Tom Hardy Workout & Diet – Learn How He Builds Muscle

Learn the exercises and diet routine that helped the actor achieve an increase in the volume of his muscle mass to shoot his most famous movies.

Tom Hardy Stats

  1. Height: 175 cm
  2. Weight: 86 kg
  3. Date of birth: September 15, 1977
  4. Most famous films: “The Dark Knight Rises”, “ Mad Max”, ”Warrior“, “Bronson”

How did Hardy become muscular?

To participate in the filming of “Bronson”, which was on the billboard in 2008, Tom Hardy managed to increase 20 kilograms of muscle mass in a few months. Given that the actor was almost 30 years old at the time of filming, we can imagine that it was not easy.

Tom was forced to increase his mass because he was going to star as a famous criminal in the movie “Bronson”. So in 2008 Tom was forced to increase his weight for more than 45lbs in only just a few months. Keep in mind that by then Tom already turns 30 so his metabolism is not the best, definitely a painful experience for Tom, at least at the start.

From Bronson until now Tom Hardy has always told the media that he does not use any steroids at all (We honestly doubt this). Over the years he also told that his diet when he needs to bulk up is basically eating everything on sight, but obviously his staple meals are chicken and rice (As predicted).

Ripped or Bulk? Hardy Does Both

If you haven’t noticed throughout the years Tom is forced to be as bulky and ripped as possible.

Although his role in the movie “Bronson” did not require him to work to look extremely ripped, his next role in “Warrior” does and we can clearly see the difference between the two physiques. The trend also continued in “Dark Knight Rises” where Tom maintains his amazing physiques and trapezius.

However Tom also starred in other movies that does not require him to have an extremely good physique, his role in “Inception” and “Venom” are two films where his physique is not that impressive.

The preparation for filming almost any movies that requires Tom to have a great physique does not only included strength training with weights, but martial arts classes every day: box, kickboxing and Thai box. Similarly, Hardy had to improve his diet, limiting himself to the consumption of fast foods and empty calories.

Bronson Workout & Diet

Bronson is the first role where Tom needs to have a scary physique and for a good reason. He is portraying a famous criminal in England that was always moved from jail to jail because of his violent behavior.

As far as workout goes by this time all that Tom did was lift 3-4x per week and eating everything on sight. His physique in “Bronson” portrays that perfectly. He is very bulky with a lot of fat. Definitely not someone that you want to put butter on though (You need to see the movie to know this reference).

Warrior Workout & Diet

If you saw the “Warrior” movie, you will undoubtedly have noticed that Tom Hardy increased his mass and also decrease fat, especially in his monstrous trapezoids, to play the part of the lonely and hurt (almost emo) brother Tommy Conlon in the movie.

According to Men’s Health UK, the British actor gained 30 pounds of lean muscle mass, doing resistance exercises in addition to his cardio, muay thai, jujitsu and boxing exercises.

Although the film was filmed two years ago, Hardy retained most of his muscle mass and even added a little more for his role as “Bane” in “The Dark Knight Rises”

Check out this training, which was developed by a former United States Marine Patrick “P-Nut” Monroe and published in Men’s Health UK magazine:

“Tom Hardy’s‘ Warrior ’” Training Routine:

Here is first of all the description of Monroe’s theory behind the routine that Tom Hardy performs four times a day:

“During the day you need to send constant signals to your body, so that it adapts in the direction you are pointing. It is better to make 10 lizards every hour, than 100 of a pull. If you do things often enough, your body adapts to the task you set for it, and evolves. ”

Hardy trained when he woke up, before lunch, before dinner, and before bedtime, it didn’t take more than 20 minutes for each controlled session, focused on shape, using light weight, and moving slowly.

Monroe recommends starting with two sessions at the beginning, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, and notes that to gain fast muscle requires you to battle a little, but on the other hand there are no shortcuts to mark you fast.

Tom Hardy: “I was following a carbohydrate-free diet. I ate 5 to 6 times a day. He consumed large amounts of chicken and broccoli, practically that was all he ate. This diet does not let the body accumulate fat; however, it was very difficult to do intense workouts without carbohydrates. ”

Tom’s sports supplements were protein during the day and BCAA amino acids during workouts, which is correct when training and practicing martial arts. As a result, the actor managed to increase 12 kg of muscle mass thanks to his highly caloric diet.

Bane Workout & Diet

After three months of training as part of his preparation to shoot the movie “The Dark Knight Rises”, the actor increased 15 kg of muscles, a figure similar to when he filmed “Warrior” His personal trainer was Patrick P-nut Monroe, who has trained him for years.

Many publishing houses have published different variants of the training program he used for this film; However, it has not officially been submitted. Most articles agree that their routines were based on the basic training program, more precisely on the “5 x 5” program. This is a great start for someone looking to challenge the Dark Knight.

Mad Max Workout & Diet

Sadly there is minimal information of Tom’s workout and diet for his role in “Mad Max”. This is for a good reason because he does not have to have a great physique for his role in the movie. Just watch the movie and you wouldn’t even look at Tom’s body.

Venom Workout & Diet

Similar to “Mad Max” there is nothing to write home about in his preparation as Eddie Brock. He even look the skinniest he has ever been in the movie, yikes.

Basic Workout Program for Mass Development

5 sets of 5 repetitions must be executed in each exercise (obviously, this is why the program is called “5 x 5”). The breaks between series and series are long: not less than 2-4 minutes.

You must train 3 times a week, just like the basic program. The other days it is better to rest so that the muscles recover, you should not run, or play football, or perform any other physical activity; in contrast, you can resort to yoga or pilates.

The program consists of 4 basic exercises: deadlifts, squats, lying chest presses and standing military presses. The chest press and the military press should be executed in each workout, while the squats and the deadlift alternate (one training “yes”, another “no”).

If at the end of a series you feel that you could have performed more repetitions, increase the weight to be lifted. However, avoid risks: use insurers or ask your coach for help.

Here are some of the exercises that Tom would do in a training sessions:


Your first set should be with the distance of your hands be the same distance from your shoulders (normal). For the second set you must form a diamond or a triangle with your fingers (indexes and thumbs). The third set requires that you put your hands as open as you can. Your final set requires that it be with your fists (in a comfortable distance).

Shoulder flyes

Standing with your feet at shoulder distance, take a 15-pound dumbbell in each hand. With your palms facing you, raise your hands 180 degrees until they hit your head. Go down to the starting position and repeat. To increase the difficulty, use more weight, or stand on one foot (good luck with that)


Take a chair. Sit on the floor, your legs in front of you and the chair behind you. Take the seat of the chair with your hands and have your fingers point to your body. Keep your back straight and press up until your body rises from the ground with your arms extended. Slow down until you touch the ground and you will complete a repetition.


This is a monster. There are several stages and if you are not comfortable, you should not continue with the most advanced ones, it could result in a neck injury. This exercise will give you flexibility in the back, a powerful neck and a lot of strength in your core (abdomen, central part of the body)

Stage 1

Lying on a mat (of those to do abs in the gym) your feet on the floor and your knees bent. You will lift your hips from the mat – bring your hands to your ears with your palms on the floor and your fingers pointing at your feet while you do it. You will do 4 sets of 10-7-5-3 repetitions. In the series of 7 repetitions at the point you are above it counts one second, in the series of 5 repetitions above it counts 3 seconds, and in the series of 3 repetitions it counts 5 seconds.

Stage 2

The next stage is only if you are quite comfortable with the first. This time you will press harder, press with your hands, lift your shoulders from the ground and allow your head to lean back so that the top is on the ground. Press from your ankles so that you remain only on your toes. All your weight should be in your hands and toes, not in your head. The same repetitions and times of stage 1.

Stage 3

When you are comfortable with stage 2 (and have good flexibility) you will do the same things but now let your head hold some weight. Start by allowing your head 10% of the weight and increase as flexibility increases. Do not hurry on this. Take your time, go slowly. Increase the pressure in your head until you feel comfortable. Be very careful this can cause SEVERE neck injury if you are not careful.

Stage 4

When you are comfortable with stage 3 and your flexibility increases, put all the pressure on your head in the bridge position. Be sure to have your hands near your head in case you need support. The same repetitions and times for everything.

Abdominal Training

This will give you a lot of strength in your core and will increase the size and power of your abdomen. As the exercise of the bridge, it will also be carried out in stages, start with the number 1, until you sit with

This will give you a lot of strength in your core and will increase the size and power of your abdomen. As the exercise of the bridge, it will also be carried in stages, start with the number 1, until you sit with enough eggs to move on to the other stage.

Stage 1

Lying on a mat with your legs together. With your hands entwined behind your head, lift your head and shoulders and hold that position. Then squeeze your abdomen and lift your legs. Descend to the starting position and repeat (you will do the same series and repetitions as in the exercise of the bridge: 10, 7, 5, and 3)

Stage 2

Perform stage 1 but when you are up bend your knees and have them touch your elbows. Straighten your legs as you lower to the starting position. (Same series and repetitions)

Stage 3

Do the same as stage 1. When you are up, make your legs touch your elbows … but do not bend your knees !, that’s right, it will castrate you to the ass. Go down to the starting position and repeat. (Same series and repetitions)

Stage 4

Get a Kettlebell (of those round with a handle) of about 15 lb and put your left foot on the handle and tangle your right foot on the top of the left and perform stage 1, increase the weight as you feel necessary.

Final note

Without a doubt, it can be ensured that to achieve the muscular volume that Hardy had when he embodied Bane, the image editing was used. One of the proofs of this is that the actor’s tattoo is not visible on the tape. In addition, very good costume and makeup specialists were chosen.

Keep in mind that if an Instagram filter can radically change a photo, I imagined what a team of professionals very capable of “improving” reality in the world of cinema can do. Actors will never look the same on screens and in real life.

The high-calorie and carb-free diet and the basic program (consisting of 4 basic exercises and few repetitions) were the key ingredients for the physical preparation of actor Tom Hardy to shoot “The Dark Knight” and “Warrior”