Top 5 Best Free Standing Heavy Bag

Century Martial Arts Wavemaster XXL with Base

Surely you want to have a heavy bag that looks good especially this is something big, some heavy bags that are not like that. One option that you can consider is the Century Wave Master, the design is good and offers three color choices, namely blue, red, and black.

Besides, this heavy bag has good quality, high density foam and a durable vinyl layer that makes your hard punch feel comfortable without hurting your hand.

Basically, this heavy bag is low profile, servicing all structural part completely and gives a great weight distribution.


Everlast 2228 PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag

If you want to practice your power punch, a bag with strong and heavy characteristics this bag for you.

The Tri-Disc foam texture allows for maximal power dispersion and the PowerTransferRingCollar technology creates absorption , superior impact, and recoil.

Factors such as dispersion, absorption, and recoil are very important cause these heavy bags don’t swing back. Everlast 2228 tries to make sure that this freestanding bag has all benefits and features of a classic heavy bag.




Century BOB Body Opponent Training Bag

It’s fun  if you can hit a heavy bag, wrap your hands properly, wear gloves and do it.

More fun if the object we hit is a human, of course not a real human. We can train our punch techniques and the objects we will hit like their jaws, cheeks or body.

Century BOB Body Opponent gives you accuracy and precision other heavy bags don’t.


Ringside Free-Standing Fitness Punching Bag

You definitely want a heavy bag with a hanging, and the motion reaction is controlled according to your punch, the bad quality freestanding bag can be collapse.

Ringside creates a bass that can hold weights up to 270 pounds, so the problem is solved.

A durable synthetic leather shell and shock-absorption foam give this heavy bag special. It included a removable foam collar that reduces the movement  if the weight is not enough



Century Versys Fight Simulator (with 10184B Base)

Many MMA fighters put their heavy bags on the floor to training their pounds and ground. There are many good exercises that can be done for heavy bags on the floor, belong aforementioned pound and ground  and also practicing transitions. You can’t do this with most other free heavy bags, with this one you can.

Century mentions, this is the most multipurpose freestanding heavy bags of its kind.

You can train low kicks without injuring your shin. Besides that, it gives more than three times the excellent surface compared the others. This same low profile base gives it to practice on the floor like grasping dummy.

Every base is protected with this bag for comprehensive and complete training.


Placing a heavy bag is a real bag, not as easy as just attach to your ceiling.  Ensure can really hold the load, the structure must be sturdy.

If it’s not done thoroughly at this stage then the consequences can be terrible, your whole ceiling can be a collapse. Especially if you live in an apartment, your neighbor falls to the floor with all the wreckage. It’s worst.

Even if your ceiling can hold it, it takes more effort to place it because of its weight. especially if you do it alone for some people it is not possible.

If you don’t want a hanging heavy bag for several reasons, you can try a freestanding heavy bag, it’s easier to set up.

All heavy bags are useful without cons. Heavy bag is one of the most flexible training tools. heavy bag is one of the most flexible training tools. They’ve been a common primary in the boxing gym and will continue. With freestanding heavy bags, every obstacle that heavy bags have presented have been torn down. Nowadays people can own a heavy bag and gain all the prize.



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