Things You Should Know about BJJ Gi and BJJ No-Gi Gear!

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or BJJ is one of the familiar martial arts. In its implementation, there are several types, namely those that use GI and BJJ No-Gi gear. Besides paying attention to the safety and comfort of the body when doing BJJ, such as using the best gym towels, knowing what to prepare for BJJ No-Gi’s activities is also important!

What is the difference between BJJ Gi and BJJ No-Gi gear?

Many people talk about the differences between the two. Each group is divided into two, and begin to acknowledge each other that their techniques are better than the others. Of course, this is not true. Doing BJJ with gi or No-gi is each individual’s choice. Each person has different tastes, and not have to be confused. So whether you want to do BJJ Gi and BJJ No-Gi gear, it’s all up to you.

Before you experience further confusion, here is an explanation of some of the fundamental differences most frequently asked about BJJ Gi and BJJ No-Gi gear.

  1. Clothes. The first thing that distinguishes between BJJ Gi andBJJ No-Gi gearis the clothes used when practicing. GJJ with Gi put forward a uniform that uses a jacket suit resembling Kimono, combined with fighting pants and colored belts that describe your level or level of practice. Whereas No-gi usually wears tight clothes, without kimono or belt and other attributes. This clothing is intended to protect the body from blisters and rashes due to collisions.

This is what later sparked a lot of debate. The group that decides not to use Gi questions the essence of a Gi. Kimono and belt are just a tradition that should not be a problem if released. However, some people still decide to use Gi as part of the sport. But regarding the essence of these clothes returned to their own choices.

The difference in BJJ Gi and BJJ No-Gi gear clothing then affects other aspects.

  1. Exercise

The difference in clothes results in differences in training. Because in the BJJ Gi training process, every fighter may withdraw Gi from his opponent. This resulted in each player having to learn to defend Ginya and attack the opponent’s Gi. The difference with BJJ No-gi gear is that everyone doesn’t need to do it because there are no clothes that can be pulled. Everyone who wears tight clothes without accessories.

  1. Strengths and weaknesses

Each has advantages and disadvantages. If you practice using Gi from the start, then you will learn about accuracy and accuracy, so that your clothes don’t cause distractions during an action. This is not obtained if you practice using No gi. But then this also gives you a loss, because using Gi is said to make your movements slow down because you have to maintain the position of the body and clothing at the same time. Practicing with no-gi will make it easier for you to move.