional and healthier.

  • Reduce Your Weight (Obviously)

If your weight is more than the average, you need to lose it to get the ideal weight. You can easily decrease your weight with exercising. If you do this frequently, you can burn all the fat in your body. For example by doing one exercise group in a Mixed Martial Arts program, you can burn for about 500 calories. You need to do the exercise regularly to get your ideal body and your ideal weight.

  • Avoid Obesity

Besides you cannot move as you want, having obesity will also increase many health issues. You can get many kinds of illness because of the obesity. So, that’s why you need to keep your healthy and avoid the obesity. With exercising on any time basis, you can cast away all the fat. With all the fat burned, it will help you to have an ideal body and decrease the fat to avoid the obesity.

  • Look Younger

In addition to keep your heart and weight in health, Exercising will also help you to prevent the aging. You can leisurely your skin to prevent the aging. You can prevent wrinkled, gray headed, and others. By doing the activities you can make your organ healthier. It will make you avoiding the degenerative diseases.

  • Relieve Stress

Stress can cause a person to get sick. According to sources from Detik Health there are 6 health problems that arise due to stress. Exercising is also useful to relieve stress and frustration. In addition, any physical exercises also help us to be happier. This is because when you perform aerobic activities such as practicing Kickboxing, the body produces more endorphin hormones. The endorphin hormones are responsible in treating stress and improving  your mood.

  • Increase Stamina

Exercising will increase muscle strength and also improve heart health. By doing any type of physical exercises, your body will be more fit and you will not be prone to getting tired too soon

  • Up Your Bedroom Performance

This needs little explanation. If you are doing exercises (Especially hard ones), it will also  improve the quality of sexy time with your spouses. Do i need to explain further? Don’t think so!

  • Clearing Blood Circulation

By training regularly, you can improve the blood circulation in the body. This is because movements in any exercises will increase the blood that are flowing in the working areas so that blood can flow smoothly in the body. In addition, it will increase the amount of oxygen that the muscle can have. Oxygen is very useful in improving blood circulation. So, do not forget to drink enough water for your blood circulation. Just keep in mind that we would not be alive without blood

  • Increase Bone Density

Bone density are one of the major factors that influence early aging, by exercising you will help strengthen and increase the bone density in your body. And by doing that you will be thankful in 50 years time when you are still able to hold your grandson and take him to the park

  • Improve Body & Mind Coordination

Movements in exercises can help improve the balance of the body. Not only speaking about motor skills, you will also develop your mind coordination and overall you will have a better understanding and control of your body or as people like to say it as “Balance

If we summarize the points above, exercising WILL help you to prevent disease, especially degenerative diseases such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and so on. And know, you might be wondering what type of exercises i should do then?.

I recommend that you try Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

How Mixed Martial Arts Can Help You Sleep Better?

That is maybe the big question. Many people might only think that martial art is only one of the self defense mechanism. It is because by knowing martial art, you know how to protect yourself from danger. Many people tend to have this self defense, not only for men but also for women. Since there are many criminalities, martial art is really important. Actually, not only martial art good at self defense, but MMA is also one of a great sport for maintaining your health. It is one of sports and it can be really good for your health as well. Here are some benefits you will get if you are good at MMA.

There are many issues regarding to the better sleep. Many people are still suffering from insomnia. Or maybe some people already have the ability to stay up all night. The sleeping problem is really bother for some people. If you are one of them who still struggle with sleeping issues, you need to get the solution soon. As a human being, we need to have a good quality of sleep. Every night you need to sleep in a right time because you need to give time to your body to repair all the organ. You must think about it because stay up over the night will also cause illness. For example, if you do stay up late, you will be likely gain more weight and you will be more forgetful. This effect cannot be denied nor avoid, except you get a good sleep. Sleeping is really important for your health and you have to sleep 7 up to 9 hours in a night.

By doing MMA, you will easily improve your sleep quality. Why? It’s because you will feel more tired and you really need your bedtime. According to the research, the more you do an exercise, the better quality of sleep you will get. After doing MMA exercise, you will be easy to fall asleep. Maybe you will get sleep sooner than before. It’s all depending also on how long you do the exercise. When your body is touching some stages of tiring, it will automatically give signal to take a rest. You will also feel so tired and you don’t need a long time to sleep. If you used to stay up late every night, you must try to do MMA.

The more you do MMA, the better your sleep time will be. By practicing MMA, you can easily make your sleep time balancing. Your sleeping time will change day by day, slow but sure. You can also get your good quality for sleep.  Even though you mess your nap in the day, if you do MMA, you will get a better sleep at night. Many people are afraid of doing MMA because they think it will be really tiring. Actually, MMA will help you to gain more power. You can keep your energy up day by day and you will also keep your body health.

Why Do People Need to Practice MMA?

There are also some reasons why people need to do the MMA. Not only will it make you healthier than before, but also will it keep your life in a high quality. You can get a good quality of life by doing these MMA both physically and mentally. There are some reasons why people should prioritize these MMA.

  1. Keep Your body healthy

If you want a healthy sport that is cheap, then one option is to practice MMA. You can practice your own basic movements of MMA and practice the moves consisting of a series of movements. The effect of this practice is the same as when you follow aerobic gymnastics or other gymnastics at the gym.

  1. Train Your Patience

Practicing MMA requires repeating the same moves as much as possible. Repeating the same moves as much as possible this aims to get the perfection of motion techniques. So you will practice to be patient. If you are not patient with repeating the same movement, it is very difficult to achieve the goal of perfection of the movement technique. To get the perfection of movement then required repetitive exercise process. By practicing MMA, then you will get the nature of patience and appreciate the process.

  1. Train Your Disciplines

Practicing your MMA means you will also be training your discipline. This is because practicing MMA requires a series of exercises that are routine and continuous. If you rarely exercise, then your movement will also not immediately perfect. And even if you rarely exercise then your body will also be hard to adjust. Practicing the best martial is routine and continuous. By practicing MMA routinely and continuously in discipline then the mastery of martial techniques will soon be obtained. In addition, this martial art discipline will also provide the effect of discipline in the daily life of a martial artist. The reflection of discipline in daily life is the plus value of practicing MMA.

  1. Boost Your Confidence

Confidence is a benefit that is also obtained from the process of practicing MMA. Practicing MMA requires the reinforcement of a unyielding mentality to its practitioners. How to defend yourself when the ability alone is not owned. Then of course this confidence needs to be nurtured slowly over time slowly during martial training. So it can be said that a martial artist is someone who has a high level of confidence.

  1. Train Your Mastery

Experienced martial art practitioners will be able to manage and control themselves. Martial practitioners are able to make themselves less confident and not feel inferior. Martial practitioners will never be overwhelmed by emotions because they are self-controlled. Martial practitioners know that emotion is the beginning of a lure to be out of self-control until it is unable to control itself.

  1. Train Your Sportiveness

If you do MMA, you will have a sporty nature. In practicing MMA a practitioner will know much how far his ability. A martial artist will know and be able to judge the abilities of others and not demean them. This is because a MMA practitioner practiced a lot with a sparring partner (sparring partner) who has various capabilities. A true martial artist will recognize the advantages of a match and make it a motivation for him to continue to practice in order to better his abilities.

  1. Keep the Strong Passion

A martial artist will not give up when faced with a problem. This is because a MMA practitioner has understood that when he is not mastered or his mastery is not perfect with a martial art, he will continue to practice thousands of times repeating the technique without stopping to perfection. Therefore a MMA practitioner will understand that the problem of life there must be a way out. It can be passed if the spirit of abstinence surrender continues to be kept. This unyielding philosophy possessed by MMA practitioners is able to lead them successfully to venture a brave storm of life ready to hit.


MMA will be really beneficial for anyone who really concerns to get a healthy life and healthy body. It’s not only a life style in this modern era, but it is also one of the sport in order to maintain the health. The easiest and the cheapest way to have healthier life is by doing MMA. And that’s also the reason behind all the big question about how MMA can help you sleep better. You can get many more benefit by practicing MMA and it gives many more benefits for you, from inside and outside.



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