TOP 5 Best Anti-fungal and Antibacterial Soaps 2019

MMA gym is a birthplace for infection, a nest for bacteria, germs, and fungi. Basically, every time you step on the mat you risk being infected, ringworm or worse like staph.

The hygiene level of gyms is different, some lack cleanliness. such as allowing the use of shoes on the mats and not being cleaned afterward.

Think about that for a moment.

It is possible for someone to step on a stool and walk on mats, you use to roll rolling over it with stools on the mats.

Yes, that’s the worst example, but it might happen.

All fitness centers should take care of cleanliness seriously. They should clean the mats after class, prohibit footwear on the mats and take a shower before training.

But sometimes gyms that carefully to make sure the hygienic safety of their trainees is not enough. For example, when you roll around with someone who has ringworm but you don’t know it. You can protect your skin from infections by wearing BJJ equipment like compression tights and rash-guards.

You must use quality antibacterial soap, to make sure you don’t experience the worst conditions. Antibacterial soap that helps prevent the spread of the infection. If everybody in your gym uses this soap, the risk of ringworm will not occur or be minimized.

To deal with hygiene issues, many companies have started to produce and offer special soaps for MMA and BJJ athletes so that they can stay clean and fresh from bad diseases.

Therefore, for hygiene problems, many companies have started to produce and offer special soaps for MMA and BJJ athletes so that they can stay clean and fresh from bad diseases.

The Best Antifungal  and Antibacterial soaps

Defense Soap 4 Ounce Bar


For those who have ringworm know this outbreak for daily life and training regiments. You are afraid to practice because the risk is spreading, using various creams will only spread to more places in your body. In some cases, this can be frustrating and even depressing.

However, defense soap is clinically proven to eliminate viruses, bacteria, and fungi. if you get ringworm, washing every day with Defense Soap can eliminate it and you will immediately return to the mats.

You should use it regularly, so you can clean the fungus and harmful bacteria before they even settle and aggravate the infection.

Power Clean Soap: Organic Essential Oil Soap 4oz Bar for Athletes

Some antibacterial soaps make your skin rough and dry, then crack open and bleed. This causes infection to become easier. Counter-intuitive, right?

But that won’t happen with Power Clean soap.

No chemical surfactants, synthetic fragrances, and no parabens. All ingredients are organic and natural. With these soaps, you receive the same antibacterial nature but without the harmful elements of commercial soaps.

Power Clean Soap offers 5 types of scents, lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, blood orange, tea, and coffee. Roughly suitable taste for most people.


Atsko Sport-Wash Hair and Body Soap

The problem of using antibacterial and natural soaps is the lack of foam. Sometimes you don’t feel completely cleansed after taking a shower with soap, although that’s not the case.

Atsuko gives you the same amount of foam and the same cleanliness as you get with off-the-shelf shower gel, but the most important is its antibacterial nature.

This soap is also quite popular with hunters, especially this soap can remove sharp odors such as blood and animal carcasses. If this is possible, of course the smell from your hard training can be removed.




Antifungal Tea Tree Oil Body Wash

As I said before that harsh anti-bacterial soap sometimes causes some problems with your skin feels dry, then crack open and bleed. Tea tree oil body wash really helps relieve and cure dry rashes and patches, and clean up infections and prevent further outbreaks from occurring.

Like other soaps I mentioned earlier, if you have sensitive skin and want protection from fungal diseases, Tree Tea oil is a good choice.

Tea Tree Oil Body Wash also uses no dangerous chemicals and does not test their products on animals.


Blue Steel Sports Body Soap

Another problem when using natural soap is a mess your can happen because the ingredients do not have the same chemicals as other common soaps. they don’t generally hold together as well which cause them to being used up fast and just usually leaving debris and mess wherever they go.

But not with Blue Steel Sports Body Soap.

It is a tripled milled soap bar, so the usage is longer than other soap bars. No splitting apart or flaking and no small piece fall all over the place that you need to clean.

The gentle exfoliant nature of both eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil also helps prevent ingrown hairs as well as aiding in healing abrasions picked up and cuts in training.


Anti-bacterial soap must be available in your bathroom especially those of you who practice martial arts in any capacity.

If you’ve never felt a skin infection picked up in a martial arts gym, believe me when I say that, you never want to. Anyone doesn’t want it, it really can make your life a nightmare.

Use some antibacterial soap to avoid this from happening.

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