Submission Wrestling vs BJJ : 5 Moves That Both Disciplines Shared

5 Techniques in Submission Wrestling and BJJ

Submission wrestling went mainstream and boomed at roughly the same time when submission fighting, submission grappling and  sport grappling make their ways into national television. This is one of the most popular competition that combines the martial arts and also the combat sports. This kind of wrestling is focusing on the clinching and ground fighting. This match is aiming to obtain the submission by using the submission holds. This kind of wrestling will easily defines as the wrestlers wear such a combat kimono. They often wear sort worn and belts and they also use the different color based on their rank. The other wrestlers can also use a loose trouser with their own uniform and some others also wear jacket.

This wrestling is a kind of submission that is combining many kinds of techniques. The techniques include in this bout are freestyle wrestling, folk wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, sambo, and Japanese jiu-jitsu. This submission sport is really common in the martial mix arts and another technique mentioned above. Actually, this wrestling is a version of Japanese wrestling from the origin of catch wrestling. The term is borrowed from Judo and also Sambo. This wrestling is firstly found by Hidetaka Aso as the founder of Sambo World Champion.  By now, this wrestling game is already spread to Australia, Canada, and also Japan. Some people purposely teach this wrestling to all around the world with such specific techniques. There are some beginner techniques that usually used in the submission wrestling.

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  1. Guard Pass With Hip Escape

This technique is used the side control to make an escape from the opponent. The wrestlers can use this technique to get the first roll to get the black belt. In this technique, a wrestler should learn how to move the hips rightly on the bottom. This hip movement is used for all kind of escapes and this is the basic technique any wrestlers must know. This technique will be combine with the guard replacement. This replacement is really important because when the opponent already passed the guard, the wrestler should make this replacement.

  1. Scissor Sweep

This scissor sweep technique is actually a combination on many guard techniques in order to attack your opponent. The scissor sweep technique will be really beneficial to break the balance of the opponents and also to control the grips. You can move your hips and create and angle. You can also control your opponents by posting a hand. In this technique of submission wrestling, you don’t ever use your upper body. Instead, you must use the power of legs to lock the opponents. This will be really hard if you don’t know the correct movement. Almost all of the beginners who try this technique is fail. They often cannot make a sharp pull to create an unbalance of the opponent.

  1. Triangle Choke from Guard

This technique is one of the very common signature submission. To get a higher level, you can use this technique, especially if you already in the white belt. With this technique you will learn how to make an attack using your legs and how to choke your opponent. If you face a superior, bigger and stronger opponent, you can use this technique to easily threat from their bottom. You can use this technique if you cannot obtain and reverse the top position. This Triangle choke is really versatile and you can set up this technique in many ways that you want. You are able to create any different move using the different guard in this technique. It is possible for you to get the correct basic triangle choke mechanically. Along with your practice you will find out there are many different ways to get this technique correctly. But, you have to make sure that your opponent doest have a strong posture when you want to use this technique.

  1. Cross Collar Choke from Guard

The technique of cross collar from guard is your basic technique to attack your opponent from the guard. The strategy is that how you can have a closed guard technique. This is as your base technique to make a strong attack. This technique is the starting point for all of your guard attack combination. You can combine This Techniques with the 2 previous techniques to create a greater attack. This technique will show you how to control the opponents’ head by using your grip  and then you can finally lock their posture down. This technique is really popular and it is used by many great wrestlers. To make a success attack using This Technique, you have to make sure that your first hand go a deep enough in your collar. Then you can grab your opponents’ neck and grab it down.

  1. Bridge and Roll Escape 

This technique is the best and the most powerful bridges to all the kinds of ground escape. As a wrestler you have to learn how to maximize the power of your hips and you can make an explosive strong bridge escape. To use this escape, you need to use your thighs and your hamstrings. You also need to use your back instead of just hanging on the power of your arms. If you use your arms to push your opponent of off you, it will not turn out well. You can make a bench pressing and you can give an automatic arm bar for your opponent. When you use this bridge and roll technique, you will get a high chance to escape from your opponent’s bottom. Your opponent will be suck and also it will make him give up with their back.

Those are the most popular and common techniques used in submission wrestling.  All the techniques above are the basic techniques that can help you to get escape and even to win the game. The basic technique is the most powerful for the wrestlers because it will lead them to another technique. The techniques above are the key for any beginner to start the wrestling bout in a correct way. In some cases, there may be some mistakes and even failing. But, as long as the techniques keep practiced, the mistakes will be less.

BJJ Vs Submission Wrestling : What is Better?

Unfortunately i do not have the answer to this because both are solid foundations for martial arts especially if we want to know how to grapple. My recommendations is to try both BJJ and submission wrestling and see which one you like better

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