TOP 5 Best Knee Sleeves 2019

Explosiveness and strength are two aspects that are quite important for the success of MMA and BJJ. maybe you have excellent cardio and good body resistance, but if you don’t have the strength and explosiveness it won’t be effective.

No matter how many miles you can run. This is a fight, not a race. Powerlifting is one way to build strength, It’s tested and tried and is still used by athletes in all scopes.

Mixed training like deadlifts and squats and are generally powerlifting training will give to build the power you needed. But, there is some lack of this training.

It can be very rough on your body. To build up your level of strength, you have to lift heavy loads and lift them fast and strong. It’s not bodybuilding, where you raise the weights slowly and in a controlled method to increase muscle mass for pride.

You have to practice lifting heavy weights quickly to increase explosiveness and strength, just like you when holding and slamming your opponents on the mat. Your knee will be burdened, therefore it must be protected.

Fortunately, there are knee sleeves that you can use to help reduce injury so you don’t have to worry anymore practice powerlifting.

We have reviewed the best list on the market so you can choose a pair of sleeves that are suitable and can be practiced immediately.

Nordic Lifting Knee Sleeves

There are some knee sleeves that are longer in size, too high in the thighs and lower in the shin.

The Nordic Lifting Knee Sleeves is not slack because it is maintained by a smaller surface area. Your mind will be calm with thick compression material when lifting dangerous heavy loads.

You may be tired when lifting heavy loads, but you must believe that your joints will be safe and focus on what you do.



Knee Compression Sleeves by Primal Elite

Heavy squats require high concentration, you must focus on doing so to get maximum results. but what happens if your knee sleeve starts to sag amid exercise, your concentration decreases. accidents can happen.

You don’t want this to happen right? there will be a lot of costs needed to treat it. Primal elite can overcome that problem, there are 8 varied sizes that you can choose.

You can use this Sleeve, no matter your body size because it is available in various sizes. Primal elite even provides a carryall bag to store your knee sleeve during training.


ProFitness Squat Knee Support & Compression for Powerlifting

Made from neoprene, this sleeve has a thickness of 7mm which gives your knees maximum protection

A sturdy sleeve serves to protect the risk of injury to the joints and makes the joints more comfortable when squatting with this sleeve it will feel different. with this, you will be addicted to wearing it during training.

4 color variants offered by ProFitness, grey, blue, red and black . all the design is sleek and stylish. Besides its cool design, it is also available in six different sizes.

Stoic Knee Sleeves for Powerlifting

As I explained, short sleeves are better than long sleeves in general but there are exceptions.

Stoic Knee Sleeves have a variant with a longer design and provide security for the upper part of your knee. Maybe some people only want the protection of their knees, hamstring injuries can occur but with these, it can be anticipated.

The difference with the other knee sleeves is that the design is strong and tight, the position doesn’t change so it doesn’t sag because of your sweat.

Stoic explained that the sleeve is not recommended to continue to be used for a full day, specifically for training because of the materials.

Rehband Knee Sleeve

Rehband Knee Sleeve provides detailed guidance to fit its sleeve. Offered in Seven varied sizes in this guide, it is useful to help you find the perfect type for your feet or body, everyone is certainly different so they must be smart in choosing security equipment.

Produced by Otto Bock Healthcare GmbH, a leading health care company specializing in orthotic support and prosthetic limbs. This is the sleeves that are occupied by someone who wants extra protection because it is very safe.

If your knees are weak or you have had a knee injury, this is the right choice for you.

Even if you have never been injured, you definitely want the best protection for your knees, it’s not wrong to choose Rehband.


Deadlift and Squat are excellent exercises that must be done regularly but exercises that weigh on the ligaments make you pain when walking.

Be careful and prepare your knee sleeves so that you can practice smart and hard at the same time.

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